British Columbia Government Introduces Regulations On Vape Products

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on November 14th the British Columbia
government introduced the provinces
vaping regulations led by BC's Health
Minister Adrienne Dix and Finance
Minister Carol James the province is the
first to put forth regulations of this
kind firstly flavours aside from tobacco
will be restricted to adult only vape
stores and there was mentioned that
flavours appealing to youth will be
banned outright before we start
panicking there wasn't much indication
as to what the criteria for this is but
it may simply come down to packaging it
was mentioned that flavored liquids like
candies and desserts appeal to youth and
that the labeling can be enticing dick
stated that the province is looking into
new labeling requirements for a liquid
z' which includes plain packaging and
health warnings along with this will be
a restriction on public advertising of a
products another changes in regard to
nicotine content the province will limit
nicotine in vaping products to a maximum
of 20 milligrams per milliliter the same
limit used by the European Union in my
opinion this is pretty reasonable I know
many closed pod devices like Julia's
higher strengths but I think setting a
maximum limit to nicotine will help
fight youth uptake there's evidence that
teens care less about flavours and what
reals the min is the headrush products
with a high concentration of nicotine
provide finally and possibly the biggest
change is a tax increase on vape
products the raise increases the
provincial sales tax on vape products
from 7% to 20% there is no indication if
this was in regard to vape products as a
whole or just those that contain
nicotine so we will have to wait to get
more details on this this jump also led
to a raising tax on tobacco products the
two cent raise adds up to a total tax of
29 point 5 cents per cigarette this vape
tax which is the first of its kind in
the country will be effective on January
1st 2020 and is expected to generate
around 10 million dollars per year in
revenue for the province speaking on the increase
Finance Minister Carol James said yes it
is a big tax jump and one that really
signifies the urgency of this problem we
know that youth are particularly price
sensitive so when you make a product
more expensive and harder to access useful decline
I know some people may be upset to see
restrictions and taxes like this but I
think in many ways it provides a
progressive approach to vaping and sets
a strong precedent for other provinces
that does not ban vaping outright which
we can't forget is the alternative here
in many ways this can be seen as a win
for everyone do you think Canada is on the right track