India Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Bans E-Cigarettes

The finance minister needlessly theremin
has banned eat cigarettes now many would
say that this is a welcome step the
presence of nicotine and a cigarette
causes addictions this was becoming a
huge concern for children among others
but then there are those who believe
that look more needs to have been done
to tackle tobacco burning tobacco
original cigarettes as they were nothing
has been done there but e cigarettes
have been targeted in cigarettes he
argument being made less harmful than
original cigarettes a headline-grabbing
announcement by the finance minister
today after a cabinet meeting one that
parents might just welcome easy grits or
whipping devices like this the finance
minister has announced that these will
be banned these go for anything between
2,000 to 3,000 rupees and the liquid
that goes inside them comes for another
thousand rupees a bottle through an
ordinance ec grits have been banned
when kids use joules or other
e-cigarettes they're getting a big dose
of nicotine this disrupts their brain
it changes the connections between brain
cells causing problems with learning
mood and impulse control
it makes depression and anxiety worse
the finance minister said this was on
the basis of US data and fears of this
alternative catching on in India data
that we have largely is of course
derived from the USS experience there
has been a 77.8% growth among school
students were the tenth and twelfth
level but in India there has been ground
reports as to how the youth have taken
it as probably and I'm using it in a
very loose fashion but it is in some
places being getting convinced as it's
like a style statement the vaping
industry is estimated to be in crores
the immediate impact was on tobacco
stocks which rose as the decision was
announced shortly before markets closed
I will be fighting about this in accord
not for the business but to help you
know your people who are struggling to
quit smoking they know what whippings
are they know what the benefits are when
there are far more
effective ways of stopping smoking and
switching to a healthy alternative like
electronic cigarettes why is the
government hell-bent on banning
cigarettes instead of tobacco or the
nominal conventional cigarettes so our Y
cigarettes more dangerous than tobacco
ones why not ban those as well the
immediate concern and urgency for the
Indian government to ban e-cigarettes is
because Joule as a company was planning
to enter Indian markets in a big way and
they felt that the younger generation
will be addicted to something which will
cost them their lives in later years
with Ruby Celine Prabhu NDTV well
joining us to look at this we've got
school principals we've got those who
represent the vaping industry in India
we've got doctors as well dr. Samir
Gupta senior interventional cardiologist
at Metro hospital's dr. Rajesh Cooper a
Kapoor from Madonna Hospital joins us
the tobacco control expert dr. Monica
Aurora will be with us as well in a
moment Loretta kumara Mangalam remains
she's with the BJP Harinder Singh Lama
principal of Kenya with the allah joins
us and Praveen Ricci the convener and
trade representative of of trends which
is part of of the industry which has
encouraged the use of e-cigarettes let
me go to dr. Samir Gupta first dr. Gupta
ar e cigarettes harmful because the
argument which has been given is that
it's either not harmful or it's much
less harmful than normal
tobacco cigarettes so what is your view
on this you know so let me begin by
saying that I think it's the step that
has been done from a healthcare
perspective from a public health
standpoint and this is a very welcome
thing you know now cigarettes has been
there for many many years we know a lot
about tobacco and what the harmful
effects of this has been because we've
been studying them for many years
however vaping an electronic cigarettes
are comparatively new you know they've
been for the most part in the market for
last four to five years so they're still
learning as we go about their harmful
effects it's not that they're absolutely
free of anything and what
we've learned as more and more studies
are being done as more and more research
has been done in this field and we
esteem patients with with vaping and
we've come to realize that they increase
the risk of heart attacks they increase
the risk of stroke there have also been
awfully if you must have read the news
as that there has been a lot of cases of
irreversible lung damages and actually
death in children and teenagers in the
United States as tributed to vaping so I
don't think they think is as benign as
we think it I don't think it is
absolutely harmless as we think you're
learning as we go about the process of
waiting and the side effect okay I heard
in the lumbar as a principal of a school
kyndra with the ally
was it a concern or is it a concern of
yours that students would be would would
be into this as well because there's
there's almost no smoke or in many cases
there's no smoke at all and that that
this would become an alternative to
cigarette smoking were their habits or
trends developing right because among
the strengths due to lack of knowledge
and awareness most of the parents even
don't know about what would the EC get
and the children's use to fool them by
showing them as a pan because it
moreover resembles like a pan or a USB
