Do You Really Know About E-cigarettes and Vapes

Translator: Taher Koja Auditor: Ayman Hosny 
 "It's getting easier, isn't it !?" 
 Those are the words that I hear from parents 
 New to education, and worried about their children. 
 Tell them that it is not. 
 It becomes different, 
 But there is always cause for concern for parents. 
 I remember when I fell asleep at night 
 While listening to my son's breathing 
 When he was young and suffering from asthma, 
 Then when he became a teenager, 
 I was feeling entering the door of the house, 
 To know that he became safe. 
 The concern for our children is one of our natures. 
 Many of these concerns revolve around fundamental matters, 
 For example, what they eat, where they are, and who they accompany. 
 But we also need to monitor behavior and novelties developed. 
 The latest shouts may not be seen by everyone 
 As a serious health risk, 
 It is about e-smoking and its new popularity, 
 Or smoke sweet fumes 
 That occurs by evaporating electronically prepared liquids in an electronic smoking process. 
 Electronic cigarettes, or "vibes" as they are called, 
 Fly off the shelves as candy. 
 This year, the e-cigarette market is likely to deliver 
 $ 26 billion in sales worldwide. 
 And for the next six years, 
 This amount is expected to double. 
 We have addressed many health concerns about the impact of electronic smoking, 
 Unfortunately, we do not have enough answers. 
 This becomes more disturbing when thinking about who uses these cigarettes. 
 E-cigarette use, in the United States only, 
 Rapidly increasing between youth and adults ... 
 The pleasure of our livers! 
 The least immunized among us. 
 E-cigarette use increased by 900% among young people 
 Between 2012 and 2015, 
 New stats indicate, 
 Until about 3.6 million students in middle and high schools 
 They have used electronic cigarette in the United States. 
 These cigarettes were originally made 
 To give smokers a cleaner form of nicotine 
 To lend a hand in their addiction to cigarettes. 
 In the United States, these tools are classified according to FDA legislation 
 As a tobacco product. 
 But scientific research on these tools could not keep up 
 Its rapid growth in the market, 
 And laws related to monitoring the components of these tools and electronic materials in them 
 Current laws prohibit the sale of these tools 
 For anyone under the age of 18, 
 But there is no effect 
 The prevalence of the use of these tools by teenagers. 
 The first time when I heard and saw an e-cigarette, 
 I immediately finished that teens would love it. 
 These tools are high tech, 
 Perfectly suitable for smartphones generation ... 
 Small, charging, easy to use, flexible, and smelling ... 
 Some of them coincide with your mobile to tell you about the amount of your smoking. 
 Even I admired these elaborate home-made tools. 
 And since I spent a lot of time researching teen and adult addiction, 
 I immediately realized that these tools fit perfectly into the teens ’mindset. 
 Teens are excited and love to try new things. 
 They also tend to be autonomous and want to have things to own. 
 Electronic cigarettes meet all these needs 
 By giving them the opportunity to be creative and define 
 Smoking experience appropriate for them. 
 They can choose from 15,000 items of e-liquid flavors 
 And several concentrations of nicotine. 
 They can also make their own mixture of nicotine. 
 And they can control the amount of smoke produced by these devices 
 By adjusting the quantity and content of the jet 
 And adjust the hardware temperature, and scale the energy in them. 
 They can even use these devices to "chase after clouds". 
 "Tracking Clouds", also known as "e-smoking skills" 
 Or "smoke tricks", 
 They include making huge smoke clouds with strange shapes and names, 
 Like rings, dragons, ghosts ... 
 Contestants can take part in the "clouds making" competition. 
 And win prizes to create the most creative, cloudy shapes. 
 Teenagers can manipulate the power of breathing smoke from the throat 
 Either by evaporating the electronic liquid at a high temperature 
 Or by dipping the smoking liquid directly with a heater. 
 They can even use these tools to smoke marijuana electronically. 
 Since the devices use low temperatures 
 And do not ignite or burn marijuana, 
 They can do it all secretly, 
 Without emitting the distinctive smell of marijuana. 
