Can E-Cigarettes and Vaping Damage Your Hearts?

So much Bob you know by this point you
probably heard of the hundreds of lung
related illnesses linked to vaping there
have even been some deaths and now the
American Heart Association says these
cigarettes are taking a toll on your
heart health as well we're joined now by
dr. Gould de l'année a pediatric
cardiologist in amours Children's
Hospital and Lissoni Landry executive
director of the American Heart
Association good morning to you both
thank you so much for being here thank
you for having us you know I have to
tell you this is so disturbing because I
remember about a year and a half two
years ago my young son 14 years old I
said mom my friendís baby I don't know
hang out with her anymore but is it
really that bad for you this was just
two years ago where kids started vaping
because they thought it's a cool thing
to do it's not going to hurt you
we have completely learned otherwise
right over the last couple of years tell
me a little bit more about that vaping
is an epidemic in our community and
across the United States when you look
at it if you have a child in high school
middle school or even elementary school
be concerned about it because it's
everywhere when you babe you inhale
these ultrafine particles they can cause
inflammation in the lungs and have led
to you know over 2,000 admissions in the
United States and 47 deaths in the
United States in the last year into the
results of these findings I do need to
ask you what is so much more dangerous
and so much more quickly dangerous about
vaping than smoking cigarettes I think
it's the access that kids have the
choice really when you look at it you
know many of the vaping products have
been flavored specifically to tailor
them towards adolescents and young
adults with that there's over 15,000
different flavors that you can choose
from for vaping products and when you
look at that many teenagers and young
adults have then gone on to add THC one
of the products in marijuana to that as
well so tell me about the findings then
in terms of now we know that it affected
the lungs but now we're talking about
the heart as well right one thing that I
want to point out something you said
about two years ago with your son what's
really startling is just two years ago
one in 10 students
you cigarettes to vaping and today our
data shows that one in four students are
using these cigarettes are vaping so
just that alone we know it's a huge
issue when it comes specifically to the
heart I'm sure dr. day body could tell
us them so the American Heart
Association two weeks ago at their
scientific sessions in Philadelphia
released data that showed that vaping
and East cigarettes have been linked to
markers of chronic heart risk so they
showed that Inc vaping can cause
increase in your cholesterol and
decreased blood perfusion to the heart
muscle itself both of those can cause
you to have an increased risk of having
a heart attack later on in life with
that so vaping can cause acute injuries
to the lung and long-term issues to the
heart so it is not a benign thing to do
is it when you hear something like this
you know it absolutely blows my mind and
I think about you know some of the
things that the American Heart
Association is doing to combat this you
know dr. days Ani mentioned all of the
flavors we support legislation to ban
all flavored cigarettes and vaping and
we also support legislation to raise the
minimum sales age to 21 because of those
statistics and how startling it is and
dr. what about you surprised and I know
being a doctor you see a lot and you see
a lot every day but this to me seems to
be an epidemic it really is and I think
if you have a child and they start to
have a cough shortness of breath chest
pain nausea vomiting or weight loss you
should be concerned
are they vaping and by the way I need to
add this very quickly sometimes parents
don't know because it's odorless right
so you don't you may not even know if
your child is vaping and so I do want to
get into really quickly having a
conversation with your child right maybe
even beforehand or just make sure that
you're on top of them and asking those
questions that we we've been working
really closely with all of the local
school districts to make sure that we
can help parents have those
conversations so providing them what
resources and education that they can
have that they're tough conversations
right but their conversations that need
to be have we we know that here that in
Orange County
vaping has become the number one offense
for all students in Orange County so
this is not something that we should shy
away from it's something we should be
having an open conversation about well
absolutely and I appreciate you all
coming and starting that dialogue thank
you so much thank you for having the
great information we appreciate you
thank you boy