or something Yahya just like that and
due to which the parents are not taking
care of that thing they use to second
think that it is a pan or something like
any device electronic device which is
useful for the studies of the students
but moreover it is a dangerous thing and
even the children's they are not aware
about the bad effects of these things so
it's a right decision taken by the
government in this regard as well as it
is also in promotion of fit India moment
and I think it is a right step taking at
right time how did they you know when we
talk about addictions you know we often
talk about drug addictions but
addictions can be to anything and for
young developing minds that must be a
constant concern of yours that an
addiction even to this is something
which needs to be detected early because
there is that risk
yeah you absolutely right because the in
schools we had seen that the students
coming from plus v 6 even 7 plus
standard students they are enjoying it
either due to peer pressure or just they
want to factor yeah it is even something
relatively new yeah yeah yeah so being a
peer pressure there they used to create
and as far as I think it contains
nicotine as I had gone through several
reports also which is very much
dangerous to link a lunch and kidney and
even it also causes P symptoms and the
kidneys and the lungs right so it's very
dangerous and due to a lack of awareness
the students are more or trying it okay
do we have Praveen Ricky from trend says
it will just get Praveen Riku speaks for
the industry but I wanted to go across
to dr. Rajesh Kapoor as well dr. Kapoor
you know there have been studies which
have actually come up which have been
widely published in the indian journal
of clinical practice which has looked at
the the evidence of of you know
something dangerous and I'm just trying
to understand from you from a medical
standpoint the dangers which exist in
cigarettes when we talk about the
presence of lead cadmium lanthanum how
does this harm us
and I'm coming I'm very clear that
secrets the concept game should I should
I yeah yeah keep going keep going you're
on air hello yeah so so Vishnu yeah
concept of e-cigarettes actually came
into being with that with a plan that
once the EC grits are consumed or used
it can help aiding a person to quit
nicotine the not the traditional
cigarettes but that thing actually
failed totally because one it was never
shown in the studies that a once
somebody is consuming a cigarettes that
itself is addictive to adolescents now
it was marketed as a safe and in of
course alternative to traditional
cigarettes so again that is unsuccessful
because adolescents actually led into
this trap since they they felt that it
is safe they started consuming
e-cigarettes in a very big way in fact
the American data says that in 2011 the
five percent of adolescents were
consuming e-cigarettes visibles and
after four years in 2015 there are 19
percent of adolescents who fell into the
trap of getting addicted to e-cigarettes
it is very harmful it contains nicotine
and some flavoring agents out of which
you know there was a study also done on
few students where saliva was tested
after the EC grades and it was found
positive for formaldehyde and acrolein
you know these type of chemicals are
known to cause DNA damage so DNA damage
can directly lead to cancers the problem
with a cigarette is that you know it can
lead to such dangerous cancers or
serious lung injuries after a one year
of consumption only whereas traditional
cigarette smoking is known to cause
these problems after a long period so
it's clearly clearly very dangerous and
it's a welcome step banning the EC
grades all over okay
Praveen Ricci is convener and the trade
representative of trends how how do you
see this because there there is
available which suggests that in
addition to to nicotine there are other
chemicals in e-cigarettes which were
harmful and hence this needed to be
banned why would you say that it's not a
good move anything that's addictive
should be banned right well you know
cigarettes are not allowed chewing
tobacco is allowed beedis is allowed
there are studies which we have shared
with the government and everybody else
these are readily available and the
other studies from very very well-known
institutions of the world which says
that e-cigarettes are you know more than
90 percent safer than traditional
cigarettes I don't know how you can
allow a more harmful substance and man
less harmful substance that is what we
are questioning so weíll look at
selective studies
okay mrs. kumara Mangalam would you like
to respond to that because I think what
she says is very much a no brainer
cigarettes I have to be banned it's not
been banned in the in that sense I'm not
aware anywhere in the world we have
perhaps the second largest consumption
of cigarettes and beedis outside China
and why is it more done to to deal with
that because it's an employer is that
the region reason I don't think it's a
question of either or which no I agree
when cigarettes should be banned but
let's also be aware of the amount of
economic compulsions that any government
has both of the state and at the center
tobacco farming is a huge industry in
India not that I'm saying that it you
know we should not ban cigarettes I I
don't believe in smoking at all and it's
one of the worst things for anybody's
health I am sure you remember my brother
