Do You Really Know Vaping? Q&A

Welcome to all of you we've assembled
two very smart people here to join us
today to talk about vaping and and this
is kind of a head of a conversation that
we plan to have on the National tonight
looking at vaping and particularly in
comparison to smoking because that's the
comparison that comes up all the time
and we're going to try to tackle that
question of is vaping really more
dangerous than smoking and whatever the
answer to that question is should we be
treating them the same way there's no
clear answer to that question it's a
really complicated one but ahead of that
conversation we were hoping to be able
to answer your questions so if you have
questions about vaping feel feel free to
just type them right into the chat I've
got a producer who's going to be
forwarding me those questions as they
come in and so we'll try to answer them
but first let me introduce you to the
two very bright people that we have
sitting beside being Cameron maybe I'll
start with you this is Cameron Prozac
and say hello hi so Europe because I
mean a big part of this story is about
the optic particularly from young people
who have taken up vaping and so we
thought hey it would be a smart idea to
have a young person you're in grade 12
yeah you have I mean a lot of first hand
and ii had experience around vaping your
your dad tried to quit smoking vaping
but you also are a student trustee in
the city of hamilton right and you've
done a lot of work around vaping can you
explain a little bit to the folks at
home yeah for sure so um around two
years ago now i started working with my
local public health unit on kind of
youth vaping and kind of how it's blown
up recently and so i began by doing
presentations in grade four grades six
seven eighths and I was like wait so why
are we doing presentations when these
kids are so young I mean aren't we
supposed to be targeting the high
schoolers that are raping they're like
kids in grades 6 7 & 8 babe and I go to
these schools and I see kids actually
vape at such a young age right and so
we're seeing such a sudden uptake it's
the last word kind of where a spark to
passion when you know you see the
tobacco industry may be targeting these
young kids or these young kids taking up
these tobacco products and it's
beginning to kind of really grow and
become a trend and become more
a social uprise of this these tobacco
products and nicotine addiction and we
also have dr. Teresa Martin ooh you're a
respironics with the University Health
Network but you but you you also have
first-hand experience in in treating a
patient who suffered a vaping related
illness can you tell us about that yeah
that's right I'm part of the lung
transplant team in Toronto Toronto
General Hospital and I was involved in
the care of the patient that was in the
news recently who came to us with what
we believed was vaping related lung
disease we transferred him to Toronto
general because of the potential for a
lung transplant actually which he ended
up avoiding fortunately he improved and
got this charge but this was the the
popcorn lung this was the pop stone one
case yes so that was one that we'd
certainly followed quite a death so the
questions are starting to come in and
we'll just kind of run down the list
we've got a question from Carla from
Casey from dry island as well let me
start with the question from Carla so
this is Carla's wicker in Calgary does
Canada sell vape pens built outside the
country so I has to do with the
accessibility of vape pens because there
are also different kinds of baby pens of
you know the popular ones from Jewell
there are black-market ones as well so I
guess there's the question for you who
wants to take that one on yeah I can
speak for that so we do see a lot of the
unregulated nough Swiss industry right
so we are seeing these unregulated
unconvince so you can actually buy vape
pens some vape pens off Amazon now given
they don't take nicotine but they're
still there was the auction that have it
and building that habit so we are seeing
kind of these vape pens built outside
the country being imported to Canada a
facebook question from Casey Newell
how did vaping get to the stores without
the same testing as other products so
this is I mean I guess a direct
comparison to the tobacco industry
so I can take that one as well so um
originally we had vaping all vaping
advertising was banned in convenience
stores etc because it could be targeted
towards youth and that was supposed to
happen in the liberal smoke-free Ontario
Act puts it only the same act that
legalized cannabis with that when the
consumer government was elected they
actually removed that clause and they're
updated smoke-free Ontario Act and
simply legalize cannabis and did not ban
the marketing and advertising of vaping
publicly in these stores which was very
interesting we're not sure why exactly
they thought they didn't really come out
and do a statement on that but what we
can say is we don't know the effects of
vaping just yet and what we are seeing
is a lot of the mimicry of the uprise of
smoking so when we didn't know the
effects of smoking and how that was
going to affect people it happened
everywhere right so it happened in
schools it happened you know school all
