💖 Best Aspire Breeze NXT Vape Kit Review

this is the breeze and XT maybe that
stands for next breeze next or is it NXT
anyways it's made by Aspyr yeah it is
another pod kit but this pod kit luckily
you can just replace the coils instead
of tossing the whole pod and the pod or
cartridge tank whatever you want to call
it hold five point four milliliters of a
liquid so yeah it is bigger than most
this is the cartridge and then the coil
just kind of pop in and out let me show
you guys this thing up close let's do it
on the boxing there is a warranty card
keine and of course a user manual with
pictures and here are the specs if you
want to pause the video there's a little
pink USB cable for charging two coils
both coils they are identical to each
other their point 8 ohms mesh coils you
can't really see in there but they are
mesh and they're made out of kanthal
these can be made between 15 and 20
watts it's got this cap on here it's
like a dust cover goes over this but
it's kind of annoying having to take it
off every single time I want to babe
it'd be nice if it just stuck to the
bottom but it doesn't which means they
got to put it somewhere just kind of
hold on to it yeah I'm not even
happening and the cartridges come out
like so this hole is for the coil and
then just pops in like this you just
push it in there
I'm guessing if I take this out it's
just gonna come out at the bottom so
let's find out
it didn't as long as your liquid level
is to a certain point it's not gonna
come out the bottom whoops looks like
this little o-ring popped off of the
coil yeah make sure these are on this is
for adjustable airflow that's cool I
like that it's on the side like this
because it's kind of a pain in the butt
if the airflow control is like inside
right here because I'm gonna take the
whole thing out adjust the airflow or
sometimes they have little panels you
know take the panel off and then adjust
the airflow too many stops too many
stops even if there's one extra stop
it's too many I'm finding that it's not
like the easiest thing to adjust it is
very firm and on the other side that's
the USB port for charging this thing has
a 1000 milliamp hour battery inside and
there is some battery ventilation on the
bottom one two three four five clicks
turns it on one two three four five
clicks turns it off you can push the
button to vape but you don't have to it
is draw activated as well it's not my
favorite kind of juice fill hole cover
but it is more substantial than a lot of
other ones out there one two three four
five clicks turns it off one two three
four five clicks turns it on and you'll
see when I'm vaping there's a green
light if there's a blue light that means
the battery is like partially charged
and once that light turns red
you gotta recharge it of course size
matters so let me give you the
dimensions it's 96 millimeters high this
way it's 35 millimeters and then this
part is twenty point five the body of
this is made out of aluminum painted
aluminum and PC TG plastic for the
plastic parts the coil inside a coil
portion actual
or is it mash as mash I don't know how
to show mesh but that is made out of
Kanthal so so yeah kind of a bummer that
there's no adjustable wattage or voltage
it is in bypass mode which means it'll
just hit a max voltage wattage whatever
and then slowly drain the battery until
the safety features cut you off so once
you see that red light
you gotta recharge it the draw or pole I
think it's just perfect out of us not
too Airy not too restrictive and flavor
it's it's really nice these coils are
pretty great that's up that's it's a pod
kit I'm not really sure what else to say
about it but I think a spire really
nailed it this time it's good that's a
good one
and they're telling me that retail on
this is around 30 bucks who knows you
might be able to find a cheaper I don't
really know but I gotta go please don't
forget to subscribe
ring that annoying Bell as well to
literally lose I'll talk to you guys
next time but