who is a very very heavy smoker and see
what unfortunately hammer to him and
such a young age so I for one am dead am
i against smoking but that does not mean
that vaping should not be banned I don't
think the tool should be compared at all
the fact is that vaping or a cigarette
smoking is becoming more and more
younger and younger children are taking
to it and because there's not enough you
know advertising about the bad effects
of vaping etcetera most parents don't
know it children get away with cheating
their parents and a pre-emptive ban is
as important as you know like I said we
shouldn't be actually comparing the two
at all nobody thinks it's a ban but you
know it's been discussed several several
times before vaping is very very bad and
because cigarettes are worse it doesn't
mean the vaping should not be banned
that's all I'm saying I would probably
say ban profit is a point to make I
think it's a good thing yeah probably go
ahead right so what I am saying is that
we are now expecting the government to
do parenting for us okay there is
something that we have always said and
we have said it regulated Australis
representatives we are saying that there
is ample ways that countries are
following and we have shared these
brightest practices there are very
various ways that are available to make
sure that the vulnerable sections of the
society do not get excess and what are
we saying a does Rebecca secret word
afford naked I got those are appear to
be before talega reasonable assumptions
that one is making the government in the
Parliament you know in last session had
said that less than three percent of
Indians are aware of it so what are we
we are talking about protecting home
okay we are also joined by dr. Monica I
wrote about tobacco control expert and
director of the health promotion
division at the Public Health Foundation
of India dr. Arora would you agree that
not enough has been done so far in in
controlling cigarette smoking that what
we are doing in terms of vaping is is
all very well but then if the larger
issue is something which is simply too
politically sensitive and affects the
livelihood of simply too many people for
any government to have the courage to
tackle in our country
definitely not it is ordinance which is
landmark it is definitely not affecting
anyone's livelihood it is in the
interest of Public Health particularly
to protect our adolescents and youth in
the country
easy grades just by the fact that they
contain nicotine makes it a harmful
product it is not a safe product which
the which is what is the way it is being
marketed it is not affecting anyone's
livelihood because other tobacco
products are still in the market and the
fact that this product has not been
shown to be a cessation product there is
no evidence even if there is some
evidence it is of a very low level and
in terms of conclusive statements on
this being a cessation product and
helping people quit is definitely
inconclusive in fact people who have
started using e-cigarettes have become
dual users so we are only pushing the
tobacco epidemic further by showing the
safety levels if that's realistic
children Praveen may I share some data
on that 11 decline in secret sales
decline from 15% to 19% trans has seen a
12 percent decline in smoking after the
alloying of air cigarettes I mean how
can you just brush away these fats these
are facts that have have been declared
there are 60 countries advanced
countries that are actually saying you
know this is a safer option Monica why
do a case study that alright
what sake Monica you had a point you
wanted to reply to that yes that it is a
safer option I don't think there's any
denying that yes definitely
yes 40 countries have banned in
cigarettes and countries like us us who
actually introduced egrets in 2014 as a
cessation product are actually now going
back on their decision because they have
seen that this product is actually being
used by adolescents school children and
young adults the smoking rates which
were declining in us actually have
started rising with the introduction of
this product so we must learn from the
lessons from these countries who did
introduce it not knowing its full impact
and now they are going back on the
decision because they have seen severe
lung diseases there are even deaths
reported with use on a decision so this
isn't a real time only in India and yes
Praveen go ahead and say lung diseases
and the deaths reported if you have gone
into the investigations they have to be
caused by products what of the street
okay not regulated not controlled
products and this is what we are saying
we are saying by issuing a ban you are
forcing this into the you know you're
forcing your consumers to be dependent
on black marketers who are going to give
you adulterated products the black
market is the the bootlegger is not
going to ask for each basically talking
ma'am about the quality of what holds
issue and what is available you know
commercially and in sealed light but one
way or the other I think it's this
discussion is a moot point unless you go
to court and and and a court reverses
this India has announced the ban on
e-cigarettes and Eve aping and one would
only hope that in the future more is
done to regulate cigarette smoking in
the country but I don't think anybody
would have any idea on how that's going
to work I'm out of time on this
discussion I'd like to thank all our