everyone smoked in schools around 30
years ago right so that uprize it's
almost mimicking this exact kind of up
rise of vaping as well what was I'm
curious to know what your take was when
when you saw that the I mean essentially
the floodgates were wide open from the
get-go when it got to these vaping
products particularly when you compare
them to the strict controls that we have
in place for tobacco products yeah but
it took us decades right to develop
these regulations around classic
cigarettes and it's somewhat sobering
and sad to watch this evolve again from
scratch for the vaping industry it seems
like we should have learned better from
the cigarette industry okay dr. Martin
you this is a question from dry island
on youtube hello dry island is
secondhand vape an issue
and if so yeah I think that's a good
question I think it is an issue um there
have been studies looking at toxic
substances contained in the air around
people who bathe and they're definitely
present that measurable and significant
concentrations we are not aware of
anyone having gotten many of these acute
lung illnesses from that but that's a
I have seen someone asked the question
online about you know particularly say
if they're pregnant right and and they
know enough to say okay well if I'm
around cigarette smokers I'm going to
probably try to steer clear I'm going to
avoid breathing in those clouds if I see
them I mean what would you recommend to
someone in a vape context I think I
think that's a reasonable approach I
would probably approach it the same way
as cigarettes mainly because we don't
know and it's better to be safer than
sorry okay and and but generally
speaking when you look at secondhand
vapor smoke it has the potential to be
as dangerous I think it does we don't
really know 100% the problem is that the
concentrations of the toxic substances
the toxic substances are different from
what we orders contain in the smoke
around the regular cigarettes so we will
have to figure out which substances
really are in the air around people who
vape and how toxic those are here's a
question from Kylee LeBlanc on Facebook
what seems to offer more risk when
vaping THC infused or nicotine
you know that's a good question again I
think I think we'll have to see a little
bit of em as we as we go along at this
point he at least based on the cases
that have been reported in the state so
that's the biggest series that we have
it's over 2,000 cases and from those the
majority have had THC being added to
them and also the the patients who had
that study done with the washings from
the from the lungs it was a substance
that's found in THC that was identified
in those long so it seems like THC is
probably part of the problem but it's
not the only problem I would worry about
that a little more but and and I mean
there's so this is another common
question that that I often see online
when it comes to vaping and so this is
from Karen L'Arche asking are there good
or bad options right because at this
point I mean it's so hard if you think
of it from a person's point of view who
is either interested in vaping or
already vaping trying to decide okay so
everyone keeps telling me there's this
vacuum of information we just don't know
enough about the long term or even the
short term effects of vaping but I'm
still doing it so so is there a way to
mitigate or limit the risk yeah I guess
I would qualify that by saying there are
no good options it's more like bad or
worse options and I think one of the
issues at this point is that we actually
can't tell which ones are worse because
there are several issues number one we
don't all the substances that have been
used in vapes are not tested and then
sometimes even the ones that are tested
are not reported on the ingredient list
because that has not been mandated up to
now so when you're buying your product
you don't actually know necessarily
what's in it did you want to add
something to it yeah I can definitely
add something to that a good practice
you know if you are taking up vaping
whether it be for smoking cessation or
kind of urine at all and you want to
just try it out a good practice is
always not to share your vape right so
what you see often is vaping is a social
activity people want will just want to
try your vape people want to try to the
shiny black plastic piece on the top of
your vape is not always clean it might
look clean because it's shiny is
definitely not always clean clean it
regularly make sure you maintain it
because it is very important that you
clean it because I have seen people
around me get communicable diseases such
as mono from sharing vapes and not
really paying attention to who's been
using it since we brought up smoking
cessation I mean and you also make a
point there are no good options when it
comes to vaping but but smoking
cessation strikes me as maybe there is a
good option when it comes to vaping if
we agree that it is strictly speaking
better for you than smoking cigarettes
can we even say that categorically I
would not back up that statement I don't
think that I can say that vaping is
better than smoking at this point but so
why not let me just ask you something I
guess I would say for maybe a couple
