BAK'I By Vaper's Mood

today the boys tells a story a little 
 how did franchise not quite like 
 it was a franchise but in short, you understand 
 not at all 
 well guys hello everyone and welcome back 
 a new video santon and entertainment like 
 announced today I'll tell you one 
 history the history of the forum not vague 
 a whole piece that is also described 
 within a film called the 
 wine talkers with nicolas cage curiosity 
 no who just wants to go see 
 better understand the whole situation 
 obviously I will tell you things now 
 main ok though basically what 
 it happened there were these Navajo Indians 
 precisely that they had been hired 
 of the US Army during the 
 war against japan to create a 
 code that was not decipherable by the 
 Japanese each navarro was accompanied 
 by an American soldier so much that 
 guys imagine how tragic it was 
 the situation because every soldier 
 American had a task 
 in accompanying this is a stingy of 
 protect it but in the worst case of 
 in short, he would even catch 
 had to kill him 
 ok just because under torture of the 
 Japanese should never have 
 reveal the code all this you say 
 the true saint thanks but what the hell 
 I don't give a damn about what you need 
 talk about electronic cigarettes 
 all this because I want to connect 
 another story 
 I want to connect to a story 
 brand that goes for smooth there was one 
 once a modder a modder who did i 
 tubes there was also the Chinese and the Chinese 
 obviously my huge customers 
 which I respect and admire, however, also clone 
 in an incredible way 
 anything and then since it was 
 released the ghani prima mode diva for 
 smooth bullet-shaped this 
 time what he did goes for smooth for 
 do not be discovered by the Chinese with the 
 navarro code created this fashion 
 because this word is a bug 
 part of that code and means 
 bullet not to put on the market 
 ok another fad that was already Chinese 
 cloned is also done on the ball 
 goodbye black which was the ghani the ba chi 
 it comes out only and exclusively in palladium 
 black is bullet-shaped is precisely 
 the bullet and this is the fad of the 
 which I am going to talk to you today then 
 let's take a closer look 
 then evidence of development and considerations 
 finals here are the box guys 
 of the latest fashions produced by goes for 
 smooth by whom in this case we have one 
 luxury edition with vip serial 03 
 opening the box we find the stickers 
 to adapt the internal sleeve 
 to the walls of the tube and additional 1r or 
 which serves practically to hold 
 blocked the famous button of all 
 fashions go for smog 
 we also have a user manual and 
 obviously signed tube maintenance 
 by gianluca cesati brand goes for smooth 
 the colors of Italy and inside 
 we find all the information there 
 you also need to know guys we have one 
 photos of the Indians who guarded the 
 code and on the back guys we have 
 facebook and instagram warnings 
 we also have a cloth to clean the 
 pipe obviously branded bugs and for 
 finish guys last but not least 
 indeed the most important of 
 we all have the tube the signature of 
 gianluca cesati inside the 
 box and cap for the 25 goal 
 customized especially for birthworms 
 showing the personalized cap 
 with the logo goes for smooth engraved on the 
 unfortunately guys tell you that the 
 logo is slightly burnt and clear that 
 this here is something that comes away 
 quietly with a little alcohol 
 ok it's nothing serious though 
 actually there is to say that he could 
 be slightly cleaner but come on 
 ahead here we have the classic three out 
 both from one side to the other for the 
 our goon and as you can see guys 
 this chef is in the shape of an ogive but the 
 strong point guys and this is the fad 
 bullet-shaped thick tube 
 we can see the brand goes for smooth 
 also on the bottom obviously these out 
 they call for a moment what is the 
 revolver no I'm going to take it out now 
 the extractor before removing 
 the extractor however I will show you that 
 here to go lock the lo key 
 you have to practically screw everything and not 
 you can push the button this is the 
 going to unscrew obviously earn 
 run and you can press the e button 
 activate the mode the kids button a v 3 
 with spring obtained from full this 
 here instead golden spring serves for 
 send us the battery undefeated but 
 obviously this spring is not isolated 
 it is used to make contact because the 
 contact is practically made 
 touch this portion of metal here 
 exactly this way 
 here removing all the extractor we go 
 to totally release the button you see 
 threads are obviously everything 
 spotlessly clean, perfect wash is not there 
 just absolutely nothing to say 
 on the perfection and genius of 
 this button this button is obviously 
 held in place by that internal r or era 
 which we also have spare 
 inside the tube conceals the sleeve for 
 protect the batteries this tube mounts 
 21700 now I'm going to close you again 
 see that instead we have above 
 serial number 0 3 with the word vip 
 because this here is the bat vip tube in 
 black palladium plated brass e 
 obviously guys milling the worms 
 fact that there is a slide guys not 
 it means you don't have to be careful 
 use the tube but it means that 
 surely sorry for the pun 
 it has many more safeties than other 15 pipes 
 you just need to go and insert the 
 battery like I did 
 enter the button if you want to block 
 screwing locked by unscrewing slightly 
 see until you see some light 
 obviously you will activate beauty 
 obviously of all fashions diva for 
 smooth that if you activate having the 
 sleeve inside never risk 
 go short even if you don't 
 the atomizer mounted about 
 mounted atomizer now I'm going to mount 
 the goal from 25 I put his cap 
 in this way is this here guys is 
 the complete bullet-shaped mode 
 really gorgeous from my point of view 
 aesthetically well executed view here 
 we obviously have the millings that 
 they recall the shape of a bullet a 
 gigantic bullet before going 
 to the final considerations I make you 
 see how much it is known that 
 mode diva for heavy smithsons this and 