 That is why they can make the smoking experience suitable for them, 
 Which may explain the huge increase in the use of these devices. 
 Technically electronic cigarettes are generally a simple tool. 
 There is a container for smoking liquid, which may be a tank, a cover or a capacity. 
 The battery warms the heater, which in turn vaporizes the e-smoking liquid. 
 And there is a nozzle, 
 Where the user pulls smoke from the electronic cigarette. 
 In 2017, 466 electronic cigarette devices were on the market, 
 Among them are devices similar to regular cigarettes, called "cigarette-like" 
 They are also called "pens." (Because it resembles regular pens) 
 There are modified devices, called "modifiers." 
 And the "rates" don't resemble a cigarette at all, 
 It is available in different sizes and shapes. 
 And equipped with different types of accessories and personal settings. 
 It is well-known for its use in "chasing" clouds. 
 The latest product entered the market from them 
 Are the tools with the small container, 
 It contains e-smoking in a small container. 
 And she is by the way, very popular, among teenagers. 
 For example, what is called "Juul", 
 It is not just like the "USB" tool 
 It can also be inserted into the "USB" slot for charging. 
 Many teens don't think these are "electronic cigarettes" originally, 
 This is what led to the use of terms other than "smoking". 
 Many of these devices are difficult to notice and produce little smoke 
 So that teenagers use it in the classroom 
 They hide it for things, like stripes, and in their clothes 
 And in their books. 
 Many teens think these tools produce water vapor, 
 Therefore, it is safe. 
 But this is far from the truth. 
 Who comes out not even smoke, 
 It is the aerosol. (Fog-like material) 
 And let me tell you, the difference is very big between smoke and the aerosol. 
 The aerosol contains many fine suspended liquids and gas molecules 
 Which appears from any elements in the e-smoking liquid. 
 The aerosol may contain glycerin and propylene glycol, 
 In dissolved form in e-smoking. 
 These solutes are considered edible. 
 So you go into the products that you eat, 
 But we don't know whether it is safe after breathing and long-term use. 
 These liquids may contain alcohol, 
 Sometimes in high proportions, 
 It is known that inhalation of alcohol has harmful effects on the brain. 
 I have already told you that smoking fluids have more than 15,000 different flavors. 
 Here are some examples. 
 Some of them have attractive but familiar names, like "bowling" and "fruit slices", 
 Others have stranger names, such as "dragon milk" and "tiger blood" 
 And "unicorn vomiting." 
 The liquid or aerosol contains mineral particles 
 Such as chromium, cadmium, and lead. 
 These materials are generated by the heater inside the devices 
 It has negative effects on the main organs of the body. 
 Let me make this clear: 
 What emits is not water vapor at all. 
 The teenager's mind was exposed to nicotine by electronic cigarettes 
 Very disturbing. 
 The teenager’s mind is very sensitive, even if nicotine is at low levels 
 This makes addiction easy. 
 In fact, we had known for a long time 
 That 90% of smokers start smoking cigarettes before the age of 18. 
 Those who start early are more addictive and have trouble quitting smoking. 
 In other words, and by quoting a former commissioner of the Food and Drug Agency, 
 "Nicotine addiction ... is a childhood illness." 
 Teenagers receive a large amount of nicotine through these cigarettes. 
 Many of these devices contain some nicotine 
 Equivalent to the equivalent of a pack of full cigarettes. 
 Modern small container devices contain saline nicotine, 
 Which has a clear taste and a much easier to use method 
 And it raises the levels of nicotine in the brain. 
 Boys who regularly use e-cigarettes tell about the symptoms of addiction ... 
 Including anxiety when they do not take their smoking devices. 
 These are signs of an addict's behavior. 
 E-cigarettes are not just addictive 
 It affects the rest of the body. 
 So the nicotine, in these cigarettes, for example, 
 Binds himself to the recipient of acetylcholine nicotine (neurotransmitter) 
 It plays a pivotal role in the functioning of almost all organic systems 
 In the human body. 
