👆Geek Vape Aegis Solo Kit Review|CERBERUS Sub-Ohm Tank|Anti-Dry Protection

the aegis solo kit by geek vape the mod
is dustproof shockproof and waterproof
as well the tank none of those things
can you see it there's a box in the
middle this is geek vapes packaging for
the ages solo as you can see there's
like hardly any information the giveaway
for this will be on my Instagram page
and I'll try to get that up within like
a couple days of posting this video on
the bottom is access to the battery this
piece lifts up and then you just twist
four batteries I like to use Sony v TC 5
for the most part so this is the
positive side positive goes in first you
just screw on the door now on the
website they were recommending turning
it like this maybe they just want you to
get it even tighter than your hands can
I'm not really sure at the top a 5 10 s
spring-loaded connection and I do
believe it is going to come in like 6
different colors but this is the
pre-release version so inside of my box
I did not even get a manual there was a
tank but I haven't been using it here is
a look at the Cerberus with this piece
of glass that holds five point five
milliliters of a liquid and there is an
additional glass piece with this it'll
hold less so as you can see the tank has
bottom air flow two of these slits which
are adjustable and on a stopper at the
top of the delrin drip tip this is size
810 it is removable and this is kun
style it's got an easy top film twist
not even a whole twist and any pour
liquid down these two sides
not in the middle let me show you the
coils one will already be inside to get
to it turn the base counterclockwise and
then the coils they just twist out like
this the kit comes with two coils they
are both identical this is the mesh x2
it is made out of the kanthal it's a
point three ohm coil that can be vey
between 30
and 45 watts five kliks turns it on so
once you stick an a/d on here and you
turn this on it'll ask you if it's a new
coil or an old one I always click new
this is the up and down or plus and
minus button and that is the fire button
it's also the on and off button to turn
the device off one two three four five
clicks turns it off the screen is really
dim there's like a tint on it so I'm
gonna try to the mod caps out at a
hundred watts can I love that at round
robins that's so cool so it goes up and
down in increments of 0.1 but if you
hold down the button it'll do this
faster in increments of 1 1 2 3 clicks
of the fire button that went from black
to white now if I click the fire button
I can go down to coil in here I guess I
can lock in resistance and also clear
out the puff counter 1 2 3 clicks of the
fire button this turns white however if
I use this button I can change the mode
so there's temperature control nickel
stainless steel titanium and TCR if I
keep going there's also power curves and
bypass mode VPC here you can create a
custom power curve 1 2 3 clicks of the
fire button are really quick turns this
white and now I can navigate so I can
change this first setting between 5 and
100 watts so yeah it does go to the full
100 and here I'm creating my my curve or
a little preheat boost so let's pretend
I have it exactly where I want it I
can't wait for this a timeout to black
or just hold down the fire button in
temperature control whether it's
titanium stainless steel or nickel here
if I click the fire button again I can
lock in my resistance however I can also
adjust my wattage and this does go to
the full 100 watts and when it gets
there it stops and it does round-robin
and the puff counter can be reset here
as well if you want to change the TCR
you got to go into TCR
and to lock in your temperature or
wattage hold down plus and minus at the
same time until the little symbol
appears so with that lock symbol there I
cannot change my setting and I can't
change the mode either but what I can do
is turn off the mod so here's a closer
look at it after the torment that I have
put it through it is still a little bit
dirty and I think I'm going to need to
submerge it a bit longer and the screen
it's scratched up pink with the way that
geek babe cut other letters the geek
vape letters into this rubberized
material that's coating most of this mod
I think what they want eventually is for
the name be spelled out at dirt I'm hard
at the battery do after that
underwater little swim moisture nothing
on the battery definitely dustproof and
I'll leave someone else to the
shockproof part but I just I don't want
to ruin this any further
really bothers me about this mod is what
I'm switching modes it fires the mod so
I would like a mode button instead of
the fire button doing everything let's
not forget the service tank
this thing is pretty awesome because
flavor out of it it's nice
however the vapor is kind of on the
cooler side so if you're okay with that
then great if you're not you can change
out the coils to something else this is
even compatible with mock TF of the
eight point one thing that kind of
stumps me is why have this space for or
larger a DS but then the mod only uses
one 18 650 at least give me like that
21700 if you're using this at higher
wattages batteries definitely not gonna
get you through the day gonna have to
recharge it where you saying you didn't
show me that part in the up-close part
of the video right here that's where the
USB port is however I do recommend with
18 650 s you should get your own
external battery charger oh yeah first
point $64 on geek vapes website and
having gifts will have them eventually
also oh that pretty much completes at
least video I just quickly wanted to
show you guys this thing and point out
some things I really like and some