Dead Rabbit V2 RDA Review

get a decade's beiping fucking bogan
back again for another rigid edge review
hope you're all doing good as gold can I
sell something bit old but a bit new the
dead rabbit fuckin - so vaping heathen
is back with the version two of the dead
rabbit I am running it on the SQ topside
if you were wondering and this drip tip
I have on here is not the stock drip tip
this one comes from Nick's tips n IX
tips on Instagram check him out they're
not cheap but they're fucking amazing so
what is fuckin change not a whole of a
lot but you have got some variable
airflow now you've got some honeycomb
and you've got some big fuckin wide-open
cloud chasing airflow the same deck
which a lot of people fucking loved and
a little bit of a different look on the
exterior usual point one one ohm alien
coils in here let's take it for a fuckin
ripperoo still shoots you in the fucking
face but the flavour and vape quality is
pretty damn good I got to say we'll talk
all the bits and bobs in a fucking
moment dickheads before we can get to
that a little vape advocacy yeah I know
it's fucking boring stuff and I bang on
about it every bloody video I do because
I fucking care I'm part of this industry
we're part is industry you're part of
this industry and this industry is under
a fucking tack the United States banning
flavours you've got the Philippines just
straight-up taking your fucking vape if
you have it in public kind of thing here
in Australia we've had various state
governments ban online sales you can't
vape in a vape shop it's pretty fucked
up if you don't want that to happen to
you or if you're in one of those areas
affected please get off your bum hit
some of those links in the description
and do a little advocacy it'll take you
fucking five minutes and it may just
keep these products accessible to us and
the fucking smokers let's have a bloody
beer go on here from a brewery I have
not fucking heard of before
yellows brews over in New South Wales
Australia this one's got a funny name
though dad's army who remembers that
fucking show we're now growing up
certainly not the Millennials vens
barrel-aged spiced rum ale aged in bun
li rum barrels for three fucking months
there you go it's got an IV you of 28 6%
alcohol there's a track to a shack past
the shed way out back and it's where
you'll find dad's army they'll have some
cards talking hard over the beers that
aged with card they are yellow sprues
dad's army where Mike is out surfing or
pops is on the deck Chris is always with
you and van will have your back
they have advice they'll give it thrice
ignore it and you'll pay the price they
are dads that love malted barley fucking
blood and anyway they're kids let's see
ah she fucking tastes
there you go cunts kind of a dark
pumpkin complexion bit darker than your
average pumpkin I reckon oh yeah on the
nose it's got that kind of Belgian
barrel-aged sort of smell to it let's
see how she tastes yeah that's a dark
and woody dick it's very fucking woody
lots of moles definitely got that
slightly sweet kind of Belgian feel to
it almost a little bit creek like in a
way yeah dark woody roasted notes golden
sort of molt's not a lot of hops in
theirs you'd expect but a nice fucking
well-balanced barrel aged brew let's
pair it up with the liquid now I was
gonna pair this with the peach liquid I
have in the dead rabbit too but I
actually think given the taste of that
beer it might go a little better with
this chocolate milk from buyer and bake
layout Co it is as the fucking label
suggests a chocolate milk fucking
liqueur which it's got a real genuine
chocolate milk flavor let's see how it
goes with this fucking pumpkin ba oh
that's interesting
yeah definitely a fucking better choice
I reckon then the peach the chocolates
going quite nicely with that beer can't
quite work out what's going on but
whatever is happening there it's pretty
tasty yeah I think the chocolate the
sweet chocolate nurse is going really
nicely with that multi pumpkiny kind of
flavor there yeah I don't know what to
tell you the kids but pumpkin and
if fucking goes well together anyway no
fucking chitchat let's get the only -
bloody clothes have a look at the veto
we'll see what's different - the first
one and the drop dead we'll compare it
to all of the incarnations of the
fucking dead rabbit then we'll give you
some pros and cons prices and everything
fucking else
okey fuckin dokie mrs. bloody pokey this
is the packaging your dead rabbit v2
will come in that's what's on the back
there if you want to pause and have a
read but let's just get into it so
inside the box you'll naturally get a
dead rabbit v2 it comes in a fuck ton of
different colors you got black you got
stainless steel there's a white there's
a gunmetal there's blue gold a matte
black there's a rainbow red and fucking
purple and you get the usual bag of
spares including earrings grub screws
