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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

๐Ÿ’“ Innokin GoMax Tube Vape Pen Kit Review 5.5ml Tank 3000mAh

hi welcome to the thumbnail oh hey
what's up I wanted to show you these two
beeps that I got and also the sweet
weeds here they are babes from Innokin
the blue one is a slide tube and this
one is the go max tube sexy lady with
beautiful nails
these are simple kits I've already shown
you guys the tanks in the past but I'll
show them again why not and they sit on
this tube inside of the tube is a
battery let me just open this up it'll
be a lot more entertaining the kid is
named after these two tanks these are
the go max tanks they're disposable
which kind of makes a lot of waste if
you think I mean look at the thing it's
pretty big but they're really cheap like
4 bucks or less to replace opens like
this and on the bottom there's
adjustable air flow and that's all there
is to it it's very basic you can't open
it any further oh it got loud outside
wouldn't it be wonderful long service
was just like a specific day of the week
yeah I am still using tee time for those
of you that keep watching my videos for
some reason I like that peppermint tea
flavor I vape zero honestly I don't care
what's in here as long as I can inhale
something and blow it out cuz that's
that's what I'm addicted to that's all I
want back in high school
flavor did matter cuz I mean not really
I preferred Apple puckers over like
Coors beer but in the end I just wanted
to get drunk so I really didn't care how
I got there but the Apple Parkers did
the job quicker just like blowing some
clouds so I could even put like straight
a vegetable glycerin in here and I'd be
happy the fill holes have a seal so even
if you leave it open and go like this it
doesn't leak out with a new one give it
like five minutes so that cotton in
there can saturate and then that's it
make sure the air flows open too I guess
so the tube has a 510 connection the
tank just screws in there inside of the
tube is the 3000 milliamp hour a
rechargeable battery if you can see but
the USB port is right here
and it's just standard I would have
preferred a see type one two three
clicks turns it on one two three clicks
turns it off so once it's on I just push
the button to vape and that's it there's
nothing else to it on-off push-button so
that was that side the other box within
a box within the box has the accessory
so basically that's just the charge
cable this little warning and safety
booklet and the manual the other one the
slide tube it pretty much works the same
well the tube does really the only
difference is besides the color the
tanks so this tank is slide tank it is
reusable the only thing you got to
replace or are the coils unless you
break the glass and you gonna replace
the glass as well they do include an
additional piece of glass in the box
along with an extra coil the other ones
already inside the tank so this one
slides open as well
you push here but if you push nothing
will happen
and so that drip tip is gone and then
you can slide it open so yeah the drip
tip locks it in place to get to the coil
the base twists off and then these
things just pop in and out and there's
the adjustable airflow there isn't much
for air flow because this is more for an
MTL mouth to long kind of experience so
it's for Less vapor the go max is for
lower vapor with a brand new coil in
there again give it like five minutes so
that cotton can saturate the tube is
identical to the other two the only
difference is the name so here they have
slide and then the other one it's let's
go max but it's identical it's one two
three clicks turns it on and then you
push the button to vape one two three
clicks turns it off the tank screws in
open up my airflow
slide X this one's more about flavor and
this one's about chucking some fat
clouds they're both flavorful I just
think this one's more flavorful price
point between like 30 40 bucks something
like that maybe Maya I know but I know
that this one's a little more money than
this one I've already shown the tanks I
just pretty much wanted to show you guys
my tubes so that there they are that's
it that's the whole video please
ring the bell as well maybe I gotta go
to literally lose bye


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