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Nova Scotia Becomes First Province To Adopt Ban On Flavoured Vaping Products

How to Stop Your Vape Tank leaking on a plane | Travel and Vaping

welcome to the vape and juice hacks
where we show you how to get more out of
your vaping so pack number two has
stopped your liquids leaking on a plane
now for all of those you've been on an
aircraft before taking your vacate on
there maybe you have an empty tank out
put your liquids get to the other side
and it's a mess it's a mess everywhere
the first thing you do when you get to
the airport when you've arrived is you
go for every bite and you just wiping
that stuff off your hand all day long
we've all been there now a little trick
that I'm going to prove to you at high
altitude and back down on the ground how
to stop your emic whiz leaking on an
airplane doing this for all trip to
Romania so we're about to do this hack
now about to head off to Gatwick Airport
to fly to Bucharest and I walked down
before hands I've got a bottle here just
a squirt bottle other other liquids are
available give it a little rinse out
that was in there shooting the liddie
out so it's dry they're free I'm gonna
fit in there ten mil bottles I'm going
to show you how easy they fit in so
you've got Tim a bottle if you baby in a
mouth to long device Tim a bottle might
last a few days vaping up a bigger
device you're gonna go for it pretty
quickly but you can put a few bottles in
so you can see there you've got good
couple you've got good space for a good
couple in the bottle now how does it get
out you think you're gonna get it in
there it does come out so it's gonna tip
it upside down there we go way up so
it's easy so gonna head up to the
airport I'm going to take my bottle with
me my only concern is they want to let
this bottle come through customs you can
have empty and if that's the case I have
to buy another drink on duty free get
ripped off and as we prop boarding pass
to buy Diet Coke take that what do they
ask for that have a Diet Coke please
got your boarding pass no and anyway so
I'm after me I'll get a drink there down
it rinse it out I'm gonna do the same
process what we'll do is once we you go
and put the bottles in there we're going
to put a lid nice and tight and that
will create pressure in there so the way
with squeezy let's put a little net
won't be so easy anyway see you the
we're there
so we've managed to get my bonus point
through the customs you guys stick it
under the hand dryer now don't you ever
think account bring to the toilet to do
is sort of like an absolute nonce I'm
gonna try so then when we come out we
can see if the balls of late or not and
I think they were hey there you go I'm
going to set this all that's okay so
what we've got here is bottles of e
liquids in a plastic bag these are gonna
stay in there like so we're gonna see if
there's any residue in the bag at the
end of this next up
a toothpaste the Sensodyne is weekend's
it was cheap and the big enough size
here learn to be liquids here Cafe
you like the cafe flavored or if you
like is usually agree we've got our and
boy what crackin and three house which
is a to be infused CVD massive shameless
pot anyway my well be cold war here
Prince is gonna add some really quick
with this
one I got for one of each
there we go now peel that puppy Warren
tonight he's actually works so what I
want is down as in leaking balls as
possible this is the power to stop your
bottles leaking on airplane that's
enough why are these one lit
yeah this is the moment where just why
not Gary's his own pressurized
environment way as we're on a plane and
his pressure from outside I believe this
is my hat these one leak these ones here
we'll see residue of e-liquid in a
plastic bag at the end of the fire
there we go
it's killing both plane so just landed
big ribeiro I'm gonna try to find the
sprite box left to support bottom here
they are
stand up step on up
just to fit a person can we get the
bottom out dry as a bone
so if you're really good bottles are
leaking upon a plane because of the air
pressure outside changes although
aircraft cabins are pressurized that
moment that in between here squeeze out
liquids other bottles particularly your
higher PG wives where they liquids
aronia higher VG tend to be a little
you need just an empty spray bottle back
to done how to avoid really quiz Nagila


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