 400 28.6 g guys is a nice thing 
 brick to hold in hand but it is just 
 typical of gianluca cesati's fashions 
 in short, now have no weight in his 
 fashions and also leaves contradicted if 
 we honestly wish they are beautiful too 
 because they have so much weight and 
 they have a lot of sense of solidity and 
 power so I'll show you for 
 last time the tube guys 
 obviously to remove the battery 
 just pull out the button in this 
 way and the battery drops this 
 closure 2 r as in the previous pipes there 
 gives security that if the battery is vented 
 the button drops and the battery comes 
 automatically ejected ingenious system 
 precisely invented by for smooth guys 
 we just have to go 
 to the test of leisure and consideration 
 ending of this gorgeous beast that the 
 25 bund with cap owner of the mod 
 made especially for the classic three ghul 
 goal holes as I have already done 
 see how much one two three four are 
 I count 5 turns then the half santons 
 three quarters eight thirty 45 from 
 cosine account 56 turns of 0 60 steel 
 slightly separated above I have mine 
 patacca which is the one with the pear 
 pear cake and aftertaste 
 chocolate I feel more worth it and there 
 i can tell you guys that one this k 
 it works by god it really works by 
 god and by the way creates an aesthetic in the 
 tube which is gorgeous because just 
 complete the bullet nose of point no 
 shame about the laser marking that it is 
 slightly darker light guys 
 closed here a stuff that away in via also 
 ok fingers this is not a big one 
 problem but the brand swirls and remains a 
 I act darker guys though already me 
 I ran over it with my finger 
 pretty much gone all the way 
 laser marking residue you have that 
 colorino that that left him and it shows 
 already clearly written but pressed 
 so this just wanting to go to 
 break the bales but not in short being 
 a mod that costs 399 euros 
 since I am a renowned ballbreaker 
 I like to break the bales and this thing 
 here I wanted to say it though guys there 
 I also want to say in other things 
 obviously fashion built in a 
 impeccable level of precision like 
 usual really is a masterpiece from 
 my point of view a masterpiece 
 mechanical and leisure button 
 obviously the v iii is brilliant already 
 we could have seen it in the old tube 
 I never made him a video like 
 this but there is one of my live 
 in short, go and see yours 
 previous to this 
 guys tell you what the money spent on 
 this fashion 
 my point of view is money well spent 
 because you are buying a piece of life 
 of a person and you are buying 
 basically a creative work is 
 a work of art that can then be drooled 
 clear how all the artwork enters 
 personal taste is at stake 
 meaning that a person gives him ok 
 so as in all lai end I do not 
 I never feel like giving marks at least 
 now I just don't feel like giving anymore 
 votes ally end because going in 
 ok when something is technically 
 perfect as in this case this tube 
 the rest guys have only one speech 
 I really like or dislike me 
 personally I find it amazing 
 fashions built by god carries on in 
 fantastic way the story that 
 Gianluca is telling himself since his 
 first tube and stories boys who is also a 
 I'm really, really passionate 
 which is even told veil 
 right in pills at the beginning and I can 
 to say that it is truly a fantastic tube 
 they wouldn't even need them 
 reviews these products since much 
 they are beautiful but I really want to do them for 
 have my say to show them to make them 
 also know people who maybe not 
 they can buy it they never have it 
 saw they did not know that there was in short 
 leisure and this too is also the svacco 
 art passion genius from the 
 modder and gianluca cesati is an excellent 
 example of the genius applied to cigarettes 
 electronic but for smooth it is an excellent 
 brand honestly now levels of 
 I think he is the undisputed king 
 I don't want the other kids 
 but in short we know it for smooth 
 well all of them and on the pipes are 
 something poetic from my point of view 
 the tool good boost amazing excellent 
 so much so that you have to be careful because the 
 battery don't hear the drop in it 
 consequently you get that just the wing 
 so wear yourself out if you're a novice classic 
 3 that every now and then I threw it in 
 loader you see how many obviously 
 guys goes for more experts by mouth 
 they can easily understand when 
 time to change the battery 
 also there is one thing to say why 
 now we take so much for granted but 
 these are the safest pipes in the world 
 and that's why I love it goes for 
 smooth because it totally came from 
 out to the point of view of us 
 developers arrived with his point of 
 view and created what he did not have 
 created no one put his own with 
 a fresh point of view and brought the 
 its fashions within our market 
 I can only be grateful to go for 
 smooth for these things 
 the clear guys i'm a fan of 
 this brand as many fans are 
 other brands are not fans who defends a 
 sword treats 
 ok but actually don't recognize 
 that this is a piece executed in accordance with the rules 
 of art with an even fair price for 
 what is the tube and which works from 
 god would be really absurd ok e 
 would be in bad faith 
 say the opposite so guys poppers 
 smooth continues to reign there is not 
 really nothing to do 
 I conclude this with thanks 
 greeting with the last svap ata but first there 
 I ask to leave me a comment 
 know what you think of these 
 pipes if they also send you 
 emotions do not convey emotions there 
 like the story you would like to have one 
 you are curious about how it works 
 I don't give a damn it costs little 
 too short 
 let's discuss it in a way 
 civilian we are not going to shoot the usual 
 well, but I mean you understand that things 
 when they cost they cost for a reason e 
 they also cost because you are buying 
 something more than just a piece of 
 ok i tell you the truth i buy high things 
 end of other markets that cost 45 
 times this tube so for me it is also 
 at a super honest price bast thank you 
 as I said last slapped see you 
 the next and that the sva pò is with