💗 Best Smart Home AI Air Cleaner Review|KLARWIND Alexa Compatible Air Purifier

hi I'm Sophie and as much as I really
enjoy my backyard
I would like to reclaim at least parts
of my home I've been having some
terrible work done
so what construction comes a lot of
really nasty dirty dusty air so
hopefully I found a solution well it
kind of found me this video is sponsored
air purifiers I know the channels called
Sophie babes and I'm gonna vape I'm
gonna vape in this video but what yeah
now comment down below let me know what
if I change the channel name from so few
vapes to Sophie B and started showing
other stuff as well Dora the babes
aren't going away I'm getting bored of
POD kids and I would just show other
stuff on here so yeah it's the big one
over here this one's for a room up to
like 586 square feet I don't even know
if I have a room that babe it doesn't
matter this one's gonna go into my
master bedroom
smaller units for up serve 426 square
feet so this one I'm gonna put into my
messy office
I'm not kidding that's true but I have
nowhere else to put my stuff
one box means the other one's gonna be
even more fun bigger
it has some numbers that I don't really
understand but I can tell that this is
for tobacco smoke dust and pollen so
this was attached to it what is it
the QuickStart guide that is the one for
me but for those of you that like to
read more it also comes with a full
manual so the filters last about six to
twelve months
I'm guessing it's closer to six in my
home it would be wonderful the filter
was washable but I don't believe it is
there's some information on it if you
would like to pause the video I'm pretty
dumb when it comes to using any stuff so
let's see if I can figure out this
filter grasp the filter cover hole on
the rear filter cover and pull it
forward pull on it forward it's not
really doing anything there is tape
listen the manual didn't say anything
about the tape I don't know any blade
that is that's therefore it was the tape
to avoid danger from suffocation keep
these bags away from babies and children
so this is the filter might be dangerous
for adults too they should print that on
I didn't know I didn't know rotate the
new filter and push it forward oh into
the device okay
there's casters you can have this thing
on wheels yes the one time you can
actually put this thing on its side us
to put on the wheels just make sure it's
off first replace bottom face with
caster and firmly fixed to caster by
using two screws
I don't recommend vape tools on this you
may want to have something a little
bigger but the wheels are optional you
don't actually need the wheels they're
just I really wanted the wheels
all right so it looks like I'm ready to
turn this thing on but unfortunately the
QuickStart guide doesn't actually tell
me how to do this I wonder if the big
manual will Oh get it
what ah okay good there's a picture we
thought the picture and I also found out
the page before this it says connect the
product to a power outlet with a rated
power only this air purifier is for 120
volts only do not put it into a power
strip or an extension cord so they want
me to plug it in directly into the
outlet let the blogger little putz on
over here find yourself some outlets
that's the power button you can just
have it in auto mode so I guess it just
does whatever it wants to do on on this
one you can turn the fan speed up you
can turn the fan speed down LED light
and sleep what is that led on/off in
Wi-Fi connection and sleep is sleep mode
and timer okay I guess if you don't want
the LED lights you don't have to have
them no warning labels on
so there it goes it's changing colors
the fan is on I'm just gonna put it on
auto auto mode now take it off of auto
okay so the max speed is 18 there it
I might need 18
okay so 18 is a little bit loud and
appears to be getting louder and louder
so this is whole blouse
a little bit loud turn that down
I hold the button down it goes down a
lot quicker all the way to one
and one
so you can hear it slowing down a little
a little bit quieter and it goes up like
this okay so in the smart auto mode
that's what they're calling it basically
the device kind of detects oh no I just
turned it off oh nice it's like a really
light touch that turns it on and off
that's super light so try not to graze
your hand across it cuz you're gonna
turn it off accidentally I'm gonna put
it back on auto mode so I'm smart auto
mode what it does it kind of detects the
air around it and it determines how fast
that fan should be going
so it starts off really slow and now
it's doing like this thing I guess it's
sensing the air and deciding what it
should do this really dusty room so once
it decides it will and it's gonna adjust
the fan to painting on the air quality
I'm just gonna let it do its thing
so in automotive cannot adjust the fan
speed the dust and gas sensor detects
the indoor air quality and the device
automatically adjust the fan speed to
provide clean air
who that fans are really picking up
I guess my air is pretty dirty I would
like to know like what's no idea net all
right I need to keep my paws to myself
we're gonna try this one more time
so this is regular mode if I touch it
again it goes into Auto mode one
suggestion to Claire win maybe really
cool to see cuz right now on the stream
you can't really feat anything at all
just got a couple of Christmas trees it
says Auto and gas but that's about it I
would like to see the fan speed ok
noodle turn on the lights
oh you can't tell what is it turn it on
turn the lights to 100% ok noodle turn
the life to white thanks noodle
this is obviously the bigger unit this
one's for 586 square feet and it gets
rid of a lot more because it's bigger
yeah it's pretty much the same thing but
bigger I wonder how much these things
are to replace
they need to me first one went off snaps
I'm gonna do this alone Otto also okay
there might be one instance where I
don't really want the LED lights and
that would be in my bedroom when I'm
trying to sleep at night so I think with
this one I will actually turn off the
lights these buttons are super sensitive
so if you lightly touch anything I mean
it's just like liji board light very
sensitive the flips that you see
throughout the device they're not for
decoration this is actually the air
intake so dirty air comes in through
these slits into the device into the
filter and then clean air is expelled
out for the top to demonstrate air flow
I'm gonna vape at this thing
hey noodle turn on the light
thanks noodle smells so nice in here I
can definitely tell that our friends
every single time I open the door to a
room when I have this on auto mode the
fan increases in speed now the smaller
unit kind of had like a weird smell too
in the beginning it's going away the big
unit didn't have any odor at all it just
smells like really fresh so I like it
it's working we're at our 8 9 something
like that still blowing every time I
open the doors it blows harder and I can
tell the difference and I'm walking in
from a nasty dusty area here the air
quality is so much different so much
it's a huge difference I can't wait to
see what its gonna be like by tomorrow
so good night I'll see you guys tomorrow
so for you that will be like
the next day so I been running now for
almost 24 hours yeah every single time I
open the door the fan just increases in
speed because I guess the air quality
everywhere else is just total shit
I feel so quick usually come in this
room it's like laughs mmm I just kind of
feel coated in shocking nastiness but
today it's like a breath of fresh air
literally so I'm happy I'm really happy
with this but but it's expensive
these things are expensive both of them
have been on auto mode and I noticed the
LED light changes color depending on the
fan speed so red I think is like full
blast right now both of them are on red
I got like five guys in here working on
my ceilings and walls so it's a little
stinky and dusty in the house and it
knows it oh yeah it's in full swing in
this room too
like checkout time
so the next video is a vape video I'm
gonna be showing in Eakins MVP five Ajax
so not a pod kid kind of excited for
this it looks really cool
sit to literally lose until next time
bye guys


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