How Dangerous Is E-Cigarettes/Vaping Really?

I'm doctor Nick Karr at Sinai Urgent
Care, and today I'm going to be
discussing vaping, or more specifically
what's known as EVALI.
E-cigarette or Vaping Associated Lung
Injury.  Symptoms of this include
respiratory symptoms, which could be
things like cough, shortness of breath
as well as chest pain. You can have
GI symptoms.  So nausea and vomiting,
abdominal pain and diarrhea. Additionally,
there's systemic effects, things like
fevers, chills and weight loss.  Some
patients have reported that their
symptoms developed over a few days,
although many individuals comment that
their symptoms developed over several
weeks. And a lung infection does not
appear to be causing EVALI.  So what do
we know about these types of injuries?
As of November 2019, there
have been over 2,300 e-cigarette related lung
injuries in the United States, and
unfortunately this includes 47 deaths.
Most, 82% of the samples analyzed by
the CDC, tested positive for THC.
What's causing this to occur?  Well the
CDC has figured out, it seems to be,
that Vitamin E Acetate, which is a
thickener, is a chemical of concern among
people who suffer from EVALI. It's
a thickening agent it's often used in
THC vaping products, and it was
found at all,
all lung fluid samples of EVALI
patients examined by the CDC.
Additionally, these cases appear to
predominantly affect individuals who
modify their vaping devices or they're
using black-market modified eliquids.
This is especially true for the vaping
products which contain THC, the active
ingredient found in Marijuana.
Currently the CDC recommendation is that
vaping, while it's safer than the
traditional cigarettes, is still by no
means safe.  And so they're suggesting
that if you're going to vape you should
avoid THC containing vaping products.
Additionally, you should avoid obtaining
any from any informal or bootleg sources.
This would include online.
Additionally, they're saying that you
should not modify your vaping device.
Again, even as I was getting
ready to put this together, there was new
information coming out- this information
about Vitamin E Acetate- So I imagine
over the coming weeks to months we're
gonna find out more more about the
dangers involved with vaping.  If you have
any questions about this video, please
feel free to leave them in the comments
section or you can send those to us
directly. And additionally, we'll make
sure we include some information linking
to the CDC if you want to find out more
about what we actually know about the
the risks and harms associated with vaping.