👍 HorizonTec Falcon King Sub Ohm Tank Review

this is the Falcon King it opens like
this yes stop the video go buy the tank
it's around 30 bucks I'll see you guys
later for those of you that I'd like to
see more here you go heck yeah
comes in some fun packaging here is the
tank no mystery there on the back tells
you what coils are included and he gives
you some info everything except the coil
material that is the Falcon King it
holds six milliliters of a liquid with
this bubble glass
the base is 26.2 millimeters in diameter
at the widest point it's 28 at the top a
resin drip tip this thing is size 810
and removable to open it push this
button and fill here on the bottom three
airflow slits adjustable and on the
stopper aside from the tank there's also
an additional coil an extra piece of
glass but with this little hold less
eliquid and there's also extra seals the
coil that was pre-installed is the M
dual point three eight ohms
best at 80 watts it does have a midline
so try to keep it there or higher to
extend the life of the coil this is a
mesh coil and that is not cotton it's
actually bamboo fiber the other coil is
0.16 ohm coil best at 75 watts
this is the m1 plus this one's a single
mesh coil and they're also using bamboo
fiber and here's a sample of the bamboo
fiber this is what it actually looks
like this comes in 10 colors here it is
in coffee gunmetal black carbon black
Green rainbow stainless steel bright
chrome and purple the flavor out of this
it's so good these are some yummy coils
both of them they're using bamboo fiber
that's something no before there was
cotton how there's bamboo fiber and
that's it's working great comes in 10
different colors and what's more
impressive is they actually sent me all
10 of them so I got nine of these things
left six I'm gonna give away here on
YouTube check down below in the video's
description there should be a link click
on that and then find something that
says giveaway information will tell you
everything that you need to know to
enter and then the rest I'll give away a
little bit later on my Instagram page
winners usually something going on like
giveaway wise extra coils for this thing
come packaged like this they sent me
like six extra boxes so I guess I'll
just toss one in for each one of those
six winners oh yeah they come like this
in packages of three I'm impressed
I'm really impressed with these coils
but what I would like to see is the coil
material yeah I know they're using
bamboo fiber but the metal portion what
is that the container mentions the coils
and which ones are included and they
have some specs on here but no material
and the website doesn't mention it
either air flows open got the dual coil
in here vaping it at 80 watts let's see
how a chain babes
oh yeah it's doing just fine it's
pulling through the liquid I got some
max I'm pretty high I don't know if it's
max VG but it's pretty high and vge
liquid in here it is a juice color boy
that really brought my liquid level down
so be wary of that but doing great
flavor is not diminishing as I'm sitting
there chucking away remember the days
when opening a tank would be incredibly
time-consuming I mean look at this push
the button and manually I mean look how
much time is wasted by pushing a button
and swiveling out horizon tech thought
they had it with the original Falcon
grab the table you sure well don't be
burdened anymore don't spend endless
seconds opening your tank when all you
have to do is push a button will it open
in your pocket good and somehow I still
managed to break a nail that was the
best one I have that was the best one in
and now it's gone yeah that's a good one
I like it
if you like it too you can find it by by
googling it I'll have a link down below
two more links there's a bunch of places
they're gonna be carrying these and I
think they're gonna be around like 30