How Many Cigarettes Equals 10 ml E-Liquid

today i want to answer the question how many cigarettes
is equal to 10 milliliters of a liquid
so 10 Miller's being liquid is equal to
how many cigarettes if you're asking
this question the most likely to try and
do some sort of cost analysis on your
expenses comparing using a liquid or a
juice to tobacco cigarettes with that
there are a bunch of things to consider
the biggest is your smoking habits and
patterns typically a tobacco smoker
smokes less than a person who babes
simply because with your electronic
cigarette or vaporizer you can use it
anywhere and it's more rarely available
to you at all times what I found is
you'll find yourself doing things you
wouldn't normally do with tobacco
cigarettes but on the flip side I can't
count how many times that I've taken a
drag on a cigarette and flipped it to
smokes and I'm done
so I there's there's comparison so that
you can do and also people button
cigarette me and all that kind of stuff
so I'm go to all those little things all
day long but anyways that's my quick
rant on average a tobacco smoker usually
based around two to three milliliters of
e-liquid per day a 10 milliliter bottle
should last anywhere from three to five
days obviously
if you're a light smoker you're most
likely to consume less therefore extend
your life of the e-liquid use time this
is nothing more than a rough estimate
but on average I compare 10 milliliters
of a liquid to five packs of tobacco
cigarettes or 100 individual tobacco
cigarettes this is again an average and
again no exact science is in use here
with this comparison if you're trying to
figure out if using a liquids is going
to offer financial benefits over tobacco
cigarettes then the answer is nine out
of ten times yes I live in Tennessee on
an average of carton tobacco cigarettes
here cost about 50 dollars give or take
a few bucks depending on where you bound
that would bring a pack of cigarettes to
five dollars per pack or 25 cents per
cigarette compared to buying e liquids
it's not even close let's take a look at
vapors on a liquid cost a thirty
milliliter bottle of ejuice will only
cost you $14.99 this is putting your
cost at $1 per two Muellers of the
or five cents per cigarette in
comparison the only time you'll spend
more than a liquid is if you take your
consumption or usage to the next level
and I mean next level six times more to
be exact
to be fair though if you start bringing
the cost of batteries and tanks
cartomizers atom
those accessories the prices start to
level out a bit but illiquid is going to
be the much better financial choice
verse use of tobacco cigarettes if you
have something to offer on the subject