👍Colorful Magnetic CoilArt Mino Pod Starter Kit Review

Manoah I think that's what it's called
mi and oh this one's by coil art hi and
welcome to this old car I won't have got
a newer one but this year I bought some
screws that are inside of my arm oh no
one con I have noticed with this vape is
when you drop it in your car it's so
teeny-tiny here's how it comes packaged
all the packaging looks the same but on
the side it shows you what color it is
magnetic ineffable newfangled original
ineffable they can't describe it it's
indescribable it comes in four different
colors they only sent me to this green
and blue one I'm gonna give away a
little bit later on my Instagram page
first up here is the device inside is a
320 milliamp hour rechargeable battery
recharges to the USB port the pod holds
two milliliters of a liquid it's got a
1.8 ohm coil inside this little sleeve
right here it's just a protective cover
it fills on the bottom you lift up this
piece and a squeeze your liquid into
those itty-bitty teeny tiny holes on the
oh but have no fear because inside of
here was a little refill bottle okay so
it does fit into the hole like barely
barely you do get two holes which is
nice it'll make it easier to fill
however I don't know why they didn't
just go with this style of bottle I
think this fits into here way better I'm
not gonna go ahead and do this my way I
like my bottle better with a brand new
pod give it like five minutes so that
cotton can saturate and then I stick it
in there and it's on a magnet look at
that so aside from this little bottle
inside of this box there's also a USB
cable for charging before I bring it
back up top I just wanted to say kind of
a bummer that there's just a single pod
in the box but at least the replacement
pods come in boxes of two
so so there it is
pot style system batteries kind of on
the smaller side it will get the average
person through a day but most companies
are doing like 360 milliamp hours and
higher this is only 320 and it is mostly
intended for Nick
salts they're a little bit thinner
that's what this device needs a spinner
eliquid because if you try to use max
vgu liquid like I haven't here right now
it's kind of thick it'll work if you
give it some time between hits but if I
try to change a bit now what's working
fine but earlier I was trying to chain
bait this thing and buy like the third
fourth hit flavor diminish greatly it
just wasn't pulling the liquid in quick
enough but of course now that I'm doing
it on camera I don't know how people
film out of the car I am just struggling
with the lighting here the sun's just
it's not being cooperative right now I
do like that I can see my liquid level
in here however I'm not really sure why
they chose to go with with this because
I thought the reason companies were
using dark pods is to protect the liquid
from sunlight because it's not very good
for it so yeah I guess I guess you're
not really gonna have liquid in here
long enough to worry about it but but
yeah it comes in four crazy-looking of
colors and it appears that they're using
the same exact colors that they did on
their Lux 200 mod except for the white
one the white one I reviewed I don't
know why they chose not to put it on
this I think that would have been really
cool so when I'm vaping this down here
there's a little light
you saw its white when it's white that
means the battery is that like 41%
charge or higher if it's yellow then
it's like 21 to 40 and if it turns red
then you gotta recharge it I'm not sure
Pollard bump draw activated device
absolutely no buttons some people don't
like that because once in a while I
haven't had it happen with this but I
haven't been using it that long either
but once in a while these draw activated
devices will just start firing on their
own if that happens remove the pot so
eat that's really all I wanted to say
about it I mean how much can i really
say about a little tiny pod system