👆 BOHR Vape Hunter Pod System Review|A Streamline Design

for review today the hunter pod system
yeah another pod device this one comes
to me from Bor so this is the bore
hunter that's why I have my hunter
orange hat on today and small so the
stuff is sold online not really a big
deal but if this wasn't a retail store
would you get it like I kind of want to
be able to see my device not just the
cartridge fine
I'll give you a better look at the back
of the box you can see the kit contents
one thing that does disappoint me is
that I don't see the battery capacity of
this device which is 360 milliamp hours
inside of this thing which looks like
well look at this an alien head it also
tells me that there's a ceramic and a
cotton cartridge I don't have the
resistance on here or the capacity if
I'm in a store and I'm not talking about
online and I picked this up I'm not able
to open it until I buy it so I would
like more info on the Box behold as I
use my last remaining nail to open the
box inside of the box there is a warning
card user manual and warranty card the
warranty is good for three months and it
is for defective products the device
will come in six different colors and
over here is a couple of interchangeable
side to panels to come off when you just
stick your nail in here and pop it off
it would be cool if the manual mentioned
the panels aside from the place where it
says contents but that is the only there
is no instructions on how to take these
things off probably it looks like a
blank piece of paper if I show it to you
like that but here you go this is
basically the full manual there's two
sides to it
cartridges or pods on this thing they
pop out like this and they come out like
really easily this thing is held on by
yeah I just feel like it's that's just
too loose so one of these cartridges
this one is cotton that's what's inside
other one taking a closer look at the
pod you can see that there there is no
markings on this
there was no markings on a little
package either you pretty much just have
to look at them and this is the ceramic
one which is 1.2 ohms but if you're new
to vaping how are you gonna know which
ones which I think I think they should
be labeled these old cartridges are
bottom filling that's got this little
rubber stopper right there that pulls up
and it does stay attached the hole is
really tiny but with a bottle like this
there's no issue filling the cartridge
if you have a brand new cartridge filled
up give it like three minutes so that a
liquid can saturate here it is with the
cotton cartridge and this thing is
really simple it's draw activated don't
have any buttons the only thing on here
well besides the cartridge is a USB port
for charging it's a 360 milliamp hour
battery and I don't think it has fast
charging because the manual says this
takes like three hours for a full charge
I've never fully charged it I just kind
of charge it once it's like halfway but
um yeah that's that's crazy
three hours seems like a really long
time for such a small battery you can
see when I'm vaping a light turns on
right now it's green green means the
battery is pretty much good as between
like sixty to a hundred percent power if
you keep using it'll eventually turn
blue then it'll be between like ten and
sixty percent power and red
you gotta recharge it lights there
whether you want it or not
I do like the removable panels of this
I'm a big fan of I want more devices to
have interchangeable panels in a bunch
of different colors and I would also
like to know where to get them because
right now I don't I really haven't been
able to find much on this device except
for the company website and I know that
laga mall has these for around like 28
$29.00 I've already lost the panels that
came with this one mine came with black
that gold one I just showed you guys
this one came with some fun
rainbow colored ones maybe somewhere on
the side tell me what color is inside
you know Keith Emmanuel the color of the
of the device in case the manuals in the
way and the panels as well the pull on
this it's nice it's like not too Airy
not too restrictive it's a great in the
middle and it feels really smooth now if
you're chained vaping this thing or
taking a really long hit you might feel
the heat of the e-liquid so you do have
to be careful because it does get a
little bit hot but if you're just taking
little hits you're not gonna feel it and
this one is the ceramic coil now with
this that first hit it's really not much
of one the second one yeah you're gonna
have to hit it a couple of times just to
get the vapor going and then a few more
times to get the best flavor out of it
so that's that there's the hunter pod
system by borer I I kind of like pod
systems because because they're so
simple and simple gets smokers into
vaping what I think so