 Chronic exposure to nicotine changes the functioning of these systems. 
 For example, 
 Chronic exposure to nicotine reduces the elasticity of blood vessels 
 It alters the heart's response to acute stressors, such as stress. 
 The teenager’s mind is not just sensitive to the addiction that nicotine leaves 
 It is also sensitive to harmful effects. 
 In mature animals, it is agreed that nicotine is a type of neurotoxin, 
 It reduces the ability to learn, remember and pay attention 
 It increases symptoms of hyperactivity. 
 The tendency of adolescents to use tobacco products is high 
 Towards smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol 
 Symptoms of depression and anxiety grow during adolescence or adulthood. 
 Therefore, their addiction may lead to nicotine from electronic cigarettes 
 To being caught in another kind of addiction or causing mental health problems. 
 In adult animals, nicotine causes non-genetic changes. 
 Or changes in the inherited genes, 
 As the genes responsible for asthma. 
 Therefore, teenagers who smoke nicotine do not just harm themselves 
 But also their future children. 
 Electronic cigarette outbreaks 
 May lead to a whole generation of youth being addicted to nicotine. 
 Ease of access to these devices may lead to a greater tendency to experience 
 Smoking marijuana and many other smoking items by young adults. 
 While there is no doubt that providing smokers with pure nicotine 
 It must remain an important goal, 
 We don’t know if these devices help smokers to quit, 
 Little is known about the effects of long-term use of these devices. 
 But what we realize is that young people ... and many of them ... use these devices. 
 In fact, the FDA Commissioner has become using the term "epidemic" 
 To describe the use of these cigarettes in the United States. 
 And while we're trying to solve a general health problem, which is smoking traditional cigarettes, 
 Another problem may have created us. 
 The few precautions against cigarette smoking have led in recent years 
 To the epidemic of cigarette smoking, and to other diseases associated with smoking. 
 We don't want to repeat the same mistakes in our treatment of e-cigarettes. 
 That’s why it’s time to act, 
 In order to create laws that address the appeal and appeal of these devices to young people. 
 Do smokers need 15,000 child-friendly flavors to stop smoking !? 
 Do they need these different types of devices? 
 Secure prudence has devices that are easy to hide 
 It is easy to use !? 
 We recently heard that the FDA plans to introduce stricter laws 
 As for the sale of these devices containing the flavors of e-smoking 
 In sales centers, such as shops and filling stations, 
 Also enacting strict laws 
 Regarding the sale of devices to persons under the legal age online. 
 Will this be enough to stem the rapid increase in the use of these devices among young people? 
 We have to ask and answer these important questions. 
 It is time to start a serious local educational campaign. 
 Parents and teenagers need to know 
 That e-cigarettes contain fewer toxins compared to regular cigarettes, 
 It never means that they are worthy of abuse. 
 Their bodies are exposed to these chemicals by these devices 
 It may change them for the worse 
 It leaves them vulnerable to unknown health problems in the future. 
 When I said earlier 
 That e-cigarettes are very suitable for a smartphone generation, 
 I was not joking. 
 We live in a world obsessed with technology, 
 The latest devices and technologies are receiving a lot of attention 
 Just because it's a new technology. 
 And in the coming years we will see succession, and throughout our lives, 
 Technologies sold on the market 
 You may not be worrying about health at first, 
 Because her appearance does not suggest that 
 Or just because it is not a medical tool. 
 For example, we might see devices 
 Reduces our need for sleep 
 Or help you lose weight ... 
 It is my goal ... 
 Or even achieve any other goal 
 We as consumers are looking forward to it. 
 However, many of these devices may pose risks to our health that we do not accept. 
 So if we strive to protect our and our children's health, 
 We may need to stop habit 
 Automatically celebrate a new invention 
 And start by looking at it with a critical eye, 
 Or even undergoing a medical look. 
 Do you know anything? 
 Our health, the health of our children and the health of future generations 
 Too valuable to let smoking destroy it ... 
 Or by smoking the aerosol.