👍Innokin DV Pod System Review|Oddly-Shaped Pod Systems

if you can get past my eye makeup check
this thing out I know I'm a little crazy
but I kind of think it looks like Darth
Vader is that why Anakin's calling this
the Divi pod system whether that's true
or not I don't know maybe it has nothing
to do with that but that's what I think
anyway so inside of here is a 500
milliamp hour rechargeable battery it is
a pod system these things are refillable
it's draw activated or button activated
your choice got both and you can adjust
the wattage between 12 and 15 watts
next up let me show you guys this thing
up here's how this comes packaged and on
the back is a scratch-off authenticity
code the Divi pod system inside is a 500
milliamp hour rechargeable battery
recharges the USB port at the top is the
pod and this just slides out like this
and when its brand-new there's this
little plastic cover preventing it from
making a connection there's only one way
to stick in the pods this way you can't
do it this way because you see that
little piece right there fits into the
back these pods the standard version
holds two point eight milliliters tpd
version holds two to fill this lift up
the silicone piece on the bottom which
does stay attached and then fill here
and the hole might seem small but I'm
able to get pretty big gorilla bottle
into it so once this is filled up with a
brand new pod give it like five minutes
so that quill or the cotton can saturate
overall not excessive inside there's an
additional pod USB cable for charging
user manual and in a kinder pretty good
and this little envelope a warning and
safety booklet this explains how to
verify the products authenticity on the
back is the warranty card and this is a
battery care card one two three clicks
of this button turns the device on and
you saw a flash a bunch of different
colors now when I'm pushing this
it's showing green and down here you saw
12 it's actually a battery life
indicator so green it's full orange it's
halfway and red you should probably
recharge it and with this device you can
also adjust wattage to adjust wattage
hold down this button so so there it is
and I actually do have it in all three
colors it comes in Darth Vader all black
and it also comes in stormtrooper white
and black or in in Atkins words like it
says on the label white and black so
these two I'm gonna give away a little
bit later on my Instagram page
I like the draw or pull on here it's
smooth not too restrictive not too Airy
and feels just right flavor on a scale
of very poor to excellent I'd put it at
very good it's not the most flavorful
pod system I've tried but but it's up
they're using Plex 3d coils it's kind of
a bummer that I can't replace just the
coil you do have to replace the whole
pod but the pods are refillable and then
once it comes time to get more they come
in little boxes like this and yeah it's
just boxes on one should come in boxes
of at least two in my opinion when
you're vaping there is a purple light at
the bottom it's not super bright
definitely not as obnoxious as some of
the stuff I've been seeing lately so
just keep in mind it is there it's not
entirely discreet and there is no way to
turn it off adjustable wattage very nice
I've been keeping it at 12 watts but I'm
gonna bump it up and see if it can
handle my mighty liquid cuz I have max
VG juice in here most people are
probably gonna stick NIC salts into this
it's doing just fine at 15 watts but I
have noticed that the more I vape it
especially if I'd say been done it at 12
watts the top part gets really hot like
uncomfortably hot and that's really my
only con with it if you end up using
this a lot you take it like a few hits
consecutively the top gets hot does it
have pass-through charging it does
that's it I gotta go wash my face hey we
all make mistakes