CBC’s Vape Fail-Bash Vaping With Incorrect Information

New in-depth reporting by CBC News is
uncovering how the federal government
ignored early warning signs about the
health risks from vaping now this is a
part of a series of stories we are
launching for you this morning and that
reporting also shows how a government
decision to allow vaping devices and
products to be sold in Canada was made
without any scientific evidence that
would help people quit smoking what's up guys
Nick from a meet here just when I
thought we finally had some peace a new
source of misinformation has joined the
party CBC News has just released a new
series called vape fail which promises
to provide an in-depth report about
vaping today I'll be going through
everything they got wrong before we get
started make sure you subscribe to the
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date with our latest videos now let's
check out vape fail but there has never
been any firm evidence showing that
vaping is less harmful or that it could
help smokers quit I don't know where CBC
is getting their research from but I was
able to find plenty of information on
vaping being a less harmful alternative
to smoking studies from the UK have
shown on many occasions how vaping
differs from smoking even Health Canada
flat-out says vaping is less harmful but
what's sort of a hypocrisy between what
we're doing with tobacco and what which
contains nicotine is the major
psychoactive substance versus vaping
which again guess what the same
psychoactive substances is the nicotine
and we're essentially hands-off and and
minimal regulation so we're just gonna
skip past everything else and go
straight to nicotine nicotine is a
stimulant like caffeine on its own
nicotine is not carcinogenic and
although addictive the real issue in
cigarettes are the other ingredients
cigarettes produce carcinogens from
combustion and contain thousands of
deadly chemicals including ammonia lead
formaldehyde and arsenic among so many
others it also seems that they may not
understand the most common method of
using the e-cigarette the intended uses
for smokers to begin at a nicotine
strength that is comparable to their
intake with cigarettes and then
gradually drop down to reduce their
nicotine consumption this has shown to
be a successful method in quitting for
many former smokers sweet flavors were
allowed ads popped up everywhere and
vape products were being sold next to
candy in convenience stores if you watch the entire set
which I'll post a link for in the
description below you'll notice that
they often refer to convenience stores
when talking about youth access not once
do they refer to specialty vape stores
which are designed to be adult lonely
and really behind it was this belief
that vaping would help Canadians quit
smoking but there was no scientific
proof and Health Canada ignored early
warnings about the risks another trend I
see from CDC is the blaming of Health
Canada for regulating vape products
despite their criticism not once in this
report is Health Canada interviewed or
even quoted on the matter we've yet to
reach the plateau for the increases in
vaping among kids interestingly we
haven't seen the same increases among
adults so we're failing both target
markets we're not protecting kids we're
not actually doing a good job getting
the products in the hands of people who
could benefit which is adults smokers to
quit maybe they're not reaching the
hands of those who need them because the
media has done such a good job of
scaring the public I've talked to many
people in person and online who are
terrified of vaping now because of how
its portrayed by the media this has even
led vapers who gave up cigarettes back
to smoking and fear is there a medical
reason for this does vaping actually
help smokers quit that's you know that's
a question that we still don't know the
answer to and that's important because
that argument is often made that well
you know if only smokers could use it
it'll help them to quit what we have are
a number of what we call observational
studies so these are studies where
they're just looking for patterns among
smokers who have started to use
e-cigarettes and some of those studies
do show that those smokers are more
likely to quit but then there are a
whole bunch of studies that show that in
fact smokers who start using
e-cigarettes are less likely to quit
millions of smokers have quit using
vaping and the information is definitely
out there there are multiple credible
sources that show the effectiveness of
vaping including the NHS the British
Heart Foundation the New Zealand
Ministry of Health and the Royal College
of Physicians there is some evidence
that smokers who quit vaping can relapse
back into smoking but a French study of
over 5,000 smokers indicated that this
was due to a lack of satisfaction from
vaping which is rather common working in
a vape shop for years I've had many
people come in saying their device
doesn't work the way that they wanted to
remedies can be simple such as changing
nicotine strength or adjusting air flow
but can be more complex like the user
prefers mouth to lung vaping over direct
lung or requires a higher PG content to
get a stronger throat in vaping gives
you an almost overwhelming amount of
choices which is why it's important to take your time
explore your options since according to
CBC vaping his non effective means of
quitting smoking dr. Samir Gupta from
the University of Toronto was asked
about the other options out there what
does work so we have lots of effective
therapies and in fact the you know what
we have in our toolkit to help people to
quit are things that have been studied
and and these are things that are
regulated by Health Canada as drugs and
and that's the you know the the food and
drugs act and what we have are some
pills we have some pills that are
tailor-made to help people to quit those
are the same pills that come with some
pretty intense side effects I've heard
many horror stories from people who've
tried to quit smoking using medication a
common choice is Champ X and a quick
search shows side effects such as
seizures hallucinations suicidal
thoughts anxiety mood swings rashes on
the body chest pains and increased blood
pressure among a very long list of
others it makes me wonder about what we
don't know yet about vaping because
there are these cases through as you
know very well through Canada through
the United States where young people are
showing up in hospitals they're trying
to figure out what is wrong with them
they believe it is tied to vaping what
don't we know yet it was only a matter
of time until the illnesses were brought
into the argument which we should all
know by now was not caused by nicotine
babes especially more recently as the
CDC has confirmed that the cause of the
lung issues we've seen mostly in the
u.s. are due to tainted THC cartridges
cut with vitamin E acetate as a filler
it's honestly disappointing to see such
poor information come from a major news
outlet like CBC despite tons of
information out there showing the good
vaping is done for millions of smokers around the world