👆IJOY Shogun JR Vape Kit Review|Replaceable Double-Sided Resin Panels

today I wanted to show you guys I joy as
a Shogun jr. I think one of the neat
things about this is the panels on here
not only are they resin and it's just I
think they're just beautiful no two will
ever be alike that's just how resin is
there on both sides
they're both removable cuz I doors gonna
be selling additional resin panels for
this and that's how easy it is to swap
out the color my favorite there's just
having like two different ones at once
you know so next up let me show you guys
this thing up close please ignore my
nail polish applying skills like all
over my thumb
so here is the I joy Shogun jr. this is
how it comes packaged and this beefy box
in the smaller box is the tank there's a
really easy top fill it's not even a
full turn twist it off fill into the
slits adjustable airflow two of those
slits the drip tip it's kind of loose in
there oftentimes I find it like this and
like most tanks just twist off the base
there's the coil and the coil that come
with this there's two of them they are
identical it's crucial that if this
falls off you stick it back on otherwise
it will leak so yeah both of them are
the same they are mesh coils as you can
see in there this is the mesh 1 it can
be vaped between oh can you even see 40
to 80 watts and these are both 0.2 ohms
and that line right there is the midline
so you want to keep your liquid to at
least they're glass almost just pops off
there is an additional piece but this
one's a little bit smaller in the bigger
box they really want you to like follow
them all over social media that's the
website there's a 90 day warranty card
and this is good for defective products
not user error and this is the manual I
think I used to do a little booklets not
convenient anyway here are the specs if
you want to pause the video these panels
are resin and it really soft to the
they're on both sides and no two pieces
of resin are going to be exactly alike
this comes off and this one comes off as
well they're going to be offering the
panels and four additional colors
crystal purple fantasy blue bumblebee
and blaze red I think I'm gonna try this
with crystal purple
a little bit of movement to the doors
that's not clicking noise inside of the
mod it does have an internal battery
4500 milliamp hours it actually might be
two of them in there totalling 4,500
million hours the 510 connection appears
to be pretty springy and you can fit a
DS on here up to 28 millimeters on the
front is the fire button or on an off
button screen up and down are plus and
minus buttons and the USB part this is
where you recharge the battery for size
comparison here is the original Shogun
and this came with the Falcon tank so
yeah what's nice about this is you don't
have to go out and buy batteries or a
battery charger it's already in there
five clicks turns these on and five
clicks it turns these off but as you can
hear when I'm pushing the fire button it
fires that I don't like I would prefer
an on and off button then you can use
that up and down buttons to change
wattage hold the button down to do this
a lot quicker this one goes up to 126
watts and this one goes up to 180 and
I'm kind of bummed they don't round
robin so you do have to go back one two
three clicks gets me into the menu so
yeah menus do look the same P and that
is wattage T and that is temperature
control I go into stainless steel first
up I can adjust the wattage so you can
use the up and down buttons for that
once the W stops blinking it is set you
can also set up by clicking the fire
button push down the F is blinking once
it's blinking I can change it so this
goes to 600 degrees Fahrenheit not that
you should ever need that and if you
keep going it switches to Celsius at
3:16 it stops you keep going it switches
back to Fahrenheit next one up is pod
eyeshadows have their own a pod
for their mods this is basically voltage
mode it goes to 3.8 volts and it does
not drown Robin
you have to go back if you want to go
down all the way to 2.5 the next one
this is vapes drink there's normal heart
soft user this is like a little preheat
or boost and you can customize your own
so you can use up and down buttons to
adjust each bar click the fire button to
go to the next one one it and so on
pretending I have it where I want it
click the fire button until I get to
exit and then put my yes Owen if you
want to see how the curve works there we
TCR this one's more for advanced users
it's for temperature control you're not
gonna want to use it with the coils that
come with this and in such let's see if
there's any differences nope it's
exactly the same you can reset the puff
counter and then select a screen standby
time it's like a timeout time it's like
a smaller version of the original thing
and I do like this size better and I
like those interchangeable panels as
well that and that is that is pretty
I like the tank too and a drip tip it's
pretty pretty comfortable as well flavor
out of the coils is nice you do have to
break them in like a little bit I think
just a few hits their mesh coils mesh
coils are tasty and the neat thing is
the Shogun is compatible with like I joy
17 different kinds of coils a lot of
options there it's been out for a little
while element vape when they get back in
stock I think they'll be like fifty five
for the whole kid to having gifts house
I'm having gift ships to like a hundred
and seventy different countries and a
bunch of other places are carrying this
stuff as well prices are like all over
the place like fifty five to even eighty
oh I should probably show you that the
kit itself the full version with the
tank and everything will be available in
three colors this red one is called
hellfire and this green one is called a
specter green i'd also kind of like to
know what kind of battery is in there
the manual the website neither of those
two actually told me that milliamp hours
of the batteries in there I found that
on element vape and other sites have
that info as
well yeah not even the manual box it
didn't have it on there and I'd also
like to know what kind of batteries in
there or batteries supposedly there's
there's two I mean I think there's two
cuz on the screen there's a battery life
indicator for for each battery