reasons one is that we don't know the
long-term risks so the long-term risks
with cigarettes are well known now but
we don't actually have that full up with
vaping so I don't know but as far as
that's concerned but it's but it's not
knowing the same as thinking well it
actually might be as dangerous as
smoking right because there's a big gap
there there are lots of things we don't
know about but is there a reason to
think that it might even be anywhere
close to as being as dangerous I think
so I think there are a lot of substances
in it that are toxic to the lung that
even if they're not toxic acutely will
be toxic in the long run and in the
second reason of course is the fact that
we've seen all these acute lung
meaning immediate you know after just a
few months of vaping people develop
these almost life-threatening diseases
in their lungs and that was never seen
in this area with the cigarettes we have
more questions from Joe Davey on
Facebook mr. or mrs. Congress all right
how to pronounce your first name it is
one I've never seen before
and Keegan and Dave your questions
coming up but but let's start with the
one from Joe Davey on Facebook and so
this is about the popcorn lung case so
what are some symptoms of the popcorn
lung and what should a person do if he
has some form of breathing issues
so the symptoms to look out for are
wheezing coughing shortness of breath
chest pain so if you develop any of
these you should really be on the
lookout probably stop consuming whatever
you're consuming as soon as possible and
seek medical attention
so keep the the question from mr. mrs.
Conger from YouTube so this is this is
one I think we've already sort of
answered but but let's put it out there
just because I think it is a really
important and certainly a common
question so hi I'm 20 weeks pregnant a
lot of people in my neighborhood smoked
and babe I'm concerned about my baby's
health we'll second hand vaping impact
my baby's health what do we know I don't
think we know enough again we do know
that the vaping vaping vapors around
people who they do contain the toxic
substances that are contained in the way
I would recommend avoiding them as much
as possible but I think we will have to
wait and see this is a question from
keegan cosa lanka on facebook is there
any difference between the problems seen
with nicotine salt juice so for example
joule and cartridge ones and the more
typical juice VG PG oil so we're talking
I guess vegetable glycerin and propylene
glycol those are the the two other
ingredients that we commonly see in vape
juice so used in the coil based
vaporizers so is there a difference
between the nicotine salt and the
vegetable glycerin propylene glycol the
nicotine salts from what we've seen is a
much higher concentration of nicotine
right and so I think when we get caught
up in these types of discussions of oh
what's safer what's not I think we get
caught up on the safer portion safer
does not equal safe it's like comparing
jumping off a 300 storey building to a
100 storey building right what the one
under story is obviously safer but the
end result is you're going to be
addicted to nicotine and that's what
that's the message that really needs to
come across is that in the end it is
Nikitina is changing your brain and it
is addicting you from that first puff
you take can we talk about the harms of
nicotine what is the harm yeah I think I
think we I think one of the main things
that were really worried is the is the
brain's effects on especially on young
people and I think that's what we've
been talking about because it affects
young developing brain differently yeah
it we for sure and so that's been
definitely definitely of concern
especially with the the vaping product
being marketed to young people when did
you want to comment on that some more
yeah for sure
so um something I've also noticed is
that with young people there is a sense
of immunity like oh I'm not getting
addicted there's no way how could I get
addicted you're getting addicted
nicotine right and that's I try to
explain that to people that I see vaping
and you know it really is a sense of
immunity that I'm not getting addicted
and they don't realize until they stop
which causes a huge issue as well you
know common use of nicotine can lead to
heart problems and we have seen it lead
to heart problems recently my dad went
to the doctor and he's a minister all
his life I'm a very happy one in fact
and recently he's been chewing Nicorette
instead of smoking cigarettes and the
doctor still said you need to stop
having Nick he's need to stop consuming
nicotine because it is affecting your
heart right it does affect the
cardiovascular system it can build up
residue on the arterial walls and cause
heart problems in the future we have a
really good question from Anita
McWilliams on Facebook if vaping is
why advertise different tastes such as
fruit etc this only attracts younger
ages to want to try these flavors I hear
school kids say and believe vaping is
better than cigarettes and it doesn't
hurt the unborn baby okay so they're
whole a lot of questions packed into
that one thing let's I mean let's go
through them one at a time I mean that
it does seem like a legitimate criticism
right if the point of vaping presumably
