Black Friday&Cyber Monday Vape Deals in a VAPE Shop

Here we are in the warehouse if you've
ever been to our website you ordered
something let's say you ordered actually
you would have never ordered this is a
new juice a rock collection
go get it anyways let's say you ordered
a bottle of pink from us or something
like that this is where it's come from
now it's up it's a little messy right
now we've got boxes piled up with all
this stuff we are unboxing thousands and
thousands and thousands of items to put
on these shelves so that we're ready for
what Black Friday Black Friday
last year was big okay we shipped out
how many orders last year thirty some
totes worth we filled up a whole UPS
truck new to the top like they had to
like shove it in and then close the
hatch like it was it was big time I this
year we're hoping it's the same way or
even better so we're cutting the prices
down all right we've got mystery boxes
okay now what is a mystery box mystery
box is about 400 milliliters of juice
that it's a surprise
so just to explain it a little bit
better let's make you a mystery box now
it's not gonna come in a box this big
but it's gonna come in a box like this
look we got our own Mountain vapors tape
man you know say mystery box you just
went to the website you placed an order
now it's gonna be a mystery not every
box is gonna be exactly like this but
this is how we do it tropical blast from
keep it 100 and the five everybody loves
pink for men's game you cannot get
enough of this in big old giant bottle
lemon on my number nothing nothing on in
a box big ol giant bottle a big bottle
code blueberry cake
right you know how it goes man we get
the juice we put it in the box it's
gonna be good we don't put bad stuff in
these boxes all right a lot of companies
what they'll do is if they've got a
mystery box or something like that
they'll look around they'll be like what
do we got the most of that we're not
selling that we got for cheap and we
just want to get rid of it and they'll
send you a bunch of crap mountain papers
don't send you crap look at me do I look
like a crap cinder cuz I hate so yeah on
Black Friday 12 a.m. midnight
Black Friday it starts all right and
we're expecting we're gonna sell a lot
of these mystery boxes so make sure
you're there at midnight because the
first 100 is gonna get a free piece of
hardware we're not trying to make money
on this Black Friday we're trying to get
you set up with amazing vape equipment
amazing vape juice so you can continue
your vape journey you can quit smoking
you can stay away from those cigarettes
you can quit different that's what we
want all right we don't use Black Friday
as a way to make a bunch of money we
want you to get what you need at an
affordable price
look at this bandy bait Jack arute kit
this is like a $70 thing it's going in
the box and you're $40 mystery box which
you already got four bottles of juice I
don't know if I can emphasize any or
more how freaking good of a deal that is
I mean is that not a big good deal dude
it's an awesome deal battery charger in
the box baby babe revolver RDA in them
Helbig drop dead RDA Smok species kick
end up
Wisman active this thing's got a
bluetooth speaker in it man in deep fake
Flint get in the box
smart beam on kit in the box seriously
guys you're gonna want to be one of the
first 100 people that orders a mystery
box now I don't know what the timeline
on that's gonna be it could be five
minutes after midnight it could be five
hours after midnight it depends on how
many people are up at midnight what
you're going to want to do is use this
code B FC M 2020 that will get you 20%
off any liquid product on the website
what does bf cm stand for Black Friday
Cyber Monday cuz we're doing this sell
Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday we're
gonna have a bunch of
we're on sale - there'll be a little tab
on the website that has all that so
Black Friday
get ready for that we do have a video to
do today don't we Austin yeah he's
really busy and he's really tired of me
what video we're doing today Austin the
mp3 file in mp MVP file which is another
thing that could be possibly in your
mystery box if you're one of the first
100 people alright I've got more harder
than that for the nerd - oh yeah yeah
that's more than could we do more than a
hundred these guys are super busy here
getting everything ready for you know
what's gonna happen so I think we should
probably go to the Cassie store and do
this review but yeah MVP 5 we're going
to the Casti store get ready for Black
Friday let's go but uh boom looky here
son MVP 5 listen I just want to say
something real quick before we get
started Innokin this company right here
love it they just donated an additional
$100,000 to the VTA way to go a lot of
companies in China they took a little
while to support the fight here in the
United States Anakin was one of the
first to step forward give us some money
and help out because they understand
that if the United States goes down we
all go down you know what I'm saying but
yeah MVP 5 this is is this actually the