and a squawk pin as well as a couple of
tools a frosted acrylic 810 sized drip
tip as well as a 510 driptip adapter a
user manual and a dead rabbit sticker
but let's get into it so on the exterior
it does look a little different to the
original dead rabbit you got a new sort
of almost Celtic kind of design around
the top and the bottom there they've
also got rid of the dead rabbit text you
no longer have that you've just got the
straight dead rabbit fucking logo in
there moving our way around it does have
a much much wider air flow than the
previous one it also has two airflow
options so you've got this big fuck-off
cutout here which is a definite step up
from things like the the butcher or the
Challenger cap should I say so this is a
kind of an extension of that challenger
cap that they did after they release the
original dead rabbit but as you can see
it's significantly bigger and this
airflow here dick heads is really really
fucking open it's way too open for me
wide open
it's fucking gaping I'll tell you that
you've got a lot of airflow coming
through when you're running it in this
mode but you've also got now a secondary
option if we turn the top cap we've got
some honeycomb air slots and this is
kind of the polar opposite to the wide
open this is really quite restricted for
a dual coil RDA to give you an idea it's
more restricted than the blotto
RTA and you know people obviously
commented on that being a more
restricted direct lung hit this is even
stricted in the blotto it is
significantly restricted compared to its
wide-open counterpart they still have
that angle thing going on whereas
directing the airflow down onto the
coils but apparently it has been sort of
tweaked slightly so it's not as full-on
but dick heads it still shoots you in
the face I'm sorry to report that if you
do purge your coils before inhaling and
you know push a bit of vapor out of the
RDA rather than sucking in before you
inhale you will find that you get shot
in the fucking face with the purge so
that is still annoying it's pretty clean
elsewhere around the sides up the top
you've got very much the same sort of
tapering up to the 8/10 size drip tip I
think this is another one of those anti
bacterial acrylics which to be honest is
a load of fucking snake oil shit it
doesn't make any difference whatsoever
but you've got that little hell vape
engraving a little band around the
bottom there and a nice 8/10 sized
connection oil ring is on the inside of
the RDA which is always nice to see
which means that all of my custom drip
tips have fit in here
no worries at all and I have been
running a really really pretty blue and
acrylic stabilized wood tip here from
next tips down to the bottom it is a 24
millimeter diameter so same as the
original design by he then v2 he'll vape
all the usual shit a nice hybrid se 510
pin as you can see that little gold pin
there is sticking out further than the
stainless steel threads so this is
suitable for hybrid mechanical mods
remember dickheads if your pin is not
sticking out further than the threads
don't go using it on a hybrid mechanical
mod and never ever ever use a sub tank
on a hybrid mechanical mod so let's have
a look at the deck pull off the top cap
quite stiff Oh rings which is nice first
thing I'll point out is the top cap has
a little knot just in here so that
little notch there will stick out and
hit basically the lip of the deck and
you've got a little cut out here and
that's where that little R notch is
going to slot in and as you can see if I
twist it it's stopped
right about here and if I twist it back
it's gonna stop on the other side so
you've still got full control over
centering the airflow on your coil which
is great because the AFC is adjusted up
here so say you were to close half of it
off well then you could recenter your
airflow directly on to the center of
your coil by twisting the top cap there
so great they put a little notch system
in there so that it locks as you're
trying to twist it off of the mod just a
quick squeeze at the inside of the top
cap there you've got those honeycomb
holes and then you've got the big wide
open and they are angled so that they
fucking go onto the coils but they also
will direct vapor onto your face so
let's have a look at the deck well the
deck really isn't a whole lot different
to the first one if we have a look at
the original dead rabbit it's the same
principle you've got those little rabbit
ear tabs sticking out for you to drop
your coils into they have obviously put
the little lip in here for the the top
cap to catch and they've also angled the
platforms or the the post holes upwards
I suppose to give you a little bit
easier access into the the cutting of
the the lead but they have raised the
juice well as well so you're not going
to have as easy access getting in there
and to be honest I found it really quite