was to help people stop smoking boy did
we open the floodgates pretty wide
absolutely I mean I think that's the
whole concern but they think I think I
mean I don't really want to go into that
I mean the policy of regulatory
framework is different yes but we're
essentially letting the tobacco industry
produce a product to help people spot
stop smoking like maybe that those are
not the right people to be doing this
but maybe that's a different topic it's
a big one um in terms of the flavors I
think that's the whole problem that
we're really worried about you know
these are flavors that are marketed to
young people that are like sweet cotton
candy flavors and so that's a huge
concern number one number two a lot of
these flavors are actually known toxic
agents that are known to be toxic to the
lungs and that's another concern from a
medical perspective how how big an
impact Cameron does the fact that there
are so many different flavors available
what kind of impact does that have on
the uptake by young people your your
peers understand it is unbelievably
now choice of flavors doesn't really
matter as long as it's fruity as long as
it tastes good people will buy it right
so when my dad was trying to quit
smoking he bought one of the original
forms of the e-cigarette which actually
looked like a cigarette those didn't
market well when Philip Morris bought
so they change it into more attractive
sleeker looking devices and more
attractive flavors such as there was a
flavor actually called sour patch kids
and I don't mind I definitely wouldn't
want to smoke sour patch kids to help
with a smoking cessation and I'm not
sure if anyone else would I can't speak
for the entire world some people might
be attractive those flavors but what I
can say is that it definitely is a lot
more attractive to younger children than
it is to older adults another question
from Daniel de Gagne on Facebook is
vaporizing safest at low temperatures so
now we're getting I mean the vape
devices can actually be quite
complicated when you think about them
right because there are different
voltages different heating levels you
can put an infinite number of different
substances inside the vape device itself
that the metallic makeup of the device
can change what you're breathing in so
so I mean let's let's try to to tackle
that I mean vaporizing safest at low
temperatures I wouldn't I wouldn't call
it safer safest I don't think that we
know it probably it's probably different
you know I think I think one of the
important parts of this is that there
different substances that are
earth-sized with different products
different ways of delivery and they
affect the lung in a different way
because of that and that makes it
somewhat unpredictable to know exactly
how the lung will react to these
products but is it I mean I guess I mean
though I think at the heart of the
question is is there a kind of linear
relationship between the temperature and
I don't know how many of the toxins are
released into the vapor or or what which
kinds of toxins get released I mean do
we know anything about that I can't
speak directly to that but what I can
say is once again don't get caught up in
these safer safest type of ordeals like
if I vape how can I make it safest yeah
if you're a nonsmoker you should not be
vaping you're getting addicted to
nicotine in the end whether or not it's
safer at lower temperatures safe or high
temperatures unfortunately can't answer
that question just cuz you know we don't
know and we don't have that research we
don't have you know the long-term
research in order to support that but
definitely don't get caught up in these
safer safest if you are not a smoker you
should not be vaping you maybe shouldn't
even be vaping if you are a smoker you
should always try different cessation
about person methods before vaping and
don't get caught up with the word safe
and that's the main thing is when you
advertise things as safer people
immediately think it's safe and that is
a very powerful statement to say that
and no one in their right mind would say
vaping is safe right when people say
vaping is safer it comes across that way
and that's the marketing that kind of
impacts this and that's why it's being
taken up so quickly is because when its
market is safer it's mistaken for safe
so yes it could be safe for at low
temperatures it could be safe for high
temperatures maybe consider using terms
like less harmful at low temperatures or
less harmful at high temperatures but in
the end it is still harming we have
another question this is from haze vapor
company so I'm guessing this is someone
who is Pro fading if I can put it that
way that's just a guess I'm based on the
name but from YouTube how is nicotine
vaping related to vitamin E acetate in
THC vapes knowing and I don't understand
the second part but knowing that
nicotine babes are lipophobic I
would like a phobic that means they they
would be pulled away from from fad which
are cellular membranes which means that
they would not be absorbed by the lung
lining as much as something that is
lipophilic I saw are we talking about
two different things then because I mean
a lot of the the if I can call it I mean
the the panic that we had seen around
