👆 EHPRO Raptor Subohm Tank Review|Most Flavorful Vape Tank

hey guys just gonna use my little Raptor
this this sub ohm tank has got to be one
of the most flavorful ones I have tried
to date it's called the Raptor and it's
made by eh pro let me show you guys this
thing up close the Raptor comes packaged
like this this is a quality control pass
and there's this warranty card from the
bottom to the top this thing measures
forty eight point seven millimeters and
then it's 25 millimeters in diameter on
the bottom there's two airflow slits I
do like when companies go the extra step
to put a nice drip tip on the tank I
love this it's size 810 and it is goon
style so this thing is Top Billing look
for a little triangle there it is push
here slide it over fill into the hole
I'm gonna twist off the base to get to
the coil yeah that happens sometimes the
coil doesn't come out with the base so
then I just remove the glass and now I
can twist off the coil so with this
piece of glass it holds four milliliters
of a liquid and what this piece of glass
it holds six inside of the glass with
some extra parts extra seals or rings
and this right here it's an adapter and
it's for size 510 driptip so you can put
smaller tips on here it didn't come with
the kit I actually got this one from a
victor so this was 810 and this one is
510 so both sizes can be used with the
tank in total this tank came with two
coils I know it's hard but please try to
ignore my beautiful nails so one of the
coils is a point one five ohm coil well
it says give or take point zero three
ohms it's a mesh coil and it can be vape
between 40 and 70 watts the other coil
this is 0.25 ohm coil give or take point
zero three ohms and this one can evade
between a 60 and 80 watts it's a dual
mesh coil the interesting thing about
these coils is that they're using
seagrass it's sea grass fiber cotton and
eh Pro might actually be the first ones
to use this material but I'm not
positive on that I rarely do this but
I'm gonna go ahead and prime the coil
which is just putting a little bit of
liquid directly onto the cotton so I put
a couple drops on the inside and I put
some drops on the outside as well I do
find this step to be pretty unnecessary
because I just filled the tank and I let
it sit for like 10 minutes before I vape
and that cotton gets really saturated oh
yeah sure you bet yeah it's tea time
once again and I like it because there's
no added sweetener so it doesn't mess up
my coils I can vape it all day long it
doesn't give me that yucky nauseous
feeling and this stuff is 0 milligrams
coils this size they're gonna be juice
guzzler so I'm just gonna stick on the
biggest piece of glass one thing that is
kind of a struggle for me when it comes
to this tank is getting this to screw
perfectly into the coil this is what
happens every time I try it it just
doesn't go on even after several
attempts I did manage to get the top on
evenly and now it's time to fill it so
this liquid I'm squeezing in it's just
vegetable glycerin propylene glycol and
some flavorings that's it there is no
drug use in this video remember the
Falcon and how delicious those coils
were this is better I think it's better
and on the plus side it's cross
compatible with the Falcon coils big Pro
I have that dual mesh coil in here now
mesh coils they do time to be on the
louder side but surprisingly this tank
is a lot quieter than a lot of the other
ones out there I had it at 65 I'm gonna
bump it up to 70 watts just gonna leave
my airflow completely open and see how
it does when I chain babe it
oh yeah that's God I'm not getting any
burnt flavor dry heads and the flavor is
maintaining the mod I'm using is from ul
this is the crown for 80 watts
airflow completely open ooh dad is ah
it's a warm vape I will say that I don't
know if I'm gonna bring it up any
further it's not doing as well as it did
at 70 watts but it's still maintaining
flavor however that that vapor is
getting awfully warm the drawn here it
feels it feels kind of different it's
looking a little bit more restrictive
than a one I'm used to with sub ohm tank
especially sub ohm tanks that use giant
mesh coils the only bad thing I'm gonna
say about it is when I try to assemble
it back together I put that dual coil in
there put the eager glass on gonna want
the bigger glass there big coils in and
they like to use a lot of juice so once
I got it all together I tried to stick
the top on and I struggled with it it
didn't know it just wasn't threading
correctly so that's really my only issue
with it but after like three tries I did
get it on there so so yeah okay I'm
gonna complain about one more thing I do
like the easy top bill slide design
however if you're planning on sticking
this into your pocket just know that it
could potentially open up so I think it
would have been better if it snapped or
it locked into place somehow I have
definitely not used this long enough to
tell whether or not there's leaking on
the bottom this is pretty much a first
impression kind of video it's not even a
review I'm just showing you this tank
when you have bottom air flow the
potential for some leaking is always
there but I can't confirm it yet yeah
once you start getting as many products
as I get it gets really hard to actually
thoroughly test stuff so these aren't
really reviews it's more like hey look
what I got
this tank this tank is amazing because
it's got the
flavor I've had out of a sub ohm tank to
date so I'm just gonna leave it at that
if you guys are interested in picking up
one of these google it I think they're
gonna be around 30 between just under 30
to like 30 something dollars and that's
easy eat I will have some links oh I'll
have one link down below if you click on
that it'll bring you to some some other
information about this my lips always
get so dry when I vape you probably
noticed it in a lot of my videos so do
remember to drink some water and and
beep on I'll talk to you guys next time
- Lily lose