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Nova Scotia Becomes First Province To Adopt Ban On Flavoured Vaping Products

How to Make Bigger Vape Clouds|The Art of Vape

Today we're gonna be talking about cloud chasing and getting
bigger denser clouds all right so this
is a popular topic because I mean come
on chucking huge billows of vapor is fun at
times now there are a few important
factors in cloud chasing which I'll be
covering today now the first step to
bigger denser clouds is picking the
right atomizer and coils in order to get
big clouds your setup has to be able to
output them now there are many different
options in atomizers such as RDAs RTA's
but if you're unfamiliar with the
different types of atomizers click the
card that's gonna pop up right around
here and that'll take you to a video
where we fully explain each type of
atomizer and the benefits of them now
generally people who like to cloud Chace
lean towards RDAs this is mainly because
you're able to install much bigger coils
in an RDA than say an RTA or rdta
and because you are installing your own
coils you can really fine-tune how you
want it to vape with that being said you
should also pick an RDA that caters to
cloud chasing some RTA's are more
focused on having rich flavor and would
generally have a tighter airflow
I'd say get an RDA that can support at
least dual coils now if you're a little
off put about installing your own coils
there's actually a lot of sub ohm tanks
on the market nowadays I can actually
output a lot of vapor
for example the smocked EF v12 as it has
some coils I can handle up to 200 watts
giving you insane vapor production but
with the cloud chasing atomizer you also
need a mod that can support all that
picking the right mod is easier than
ever as new technology has new chipsets
I can output much more power most of the
reason devices can output at least 200
watts which is more than you'll ever
probably vape I'll leave some
recommended mods and atomizers in the
description down below now it's
extremely important to mention that you
take proper battery safety very
seriously when you are outputting this
much power you are stressing the
batteries which can lead to instability
in the cells for more information on
battery safety click the card that's
going to pop up right around here now
next up we have airflow air flow is
something that you need to fine tune
with each
atomizer and coil setup of course it is
important to have enough airflow that
doesn't give you a vape that's extremely
hot but if you have too much air flow it
could actually thin out and dilute your
clouds one thing I like to do is open
the airflow wide-open and have a vape
I'll then slowly close off the airflow
until I find the perfect balance between
heat and restrictiveness toning down
your airflow will also produce a bit
more flavour as the vape is much more
dense but what's a car without fuel
picking the right ejuice will also play
a significant role in vapor production
vaping in a juice with a higher VG
content would be ideal as the higher the
VG content the thicker the liquid thus
providing thicker clouds one thing to
mention is because you are getting much
more vapor out of cloud chasing it might
be a good idea to step down your
nicotine strength for example say if we
used to vaping six milligrams on a baby
beast which doesn't output the most
amount of vapor on the market it would
be a good idea to step down to three
milligrams wind cloud chasing and last
on this list I would say would be your
inhaling and exhaling technique now it
may seem weird at first but the way that
you inhale and exhale on a vape will
actually play a role in thicker clouds
inhaling and exhaling too fast will
actually thin out your vapor very
similar to us if you have too much
airflow if you want an extremely dense
cloud try taking a step back and try
using a slower breathing technique and
that about wraps up this video again
I'll leave some links in the description
down below to some recommended mods
tanks and more now with all this being


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