E-Cigarette Is Hot In South Africa

vaping a rechargeable electrical battery
device it uses flavored juices and was
initially introduced as an alternative
to stop smoking it has now proven to be
a health hazard it is even burned in
Brazil the US and India although vaping
is still confined to certain areas its
popularity is growing in meheecan others
successfully used vaping to quit smoking
95% less likely to contract any lung
diseases or any chronic illnesses that
you would as from traditional smoking
fatigue the smile of a cigarette a lot
of people get that yellowness and
fingers on the lips which you do not get
from vaping as well as no secondhand
smoke but medical professionals caution
against the vaping stay clear of
e-cigarettes we do know that it causes
pneumonitis and that has killed many
people we know that it contains nicotine
which is addictive and if the people
can't maintain their addiction by buying
cigarettes and the liquids for
e-cigarettes they will fall back on to
hookah or hubbly bubbly is another
popular smoking practice this method
uses flavor water coal and foil each
melon so Tamela has been using Habra for
years he says it helps him stay off
cigarettes it is much better than
smoking cigarette and all these things
because this move is much better can
government intervene on vaping or
smoking hookah the control of smoking
generally when it comes to legislation
is to ensure that the public areas are
protected non-smokers are protected we
cannot force people who are smoking to
stop from smooth
through the legislation but the interest
is to stop them from having to force
people who are not smoking to have
secondary smoke provincial health
authorities says people have a right to
environmental health which should not be
infringed upon k IG Miramar you see as
ABC News McCain