CBC News Vape Fail -This Doesn't Seem to Look Too Good

Some of Canada's largest health advocacy groups are urging the federal government
to take action on vaping we know from a study earlier this year the University of Waterloo that vaping among Canadian teens is up 74 percent this is an issue students are vaping in washrooms regularly and this needs to stop well new in-depth reporting by CBC News is uncovering how the federal government ignored early warning signs about the health risks from vaping hey how's it going everyone Dave here from - beeps
and welcome back to yet another video today we're gonna be talking about CBC
News and how real journalism is very hard to come by nowadays but before we get ahead of ourselves be sure to hit the subscribe button down below and it's a little belt to stay up to date with our latest videos now let's jump right into it founded in 1941 CBC which stands for Canadian Broadcasting Company is one of the largest news organizations in Toronto let alone Canada they've made their presence known with very in-depth journalistic pieces across various topics and I'll admit I watched their content and put a lot of trust in their work until now CBC News just announced that they're presenting an in-depth week-long special about vaping my initial first thought was perfect if all checks out we may finally see a glimpse of hope in this never-ending war between media and vaping but that glimpse of hope dwindled away rather quickly to
start they're calling this week-long special beep fail which right off the bat I'm sure you know where this is going just this morning on December 2nd 2019 they released the first video in this delusional series appropriately titled how vaping helped hook a new generation on nicotine so today I thought why not dissect it a bit and hear what they have to say now the full video is about eleven minutes long and we're only gonna look at a few parts that really stood out to me because if you looked at the whole thing this video would be about 45 minutes so yeah we'll be talking about a few key parts but if you did want to watch the full video then I'll link it in the description down below now why don't we check out this masterpiece well new in-depth reporting by CBC News is uncovering how the federal government ignored early warning signs about the
health risks from vaping now this is a part of a series of stories we are launching for  reporting also shows how a government decision to allow vaping devices and products to be sold in Canada was made without any scientific evidence that would help people quit smoking so it looks like they're criticizing the Canadian government on the recent
proposed regulations for vaping now if you haven't heard about what the Canadian government is looking to implement we did do a full video about that which you can watch by clicking the card that's gonna pop up right around here but in short they want to follow similar steps what Europe did with the TPD compliance in my personal opinion these proposed regulations are kind of the best middle ground between restricting youth access while also giving adults access to flavors now let's jump back to the CBC video the latest numbers show an alarming increase in the use of nicotine vaping products among teenagers nearly one in three high school students in Alberta and Quebec say they'd vaped in the past month it's one in four in Ontario and about one in five in British Columbia one in three students are vaping I know for a fact
they only use this equation for the shock factor I mean if they used a percentage in this case it would be 33% it definitely doesn't sound as scary this video is filled with little twists of information like this we still have 5 million adults smokers one out of every two or three are likely to die unless they quit but there has never been any
firm evidence showing that vaping is less harmful or that it could help smokers quit so apparently we're going to completely ignore all the research done by the Royal College of Physicians and public health England I mean they have determined that vaping is 95
percent safer than combustible tobacco and that it is a viable option for quitting smoking and survey show the number of kids vaping in Canada is still rising so the number of kids vaping in Canada is rising but can we also talk about the number of kids smoking now I'm not condoning youth vaping at all here but they're definitely looking at this whole situation with a glow half-empty perspective if you ban vaping
or get rid of flavors teens are either just gonna vape tobacco flavors or they're gonna start smoking new reporting by CBC News shows how that rise comes out of a decision by Health Canada and really behind it was this belief that vaping would help Canadians quit smoking but there was no scientific proof and Health Canada ignored early warnings about the risks including evidence that young people were attracted to vaping we're back to the claim that there's no proof that vaping will help you quit smoking well why don't you ask the tens of millions of vapors out there that alone is enough proof that vaping does in fact help you quit smoking and if you want scientific
studies why are you completely ignoring the studies that have already been done
New England Journal of Medicine determined that vaping is quote twice as effective as nicotine replacement therapy when the federal government legalized vaping products in 2018 sweet flavors were allowed in the products while they were sold right next to the
candy in convenience stores not restricted like cigarettes and tobacco so now experts are urging the federal government to change the policy and tighten up regulations around vaping now they're mainly focusing on convenience stores here and in my opinion yes I never thought advertising vape products in a convenience store was a good idea in the first place in non age restricted stores nicotine products should not have any sort of advertising we've yet to reach the plateau for the increases in vaping among kids interestingly we haven't seen the same increases among adults so we're failing both target markets we're not protecting kids and we're not actually doing a good job getting the products in the hands of people who could benefit which is adults
smokers to quit of course adults aren't wanting to vape now because organizations that put up content like this are scaring them away the sheer amount of people that have contacted us letting us know that they have actually gone back to smoking
amidst all of these scary news headlines is astounding and I'm sure there are many more out there well for more on this we're now joined in studio by dr.Samir Gupta here is a respirometer stall so an associate professor you know I want to begin first and foremost with what you are hearing from other restaurants I think for the respiratory