how potentially dangerous vaping is
really drilled down to something very
specific it was the vitamin E acetate
that we found so can you speak to that
yeah so vitamin E acetate is a
thickening agent that was found in the
lungs of patients who developed lung
disease from vaping this is a substance
that's used as a thickener in THC in the
vape products I would like to qualify
that by saying well this is what we
found in the lungs but it doesn't mean
that this was the causative agent nor
does it mean that there weren't other
causative agents in conjunction with
that so I think it's important and
that's partly why I mentioned before the
THC seems to be a little bit more of a
culprit in this setting but we really
you know have can't say that nicotine is
not a culprit right and then the other
thing are all the other toxic substances
that are contained in the vaping
products of course in addition to the
nicotine or the theories but it but I
guess I mean the criticism that I've
seen online you know when when reading
about okay how ought we to think of
vaping and the relative dangers of
they've been compared to something like
smoking or anything else is you know
have we been been too quick to cast
suspicion or aspersions on nicotine
vaping based on results that we've seen
from THC vaping right I mean vitamin E
acetate and the conversation around that
the lab results I think you know we
recently saw a report out of California
lab where they looked they looked very
specifically at black market vamps and
those seem to be much more dangerous
than quote-unquote you know legitimate
babes that that you would find more
so have we been too quick to kind of
paint it all with the same brush and say
well they're all dangerous because we
just don't know I would say that we
actually know a lot and I don't think
we've been too quick I think we've been
actually too slow and I would also like
to point out that out of the 2,000 plus
cases reported in in the u.s. at least
20 percent were not THC and we're
primarily nicotine containing substances
so I think there's enough data out there
to point the finger at you know multiple
substances including both dates you make
a team and all the other flavored agents
keep those questions coming we're only
about halfway through the Facebook live
so if you've got questions feel free to
type them in again we have dr. Teresa
Martin who is a restaurant at the
University Health Network also someone
who's had first-hand experience dealing
with a patient with vaping a vaping
related illness and we have Cameron
sorry last name president Prozac Cameron
Prosek here's a grade 12 student but
who's been quite active clearly as you
as you listen to him speak on the vaping
front and working with the Hamilton kind
of Public Health Unit to to kind of get
the word out and to talk to other other
fellow students and kids about vaping
and the impact that it can have on the
human body so let's kind of go through
some some more of these questions here
from Rowan War Hunter on Facebook what
is the percentage of youth who are
regular users of vape cards let's start
with that question so I do actually got
a couple it's not regular users of
vaping but I can say that 25 per 25% to
30% of youth have reported vaping in the
last month in 2018 so that was a study
conducted conducted by the Canadian
Cancer Society I believe so that is a
huge number and I think the main thing
is that's over a 70% increase from 2017
which is huge you know that the FDA is
declared an epidemic so we are seeing a
huge uptake in these in
youth using these products but
definitely you know with 25% to 30% of
youth reported using in the last month
that is a huge number and that's not a
one-off number either I mean that's so
that was a reported finding in Canadian
high schools but the CDC found something
very similar almost exactly the same
thing 25 percent of American high
schoolers have reported using a bait
product over the last month and even
just anecdotally I mean how many of the
people that you know just smoke once and
then stop not many so I think the main
thing is that it's a social thing right
so either you're outside of high school
you're talking with your friends and
you're hitting your vape or you're at a
party and you don't really know what to
do and you see someone with a vape and
you go over there and you say well guys
I can rip the biggest cloud right so
it's a social thing and there's a social
aspect to it so and that continual use
that social promotion of it can lead to
nicotine addiction so once you're
craving it a lot of people don't realize
they're craving it and then they
continue to use and they continue to
deny that they are beginning to get
addicted until they realize when they
stop using that they ever dick did we
have an interesting question from Liz to
mash on Facebook how do we change youth
perception of vaping it is still hugely
popular even though the risks are known
Cameron I think we should start with you
on that one I mean how how how do we go
about changing attitudes if you say as
you say it's a social thing yeah and
that is a that's that's a really big
question and that's the kind of question
that I constantly think about as well I
think the main thing is that you have to
