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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

☺ Innokin GALA Pod Kit Tech Review 500mAh

wait a minute how barbaric of me
hi there welcome to today's video I'm
gonna be MUC
banging mom mukbang something like it's
eating on camera but while I do that I'm
also gonna show you guys the Gullah
which was sent to me by Anakin this
video is highly edited for your safety
that's right no drug use no nudity no
sexual content no violence no makeup and
of course no dangerous content it's just
gonna be really boring but safe and
safety comes first I do mean absolutely
no drug use
it appears the water has cooled it to a
safe temperature and is now drinkable it
may not be the best time to dunk my sack
but I'm gonna go ahead and do it anyway
caffeine free I'm gonna go ahead and let
that steep even though nothing's
probably gonna happen at this point but
at least we're safe
everything about this video is
absolutely drug free including this
bottle of liquid as you can see it has
zero milligrams of a substance known as
nicotine and zero means that there's
none just a 60 milliliter bottle of some
food grade propylene glycol vegetable
glycerin and flavorings
so the Gullah is one of these devices
where you can put this liquid that I
have into it and this part has a 500
milliamp hour battery which is
rechargeable and it recharges to the usb
port right here and this part that I
yanked out is the pod this is the place
where the liquid goes I'm gonna be
honest I'm not the biggest fan of these
like rubber ice stopper dealios but
that's that's where you fill it and
there's the fill hole so peel this back
like an uncircumcised solemnity this
mixture of propylene glycol vegetable
glycerin and flavorings and squeeze it
into here squeeze this back into place
and I'm gonna hear like 5 maybe 10
minutes so the cotton inside of their
consent I do apologize that the muck
banging has not yet begun but while this
so I'm gonna go ahead and begin mmm I
like to eat a nice healthy breakfast
every morning by having some German rye
bread from a German Bakery
it really helps regulate those morning
movements the breads a little old this
is only 200 calories for every 2
tablespoons lady hmm oh yeah I do pay
the extra dollar or two to get the
free-range eggs
I want my chickens happy so there's my
egg and this is my dollar device and now
it's ready I'm gonna stick this back in
here and I does only go one way if you
try to stick it in the other way it
won't go all the way in and he needed to
go all the way in if you want it to work
right and this is draw activated but due
to safety reasons that part hasn't been
edited out oh my god where did that come
from as you may have not seen this is
just a pull and puff kind of device so
you like that Oh what what is that hmm I
like to boil the water first and then I
put in my eggs
I might have went a little too sexy I do
apologize for the extreme showing of
skin so the gala it comes packaged like
this in a box and would you look at that
they actually have the specs on here the
words before you will let you know that
the battery is 500 milliamp hours it's a
point eight ohm ceramic coil the pods
are refillable and they hold two
milliliters of a liquid
the gala was originally right here over
on this side a lot of stuff there's a
handy-dandy Quick Start Guide and
appears to be in many languages it's
super convenient to travel and when
you're like on the go and you just need
to pull out something quick
Vale's really from here to here it's not
actually that big it's two pogs which I
do seize it did give me an extra pod
well the extra one is green on the
bottom if no markings at all except for
a little sticker that says fill here the
box only mentions one pod so the box is
telling me there's just one point eight
own pod but the manual says there's two
positives clearly two pods and says
extra ceramic pod says refillable pod in
the manual and an extra ceramic pod
there's also this handy-dandy card that
shows you how to fill the ponds and it
looks like they provided some applicator
tips so if you have a bottle where the
tip doesn't really fit you could put
this little tip over it and make it fit
and there's three of them in the box
this is the charge cable looks like a
pretty decent one and it appears this
also comes with a lanyard I've never
seen one that looks like this
there's no lanyard instructions so I'm
gonna have to give that another con
maybe it goes like this very effective
please note that I am NOT a lanyard
expert there was also this envelope that
plopped out when I dumped everything out
and inside of here it's all the boring
stuff that you'll never look at please
do anyway there's a warning and safety
booklet there was also a warranty card
and a battery care guide so definitely
read all of this before using this
product maybe if it's that important
that shouldn't be talked away in this
envelope that's inside of a box inside
of another box I like my makeup free
look even if some of you don't
you're viewing safety matters so notice
that all strip down the center of it
that's a light so I stick in a pod
I turn green that's a battery life
indicator light and green means it's
pretty good to go
green indicates the battery life is over
40 percent yellow means it's between
like 20 and 40 and if it turned red you
gotta recharge it
however this thing also has some weird
light show and the manuals saying tap
three times on the logo to display the
current color one two three
nothing's happening like I don't get
this it also says I can shake it to make
it cycle through all the colors that's
the part I'm talking about I hope you
guys saw hopefully it wasn't blurry but
basically what it says is tap Galah
three times to display the current light
and nothing happens then it says shake
it to cycle LED colors nothing happens
let's try this again it does say to wait
2 4 seconds after your dog shaking it 1
2 3
it says light show mode on and off tap
gawa 5 times 1 2 3 4 5 oh it did
something it's cycling that one worked
but the other ones aren't really doing
anything 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5
so do anything this is frustrating
yeah I'm gonna give it a con for that
light show I don't I don't get what's
happening there haha okay well if you
yell out it and just keep poking
eventually it does stop
yeah it also lights up when you're using
the device
I like indicating even though I'm not
like the biggest fan of whatever is
going on with the lights
I like their products a lot of their
stuff is like really built to last it's
durable and this actually feels like a
really nice quality device like the
battery portion of this thing has some
weight to it doesn't feel chintzy so
these super simple devices are gonna be
around like 25 bucks and yeah I really
don't know what else to say about it
but I do know that I need to finish my
breakfast so I should probably go and
Groo out well she was here and watch me
finish my breakfast soon to literally
lose for everyone else who's leaving
just a 36 year old lady eating her
breakfast at 1 o'clock p.m.
there's Nutella in my nails it's on the
manual it's just I gotta go this is this
is a mess I'm soft


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