community it's really scary some of us thought yes this would be something potentially effective for those patients but I think naively we also thought that like other therap
first it would have to be shown to be effective it would have to be scientifically studied and proven to be safe and effective but ultimately that hasn't been borne out it's just out there again completely ignoring the research coming out of the UK and like you just heard on the clip most of the people who are using it or not in fact former not former smokers where is this information coming from if you claim that there's no scientific data proving that vaping is safe then why are you in turn making a claim with no scientific data is there a medical reason for this does vaping actually help smokers quit and that's you know that's a question that we still don't know the answer to and that's important because that argument is often made that well you know if only smokers could use it it'll help them to quit what we have are a number of what we call observational studies so these are studies where they're just looking for patterns among smokers who have started to use e-cigarettes and some of those studies do show that those smokers are more likely to quit but then there are a whole bunch of studies that show that in fact smokers who start using e-cigarettes are less likely to quit how does that make any sense he is completely overlooking any positives about vaping in this entire segment all info pertaining to quitting smoking with vaping is completely brushed off yet all the emphasis is on the negative side of things and that may be because e cigarettes are just sort of a cleaner and easier way for smokers to
get that nicotine fix cleaner because you don't have the smell around you that you would do it cigarettes for example and also the tar toxins and hundreds of other chemicals what does work so we have lots of effective therapies and in fact the you know what we have in our toolkit to help people to quit are things that have been studied and and these are things that are regulated by Health Canada as drugs and and that's the you know the the food and drugs act and what we have are some pills we have some pills that are tailor-made to help people to quit then we have nicotine
replacement we add therapy to that counselling is an important part of how we help people to quit but I think the really important piece there is that once something is approved it means it's reached a point where it's been studied for years it means we have data on scientific sort of how effective it is but also how safe it is pills and
okay so let's take one of the most popular pills for quitting smoking chantix the amount of horror stories that I've heard about the side effects of chantix is insane from nausea to suicidal thoughts also on top of that needing therapy you are now changing a person's day-to-day life just to quit smoking which vaping can do without all
of those hurdles but chantix is fda-approved so it must be safe it makes me wonder about what we don't know yet about vaping because there are these cases through as you know very well through Canada through the United States where young people are showing up in hospitals they're trying to figure out what is wrong with them they believe it is tied to vaping what don't we know yet about this practice there's just so much that we don't know there are so many important questions first let's start with short-term so we have this epidemic of people who are many people are dying
people are getting really sick so there are lots of questions around you know what is causing this short-term epidemic and so that raises questions about for example what are what are the effects of these flavorings that are being used okay so again  completely overlooking crucial info vitamin E acetate has been the main culprit and this outbreak of lung illnesses which is found in many illicit THC products regular nicotine
fête products do not contain any of these harmful ingredients and then I think the biggest question which will take time to answer is what are the long-term effects you know when we had when people started smoking cigarettes initially it was thought to be harm reduction compared to chewing tobacco because we knew that chewing tobacco caused all sorts of oral cancers and so this must be better only long-term did
we realize what all the health consequences were okay but you have to realize that they claimed smoking was safe all the way back into 30s we have come an extremely long way in terms of medical research so this idea that just because cigarettes conventional cigarettes have thousands of toxins in the smoke and east cigarettes have hundreds of toxins well it must be less dangerous it must be less toxic that's
really just something we don't know it still has hundreds of toxins many of those are not found in cigarette smoke so the real question is what's the effect of regularly doing this in our young people in five 10 15 years and what are the kinds of you know pulmonary diseases cardiac diseases cancers what else might we see in a generation from now that's the real question really scary when you think about what we don't know in terms of long-term impacts dr. Gupta thank you for this my pleasure and that is dr. Samir Gupta a respirometer also associate professor in the department of medicine at the University of Toronto so that was an absolute rollercoaster you can definitely tell what side of the spectrum CBC is on here this video is filled with skewed information towards whatever agenda they're trying to push here real journalism is dead and CBC is a prime example of that instead of pushing out factual information for the greater good they're pushing out information for the clicks and one hand I totally get it they're a company and they need to make money but when millions of lives and jobs are on the line due to your fear-mongering that is not okay if you want to spread around the real information about vaping head over to vape FAQs CA and share the website this website outlines the real information about vaping and debunks
many myths so again that's vape facts CA and I'll link it in the description down below again this delusional series is going on throughout the week on CBC we're gonna be keeping a close eye on it just to kind of see what they will say but if this first video is any indication it's probably not good with that said what are your thoughts on these extremely misleading videos from CBC let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment in the comment section down below