tricky and a bit of a pain in the ass it
was not easy to cut the legs off of
those coils I had to change pliers the
first the first set of clippers wouldn't
really fit in there and I couldn't cut
it so yeah not the most user-friendly
change to the deck but to be honest I
never really found the dead rabbit all
that easy to cut the leads on as you can
see they're quite a bit of length steel
on that that leg you can never really
get all that close so yeah a little bit
different but basically the same sort of
principle you have got larger post holes
there they are now square instead of
circular but very much the same sort of
thing you're dropping your coils in
there you're clamping them you're
cutting them and away you go but it is
nice that they have deepened that juice
well to give you a little bit more
catchment if you were to take the top
cap off
you're not gonna have it just sort of
flooding out but like the same thing as
I had on the first one you have got a
very high airflow much higher than the
the juice well so really if you're
leaving the top cap on there you
shouldn't have any leaks unless you
absolutely fucking dump your juice in so
I've been using some alien coils from
coil turd they are three strands of 26
gauge nichrome wrapped in 36 gauge
nichrome a tea mine came in at point one
one they are a three millimeter in a
diameter and yeah they're fucking
beautifully crafted very very fucking
well-made and the position that I've got
them in is sort of up nice and high you
want to give your coils a little bit of
airflow underneath so raising those
coils up allows that airflow to get
underneath the coil and I've just been
pulling mine a little bit out of the
centre to allow juice to cascade through
between the coils down into the juice
well if you're dripping through the top
at yeah there is obviously a bunch of
different ways to err to put your coils
in you can put them high or low I think
high definitely works a lot better
because you might get a little bit that
under coil airflow and I think the
flavor is a little better so reckon that
about does the up and bloody close to
kits we'll jump back up top we'll talk
the pros cons prices and how this fucker
compares to the original and should your
bloody buy one so there you go dickheads
bit of our squares at the dead rabbit -
and what do you reckon good improvements
not that interesting don't really care
fucking love it let's talk the pros and
buddy cons so it's kind of an
interesting one because what do we
compare this to the original dead rabbit
the dead rabbit fucking drop dead
collaboration the top cap so they
release the Challenger the fucking
priest there's been so many incarnations
of the dead rabbit have had they not
already covered all of the fucking
vaping styles apparently not we're doing
a version two but let's talk about those
let's talk about the pros and cons what
do I like what about dislike compared to
all the other dead rabbits and I suppose
just as an RDA independently loved the
fact that they're brought in some
honeycomb airflow I think that's fucking
awesome I'm big fan of this
of breaking up airflow into lots of tiny
holes I think we've all realized this
over the last year year and a half that
honeycomb airflow multiple holes smooth
out the airflow and it just makes the
baking experience a lot better so nice
that they've included that downside is
it's very restricted it's more
restricted than the blotter and the
blotto is reasonably restricted but I
think kind of pretty pretty as
restricted as you want to go this is
this is getting noticeably restricted I
think there's going to be some people
that enjoy you know the other dead
rabbits won't enjoy the amount of
airflow that they get off of the
honeycomb slots because it is quite
restricted would it be nice if it was
just a little bit loose if there was
maybe another row a third row or a
second couple of holes on the ends there
it would have just opened it up just a
little bit more and given a broader
audience at the amount of airflow they
might have liked but some probably will
have no issue with it whatsoever but got
to point out the airflow is a little bit
restricted on that honeycomb air flight
opening that airflow up to the fucking
wired as your fucking mum's can't whoa
you've got a shit ton of airflow there
if you felt that the original dead
rabbit didn't have enough airflow for
you and the fucking priest cap or the
challenger cap whatever which one the
fucking open one was if that wasn't
enough for you I'd think that the wide
open slot on this one is going to be
fucking wide it's gonna give you a lot
of airflow so that's fucking great for
those that love to chase the clouds one
lots of airflow the only downside really
is same problem as they had the first
time if you perch and for me I'm a Mac
mod user I like to purge a lot of the
time and it's just a habit I have from