ensure that a everyone knows the risks
right and so everyone knows what's the
risk associated and that you can get
addicted to nicotine no matter how I
mean you think you are as well changing
the perspective of oh so many youth
faith right when you think about it 25
to 30 percent isn't a huge number yes
it's a number to be considered and yes
it's a number that we should be
concerned about but it is not a majority
of youth people think a majority of
youth 8 which is not true and so when
people think a majority of youth or you
think of the majority of youth vape
that's when it becomes normalized and
that's the scary thing so when this
action becomes normalized when this
habit becomes normalized it really does
create a huge issue way
you think it's safe because it's normal
because everyone does it so ensure that
you know ensure that we have all the
facts that show that you have all the
facts knowing that it's not a normal
thing actually overwhelming minority of
youth use it you know there are huge
risks associated with it we have seen
medical cases in the past
I'm just ensuring those facts kiddo and
ensuring that people understand the risk
of a nicotine addiction and see that
this is essentially mimicking the
tobacco apprised
when cigarettes were popular and when no
one really saw the risks of cigarettes
short term and now you know we are
seeing cigarettes are the number one
cause of preventable death in Canada and
they are seeing the mimicry between
these two these two products cigarettes
and vaping and hopefully they can
understand and make their own educated
decisions based off that did you want to
add something to that yeah I think I
think making sure that the information
gets out there is really important I
think that's really key and and and you
know even as physicians I think when
when vaping first came about many
physicians did think that this was going
to be a smoking cessation sort of
product which we sort of learned the
hard way that it's sick it's that's not
what it is at this point we have a
question from Alexander on Facebook is
vaping dry cannabis flowers the same
risk it seems like only liquid vaping is
involved in this issue we refer to
smoking yeah I mean I guess that's
apartheid so I don't fully understand
the question because when we're when you
don't you only vape liquids right I mean
that's that's definition of yeah
aerosolize yeah right so so I think
we're back to sort of smoking marijuana
I guess and so um I think I think that
that's a different kind of risk I mean
that you have the THC of course exposure
and then you have exposure to the
combustible particle matter that that
come out of it and when that those are
all the risks of exposure to that here's
a question from JP on Facebook vaping
has been around for at least ten years
why is it that these lung diseases
started up less than a year ago
I think it's become so much more
prevalent in the last so you know one of
the things that's been really impressive
has been the amount of marketing around
vaping I think the uptake and the
increase in use and if you have
something happening in two cases in all
of North America we won't notice as much
as when we start seeing hundreds and
thousands of cases and at this point
we're up to 47
death fatal cases in the u.s. so then we
start really calling it an epidemic and
we're reporting on it yeah for sure and
it's um it also kind of attributes the
fact that you know these babe companies
were bought out by tobacco companies
such as Philip Morris right and so these
marketing company these marketing
companies investing toward marketing
companies have such good experience in
marketing products that are dangerous
that that is why we have seen these
recent upright this up rise of vaping
use because these companies have
purchased bought out these companies and
now they're really pushing it this is
how they attract their new market and
this is how they hook their most
lucrative market which is youth question
from Mel on Facebook do you think there
should be a vape band such a simple yeah
yeah it's so difficult question to
answer who wants to wants to go for us
yeah I can start I don't believe banning
it this far in would be extremely
effective what needs to happen is there
needs to be much tighter regulations put
on vapes
so basically all those regulations that
we have on all tobacco products smoking
cigars everything needs to be put on
baits that would be highly effective as
well ensuring education goes out right
so in elementary school I was taught not
to smoke they it was just like you know
we had posters of all the different
chemicals that were in cigarettes we
need to do that exact same thing with
we need the education to be there
because a complete ban isn't always
effective especially since there's so
many of those products out there now
people are just gonna trash them because
all of a sudden they're banned right so
we need that education to be there and
we need to treat it the exact same way
we treat cigarettes so we need to treat
it like yes these are harmful and these
do these can cause acute health effects
or long-term health effects we just
don't know yet and so we need to treat
them the exact
same way as these cigarettes and that
would be extremely effective and dr.
