👆 Eleaf Rotor Sub-Ohm Vape Tank Review

hello and welcome to the latest trends
in fashion spinners in your nose we I'm
in Orlando creating my own rides anyways
this is the router the router subloan
tank by eleaf I'm getting really
freaking cautious oh don't eat a full
breakfast and then spin in the chair
it's not a good idea I've been trying to
pull this thing apart but all I've been
able to do is take some skin off oh
there we go let's just get to the point
the reason this thing is called a rotor
it's cuz that little fan inside of the
coil oh yeah sure you bet you of course
it spins it's kind of hard to show it
since it's inside of the coil but I'm
gonna do my best
the biggest con when it comes to this
tank is that everything appears to be
really over tightened I can't even god
damn it
are you kidding me Aleve do you see what
you've done do you see that
I brought a second tank but I did not
bring tools you know I don't usually
need tools for a sub ohm tank Oh
so far so good it's coming apart look at
that that was a lot easier where to the
company is sending me stuff if I get
injured trying to open up your staff I'm
gonna show it I'm gonna just heads up on
no the lips are always so dry uh I drink
so much water that I pee every 30 to 60
it doesn't obstruct breathing in any way
five stars to that get yourself a
spinner in your nose there we go
yes I will be using that coil oh stop it
we've all been up there at one point yep
it's a spinner fan turbine whatever you
want to call it and these coils
obviously just screw into here
there's adjustable airflow on the bottom
and it is on a stopper at the top is a
gigantic drip tip it is size 8 10 and
this has a slide top fill you see the
little triangle over here you push it
over but you can't until you push this
button so you push the button slide it
over and fill through here I don't know
if you can see it but there's a slit in
here it's one of those spill-proof
top fills yeah the glass on these just
pops off you know what I just realized
I brought a mod I guess what I didn't
bring batteries batteries for the mod
luckily luckily I'm in Orlando and Wendy
is nearby so I'm gonna head over to
Wendy babes house she's gotta have some
batteries oh but before I go let me show
you what else is inside of here extra
parts for the tank an extra coil but
this one's a little different there is
no turbine in the extra coil so this is
the one that was installed and then this
is the extra 1.15 ohms and this one is
point 2 ohms with the turbine not info
is right on the coils along with the
wattage range and there was also an
additional and it is the same exact size
as what's on the tank
well hiding inside of there was also the
user manual with some pictures 10 hours
later I'm at Wendy's house a lots
happened in between let's not get into
it tickles it does it tickles
I almost coughed on that one I can feel
the little things spinning as I'm
inhaling no leaky it's still not leaking
windy don't put my hello I have my hand
over it no it's not leaking it it's not
going on your damn pillow fine look at
this I found me a vape room hi everybody
welcome back to the Wendy vape show I
can't believe you don't like this coil
you're ruining my video all right I only
made one juice it's a lot cleaner than
it's that coil I couldn't get out and
maybe when you use pliers on it messed
it up Wendy it's not happening anymore
mm-hmm it's not I'm not coffee so I have
the Queen's Royal cheesecake in here so
yeah mine works it's not really my juice
it's just I just needed a thicker juice
yeah yeah it does tickle my throat but
it still tickles it alone huh it's weird
it's a different experience and didn't
really have to get used to it it's
that's not normal I'm Wendy
she's in my room guys now I'm just
kidding I ran out of battery now you're
making me cough I didn't bring any
batteries so I had to come over here
yeah try this coil try this one you have
a defective one yeah if you say that I'm
on the clock
oh my god it's my it's my my coil yeah
so that one that they they overtake they
over tighten it seemed like Invictus
when they over tight yeah and this is an
80 and I can't get seven here on that
one yeah this is my adrenalin vapors I
think they're pretty good oh I'm never
going to win the house again
yes you are not for videos cuz I can't
have you coughing through my bait video
I don't know it was defective I mean I
couldn't get it apart so yeah that was
the first sign that something was wrong
I had a hard time getting the bass off
and then I couldn't get the coil off
that's why I came here and four
batteries and to see I have vapes
similar in the past I mean they did
something like this a long time ago
the nuke and some other ones they really
like kazoos they were kind of noisy at
least this isn't that noisy just kind of
sounds like I'm vaping a some mesh quill
kind of tank so volts that's the rotor
this is how I got nauseous last time I
ate the big breakfast at the Residence
Inn and then they did this hold on the
world spinning it's like I had six beers
right now
really mmm that was probably not a smart
thing to do then oh I can't see straight
all right there we go you got it stopped
spinning yeah Wow you talk if you don't
need alcohol spin in a chair yeah