vaping from six years ago where
everything was underpowered so you had
to purge to kind of get the coil warmed
if you purge with this you still get
shot in the face
oh no no so that does annoy me I have to
make sure I go on just the right angle
so that the air all the vapor shoots
down the side of my cheeks but if you've
got fat cheeks if you've got chipmunk
cheeks then you're fucking screwed
either way it's still gonna hit your
I think poor Mike was getting vapor in
his face either way yeah that does is
still annoy me that that top-down
airflow fucking angled shit shooting me
in the face when I purge
I love that they've deepened the juice
well that's a nice little touch it's not
a particularly deep juice well because
they still have that little cut down on
the side there for the knotch system but
it does mean if you have some juice in
the well there and you pull the top cap
off it doesn't just fly can cascade
everywhere unless you have tons of juice
because you do have that little well so
that that's a nice little feature there
I'm a big fan of the knot system the
locking system on there it makes it much
easier getting it on and off of your
mods if you have a proper little locking
system on an RDA so really nice that
they've included that flavor-wise it's
pretty fucking good it's as good as it
was before you know I don't think it's
an amazingly flavorsome RDA but it's
definitely got good airflow good flavor
a half decent juice well there it's a
it's a half decent RDA that's probably
where I put it pretty pretty good pretty
good I like it they've got rid of the
dead rabbit text on there it just
simplifies it makes it a little bit
cleaner no one really needs the name of
the product that they're vaping on there
I think just a nice little logo would
have been fine from the beginning but
nice that they have got rid of that
personally I'm not a huge fan of that
Celtic or Celtic pattern that they've
put on there I guess it's because of the
whole Boston Irish thing even all the
rest of it but personally I just don't
really care for it on an RDA
but that's a subjective thing me
personally you may fucking love it but
apart from that I don't really have a
whole lot else to complain about so
what's this fucker gonna set you back a
little bit of googling you can pick them
up from my vPro for about $32 us so
pretty affordable pretty in line with
what you'd expect for a dead rabbit if
you're in the United Kingdom you can
pick it up from ecig 1 429 pounds
had it listed not a bad price either
here in Australia nobody had fucking
stocked these as yet but hopefully soon
if you do want to get one so price you
really can't argue with it's what you'd
expect to pay for something like this
so should you fucking get one of these
if you've already got the original dead
rabbit well look yeah if you love the
dead rabbit and you love all the
features on it there are some nice
improvements here if you wanted more
airflow on the dead rabbit definitely
worth looking at when you've got it wide
open it's definitely more Airy than the
original if you like the dead rabbit but
it wasn't smooth enough for you then
definitely those honeycomb airflow slots
would be smoother and a much nicer vape
experience in my opinion they will be
more restricted than what you're
probably used to if you've got the
original dead rabbit but they are
smoother but if none of those things
really matter to you then nah it's
probably not worth getting you've got
more airflow you've got smoother airflow
in the other mode but you've got less
significantly less of it the juice well
is a little bit deeper but it's kind of
like yeah whatever if you've got the
original it's probably not a fucking
huge deal but it's really not offering
anything groundbreaking Lee new or
different to what you've already got so
yeah it's really up to you as to whether
you see the benefit in those few changes
there as an ID a by itself ignoring the
originals if you've never tried a dead
rabbit or a drop dead or anything like
that then yeah I mean it's good but
personally I think there are better RDA
is out there on the market just better
features smoother airflow doesn't hit
you in the face when you purge it deeper
juice well and probably a little bit
easier to cut your coil legs sometimes
so look I'm not hugely impressed with
this one I certainly wouldn't fucking
rush out and buy one but I think if
you're a fan of the dead rabbit series
you'd probably like this if the dead
rabbits never really interest you then
this is probably not going to really
interest you either because it's not all
that different it's really just a couple
of tweaks on the airflow I'd say it's
really more of a 1.5 there's not really
a v2 couple little tweaks but not really
a fucking whole new version - it's a 1.5
dead rabbit if that's up your alley then
fucking grass so I reckon that about
wraps it up for me decayed