💓 Foogo J Pod Kit Review|Smartest Pod System Controlled Via App

Oh another pod kit this is called the
fugu more specifically the fugu j-pod
kit and it was sent to me from a lago
mall oh there's the price there's all
the different colors they only sent me
this one it's a really simple thing the
top part comes off and that's the pot
and the fill hole is on the side right
here so it's got this black stone no I
just pull up the whole thing that keeps
happening with this luckily it is really
easy to pop back somewhere nah but this
one's pretty easy so once it's filled
off give it like five minutes of that
cotton can saturate it stuff it back in
the cap goes back on I mean you really
could use it like this but it's meant to
be used like this it's not actually a
dust cover or anything like that it's
just this cap a cap with a little mouth
hole at the top and that's really it
there isn't much else to it it's dry
activated so it's like really easy if
you smoke cigarettes currently these are
the kind of devices I recommend
switching to because it's just so simple
you pour in your liquid you wait a
couple minutes and then draw or pull on
this is very restrictive it's probably
the most restrictive thing I have
reviewed in months because it's so
restrictive I recommend just a light
suck this is how they come packaged
and underneath the Fugo is all
accessories manuals and stuff there is a
warranty registration card but I have no
clue how long the warranty is for it it
doesn't tell me maybe it does on the
website I don't know it's only for
defective products not user error so a
lot of times the warranty really doesn't
cover anything in the manual this holds
point eight milliliters on a Lago site
it says one the manual has a resistance
of the coil is 1.4 ohms and a logger
ball has it as 1 point 2 ohms so here
are the specs hopefully you guys can see
them if you want to pause the video so
not only is it one of those dinky
chargers it's specific to the device as
there is no USB port on there so on the
bottom of the contacts that just slides
in like so and then you charge it but I
will say it does look better this way
without the USB port but I still prefer
the uglier USB port because it's just
more Universal and in the last thing
inside of the box 2 pots I printed this
directly off of Allah go malls website
and I would like to read to you about
the Fugo j-pod kit has unique design and
multiple colors for option the 280
milliamp hour battery capacity and the
one milliliter oil capacity are far
enough to have a nice vaping experience
the main material of it is baby nozzle
which is safety and durable what's more
the intelligent sensing brings highly
true smoke feeling with plenty of
patterns and colors this kit is
outstanding besides the powerful
function that completes this video check
out a Lago mall calm if you want to get
this or any other vape stuff because
they spot they paid for this so that's
it that's all I really want to say about
I know I know it was a very exciting
video so if you enjoyed it please
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I'll talk to you guys next time
and hopefully next week I'll have
something besides podcasts so to to
literally lose bye guys