Find Out What’s Not On The Label In Vape Products

To find out what's in a cigarette or fake fluids we hit shops around Toronto buying various pod bottles and cartridges of vaping liquids the next step is to get all of these tested health Canada doesn't require companies to put ingredient labels on vape
products the agency warns vaping produces an aerosol that may contain dozens of chemicals and lists just for the highly addictive drug nicotine along with propylene glycol glyceryl and flavors a lab at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York tested the bait products we purchased technicians analyzed eight different brand-name products so these are the results of the nicotine concentration some nearly hit
the maximum nicotine level allowed but did match what was advertised as for the
flavors we tested some flavors and that show high toxicity results showed
numerous chemicals including benzaldehyde used in cherry flavor at high doses it can cause breathing problems even more concerning synthetic polygons a chemical that simulates mint and menthol this is additive that has been banned in food products in the u.s. it was found to cause cancer in lab animals Health Canada says it's planning
to measure the concentration and potential health effects of polygons in vaping liquids we asked this lung researcher what he knows about the safety of vape chemicals next to nothing right and this is the main problem he adds there are thousands of flavoring
chemicals some are safe to put in your stomach but most have never been tested
in other parts of the human body can affect the immune system getting effect
mucus clearance can it actually kill cells in the lungs so for all those flavors we really don't know the Canadian vaping Association admits their products aren't safe for
non-smokers it's not benign no one suggested that it was benign what it is is a lot less harmful than the 7,000 chemicals that you enjoyed that you inhale as you smoke but for those who never smoked vaping is a harmful new addiction