Martin II I mean with with what we know
and and also taking into account what we
don't know about the long-term health
impacts of vaping does that make sense
to to treat vaping the same way we treat
smoking in that in that context I
totally support that I agree with
everything you said I don't think we can
be sure ban it I think adults make their
own decisions they gravitate towards
things that are bad for them and they're
allowed to do that and I think they just
need to make sure that they do that with
enough information overall being
disseminated being on the packets as you
said and then I guess I would add the
fact that we should definitely raise and
enforce a minimum age of access to these
substances and then the other thing is
we should ban some of the substances
that are being added to the vaping
product some of them are known toxic
agents that have been shown to be toxic
to the lungs and they should just not be
added to the product right flavor date
right and and it starts the the
conversation starts to get really
interesting and complicated when you
think about all the things in which all
the ways in which a government could
regulate this right and and we've
mentioned a few of them in terms of
packaging in terms of advertising
taxation right I mean that that's there
is no vape tax right so far as I know I
mean British Columbia is is working its
way towards introducing the kind of VAP
tax I would that would sort of mimic the
tobacco tax but there all sorts of ways
that it could be be done but both of you
seem to be in the same camp that hey we
should be looking at these two things as
at least as at least in the practical
sense in terms of how we regulate them
how we treat them as being identical
I think so okay we got more more
questions coming up so this is okay this
so this is a question that we have
already gotten but it's again it's one
that we we constantly get so I think you
know now that we're ten ten fifteen
minutes past the last time we answered
it we should do it again this is from
Amanda what is the difference between
THC babes
and other babes start THC babes
complaint 8c yeah they contain some of
the things that are contained within the
THC so the vitamin E acetate is thought
to be really a thickening agent within
the THC II substances and that was found
in the lungs of patients with some of
the vaping related lung diseases so I
think that is one of the potential
culprits and in this process but again
many of the diseases that we've seen in
the vaping related lung injuries have
not contained THC and have contains
nicotine instead eventually in addition
because sometimes you can mix mix all
these things together so I think we we
do worry that the nicotine is not is not
safe either and then of course there are
multiple other substances that we that
are contained in the vaping products
that are important and of course the
other comparison that we often get asked
about this is from sherwin on Facebook
how is vaping eliquid compared to
inhaling carbon monoxide tar carcinogens
etc from a regular tobacco cigarette is
it safer to use nicotine eliquid I can
jump in right there once again the safer
does not equal safe once again your
jumping off at 300th story building
versus jumping off a 100 story building
yeah one safer but the end result is the
same you're getting addicted to nicotine
as well we can't answer as to whether or
not it's safer or less harmful but what
we can say is we don't know the effects
long-term and this isn't making a lot of
the uprise of cigarettes so when we see
this mimicking the marketing the exact
same target audience and etc what you
are seeing is
you know this could be extremely harmful
down the line and we are seeing the
acute short-term health effects such as
the popcorn lung case and such as the
over 2000 cases in the u.s. we do see a
lot of these you know acute health cases
come up so it could very well be more
harmful than cigarettes later down the
line or less harmful we just don't know
yet and it's better to be safe than
sorry and I think we're just about
getting ready to wrap up this Q&A so dr.
Martin maybe I'll give you the last the
last part well I think one thing that I
want to make sure we touched on is what
we think are actually safer nicotine
products or to you know stop smoking
cessation eight products there are
available gum there are actually even
inhalers that are medically approved
that that can be used and then seeking
help from your physician and online
resources are available so there are
safer ways of actually doing this
okay well Cameron dr. Martinez thank you
so much for taking the time to join us I
know all of you folks who have been
watching on YouTube on Twitter on
Facebook have appreciated hearing the
answers to their very many questions and
thank you all for watching and for your
wonderful and intelligent questions that
was super interesting particularly for
me to be able to listen to you to all of
the questions that you guys had and the
answer so you guys will be sticking
around the building because we're gonna
be having a chat on the National tonight
where we're gonna be just talking about
the the comparisons between vaping and
smoking some of which we've tackled here
but some of which we had not so more to
come thank you one and all that was on
thank you