fifth version of the MVP the MVP the
original MVP was that was awesome that
was like the thing to have in your vape
shop if you didn't have an MVP you
didn't have a vape shop and it was stuff
like that that's what got this industry
start we had little pins and stuff it
was the MVP little box model that went
up like 12 14 watts or something is that
the one that like blue they had a
version like that yeah you so many
people quit smoking on the original MVP
we sold a ton of them to a bunch of
people but anyways we're nostalgic about
that I hope that this is just as good as
what I remember from everything Innokin
has ever made so let's get right into it
let's open it up bowls anakin always has
had the best packaging this is like
really clean let's flip this open boom
accessories innovation inside let's see
this innovation what county innovation
we got inside here fancy
now this this is a bait mod son look at
that I think it is a dead turtle once
these buttons on the bottom it's not a
lot look at this what is it a strobe
light that is bright if I close my eyes
I still see it look here outdoor
adventure this is for this is for
scaring the bears off so I'm like here
you walking through the woods meaning
you walk through the woods Hey look at
that bear wait what's that it's slow it
has a different mode beyond a strobe
you've got beacon SOS man mid max so you
can just use it as a flashlight - that's
a lot - guys like that is huge life yeah
right off the bat that's cool that's
cool like there's a lot of stupid stuff
that companies do to their mods just to
try to make them different that's
actually kind of cool it could be useful
if you're out going deer hunting or
whatever it is take you this mod with
you so I freaking already hate it
because I'm blind
yeah don't point it in people's eyes
let's see what else we got here it comes
with the Ajax tank pretty cool looking
tank here I don't think I've ever tried
the Ajax this is Anakin's tank here
looks like we got an extra piece of
glass and extra quarrel and yeah this is
internal battery that's pretty crazy
alright so here's a closer look at the
Innokin MVP 520 watt box mod with the
Ajax tank it's got the atheon chipset in
there have you heard of the atheon
chipset I've never new chipset so that
explains why it has the ability to
change lot settings a flashlight
settings on it Hey look here this thing
has an integrated 5200 milliamp hour
b-52's hours it's got to have something
to fish all that power but 5,200 that's
that's insane maximum wattage output of
120 watts right here USB see we are in
the future right now MVP 5 got us BC
before the iPhone zinc alloy chassis
construction so you ain't go worried
about that you got an OLED screen here
which looks really nice there's a
compass built into this thing what's a
compass look at this it's a freaking
confidence man it looks like a
thermometer on me
frickin barometer there's a barometer it
shows our barometric pressure on this
thing now this is cool I like this this
is awesome why is that necessary
hey man necessary are you an outdoorsman
Josh absolutely not and me neither but
if I was that's right here be awesome
yeah so there's a compass on here a
freaking thermometer that shows you
Celsius and Fahrenheit it shows our
elevation there's an altimeter an aha
not a hydrometer but a barometer all
built into this thing I'm in love this
is awesome this is very cool this is my
new vape I'm taking this so it's really
cool big ol battery lots of cool little
features to it but let's fill this tank
up and let's give it a faith we're gonna
be using slasher Redrum never tried this
before we won two today hey you guys
keep your eye out for this stuff we're
probably gonna do a full video on this
but I actually got to try a couple
samples of this flavor and another one
it's pretty good so we're gonna be using
that in this bait today so let's get it
filled up looks like we got a top feel
option here you just slide it right
there and look at that fill hole
oh he's smelling this smells hand TAS
let me smell it then I tried it the
other day but oh yeah yeah this is this
is right up John Salley oh I can smell
it I can smell the red rum in here so so
close to me I'll turn it off nice
looking so today we're reviewing this
flash lot and it's pretty fucking brats
yes so merry Thanksgiving I got you a
oh you have one too the flashlight sweet
man thanks I've always mean yeah some
people say I'm a mountain man hey well
give this look I want you to look at
this this thing has a compass built into
a whole ship a barometer a thermometer
and an altimeter it's a barometer
measures of barometric pressure what do
you need that
I wanna see what this looks like this
one day
is that it's not even goat well I see
here a desert colored Jeep you know I'm
talking about so what's really cool as
you can see here look this one has the
little purple thing on it and you get a
matching purple tank this one has the
red on it and you get a matching red
tank and driptip and all that stuff
good job man good job as ours ready to
go is it ready to faith yes all right
cool mom's ready to hit y'all on 50
watts nothing too crazy all right here
we go oh that's good oh my god that's
good that flavor it's even better in
this tank Red Rum murdered it tastes
good all right not gonna get that again
it's so smooth the Ajax tank is that a
mesh mesh coil this whole thing it's
just the whole package got the big
battery you got the flashlight you got
the tank if you pair it up with this
juice bait ecstasy right here son
alright you hit me I won't see you it's
the MVP five son this is freaking
awesome watch this dang we think about
that well I expected the flavor on this
to not be good at all but this is great
I'm surprised yeah it's good if they
would have slapped a compass and a
barometer on this thing and just had a
crappy tank on it I wouldn't have been
impressed with after compass it's a good
night you know we could take this and
chase tornadoes hey MVP Anakin send us a
custom tornado chasing MVP five it's
Kane's turn it's my turn
all right so out of ten I'm giving this
such a night of Chan what are you giving
it ten out of ten what are you going I
mean just if it was just a tank in a box
I'm gonna give it a ten out of ten but
where it has a fucking flashlight a
fucking compass whatever the other two
things I'm getting this thing out your
butt in that yeah that's that's a purse
that's a riding on TV first right there
and also I'm giving this juice right
here at ten out of ten
Red Rum this is actually pretty good
baby p5 we are gonna order a lot of
these we don't have them on the website
yet but like I said we do have a couple
that we're gonna be throwing in with our
Black Friday sales remember Josh I don't
know if you know about this but on our
website if you're there at midnight
midnight midnight Black Friday the first
100 people to order a mystery box
there's gonna be get a free piece of
hardware in the mystery box you get up
to the value of something like this no
yeah no do you hear that what is that
first hundred mystery boxes get a free
piece of hardware that can be as good as
this that's a fuckin deal they make sure
you're ready on our website guys
seriously we're all gonna be there we're
gonna be ready to go to ship your order
out as fast as possible we're getting
hey soon as possible ASAP hey P fuckin a
lot devices P penises
as if I wasn't blind enough already
fault okay so this video is probably
gonna be pretty short but like you guys
know we got to get ready for a Black
Friday and all that stuff
hey man usually behind the camera now on
the camera you think you won't say man
Oh Travis how are things going over here
think they're going so yeah another
thing that we do what explain a little
bit about what we do here at hauling
apprised so we do a lot of things we're
a digital marketing agency so basically
people come to us because they want us
to promote them and then we promote them
right that's what we do right there's a
venue down the road in Prestonsburg we
run their social media and check this
out that's so cool
happy Thanksgiving from the mountain
large center that's cool it's gonna give
them so many likes on Facebook oh god
yeah so yeah that's whenever you see us
here in this place this is the hall
enterprises office now if you watched
yesterday's video we were talking about
we really want some artwork to go on the
walls and a lot of you guys suggested
vape related stuff and that's cool I'm
gonna put a big mural like big picture
of us and the guys at mountain vapors up
there but in here I mean it's really
what we do isn't very vape related
somebody had a good idea to put our
address here so I'm gonna do that if you
want to send us some art we'll hang it
on the wall as long as it's good it's
got to be good ain't that right dawg
it's gonna be better than the heavy
drives just got the NBP 5 man all right
review it oh god I don't think we really
were not doing much today other than
this we got to go in there and get on my
computer we got a lot of prep work on
the website to do for Black Friday and
we got to work on this video also the DC
video is finally gonna be up on Friday
you're gonna see a trailer video come
out later this evening and then tomorrow
Friday it should be a free p.m. now
let's put this to an evening release 6
p.m. Friday basically mentoring yeah I'm
gonna one more time give me an O Travis
whoa man seriously this is how many vape
reviews have we done this year I can't
count the 200 something like that 300
it's the top champ seriously I have all
the hardware that we've done this is
awesome if you are looking for a new
vape this is something that you need to
look into because like I've never been
blown away by so I mean the compass and
the barometer that's that's cool and all
but just the way this tank and mod work
together and the flavor and the power
it's awesome and a fifty two hundred
million power internal battery can you
beat that Travis I don't know can you
but yeah guys that's pretty much all we
got for you today stay tuned make sure
make sure you're over there on the
website on Black Friday