Innokin MVP5 Ajax 120W Vape Kit Review|5200mAh Power Bank

it's not a pod kit hello welcome to the
show I'm Sophie this is kind of the
direction I was hoping vapes were going
in and then everyone turned to pod kits
in fact and it can wanted me to review
another pod kit but I think they might
have shipped it to the wrong address my
old address so for review today the
m-v-p 5 with Ajax tank it is a power
bank flashlight vaporizer
so let me show you guys this thing up
close so here's how it comes packaged
and you'll notice a message on the side
it's wrong there is no nicotine
this is an open pod system so you put in
whatever eliquid you want yeah the mod
has quite a few features 6 mode
flashlight big old battery fast 2 amp
charging and compass sensors I really
like how Anakin's stuff is packaged so
one side there's accessories and on the
other side called
goodies inside of the accessories box
there is this little lanyard which is
also a Type C charge cable there's also
this warning and safety booklet and a
user manual I like how they have
pictures everything's in color it's
neatly laid out and pretty easy to
oops hiding inside of my warning and
safety booklet was also some spare parts
for the tank and here's the tank it's
called the Ajax and it holds 5
milliliters of a liquid on the bottom
there's two airflow slits and these are
adjustable at the top is a drip tip it
is a standard size size 510 so you could
use other tips with this where the
little triangle is push and fill through
here to replace the coil it's actually
really simple and it can have this like
pullin plug kind of system on these
tanks here just pull the coil out and
you can plug in a new one
but it does go in a certain way and make
sure you get it in all the way to take
completely apart maybe you want to clean
it out thoroughly or you broke the glass
grab the top of it turn and then the
glass pops off like this and don't worry
if you do break the glass they'll
include an additional piece which is
identical in size and there's also an
additional coil so in total there's two
coils the one that was pre-installed as
a point one six own coil it's made out
of Kanthal and this thing can be made
between 50 and 80 watts the other one is
a point 3 5 ohm coil it's also made out
of Kanthal and this one can be made
between 30 and 55 watts and both of them
do have the wattage range on them and
here is the MVP 5 mod so it charges on
the side with a type C charge cable this
lifts up like so this mod has a whopping
5200 milliamp hour battery it has a big
boy it's so big in fact if you lift up
this part you can use this as a power
bank this other part is a button and if
you push it yeah next to the flashlight
is the 510 spring-loaded connection this
is the fire button also the on and off
button a well IDI screen up and down
buttons are plus and minus and this is a
mode button and the screen does have a
protective sticker on it so you can
remove that all right I guess you could
leave it but it's gonna look kind of
ugly and if you want to attach the
little lanyard charge cable that goes
through here like so one two three
clicks turns it on one two three clicks
turns it off and it's fast there's a
clock you can set the time there's a
battery life indicator right now I'm in
waters mode hope it does time out to
another clock there's also a puff timer
which caps out at 18 seconds you can
also set the limit on that
and down here and shows me what I'm
currently in what mode I'm in and once
there's a tank on here it'll also show
resistance so when you stuff a tank on
here or an addy whatever you want to
call it it will show you the new coil
the resistance of the new coil what you
had on there last time so you can either
leave it the same pick wise other
I'm gonna go with wattage and here I can
set whatever kind of wattage mode I want
I'll go through this in just a sec I'm
just gonna click normal for now and
there we go so right now I'm in wattage
mode and I can choose whatever I want
whatever wattage I want but as you can
see this does nothing you actually have
to hold down with up and down buttons
until that blinks and then you can go up
and down in increments of 0.5 to do this
faster hold down the button it does a
lot faster and it goes all the way up to
a hundred and twenty watts then it stops
and if you keep going it round Rapids I
like that to get into the menu click the
mode button three times one two three so
I'm gonna go into wattage again so this
is normal vape strength that's what that
means if I go into boost the screens not
really gonna change but what that means
is that it gives you a little preheat it
increases the water to by 20% for two
seconds but yeah do be careful if you
have the wattage set pretty high already
because it might fry your coil so most
companies actually call that high
they're calling it boost the next one
down soft this decreases the wattage by
20% for two seconds the next two down
Ajax and z-coil these two are presets so
it already sets it up for a particular
coil if I click activate it'll show me
15 watts for the sequel however if you
really want you can change it in case
all of that wasn't enough for you
there's also custom power curves
there's four of them already preset you
can select one of these or you can
customize one so I'm just gonna stick
with the first one click the mode button
and you saw that first dot had turned
blue I'm gonna click it again turns red
one when it's red I can use the up or
down buttons to set whatever wattage I
want to set it in place I'm gonna click
mode and then go to the next one
like mode once it's red I cannot just it
click mode go down next one got the
commode and adjust it mode down mode
adjust mode down mode I've just so once
I have it where I want it I'm just gonna
keep clicking until I get to safe and
there's my custom power curve that was a
bit overkill for me but if you need more
there's also temperature control mode so
in here you can use different types of
wire so there's stainless steel 316l
titanium and I 200 that's nickel TCR
that's temperature coefficient of
resistance and you can also change the
temperature unit so you can click
between Fahrenheit and Celsius so if I
go into stainless steel it's count the
braiding um well the coil in here is
kanthal which cannot be used with
temperature control it always kind of
confuses me why companies provide you
with coils that can't be used in
temperature control and then they offer
temperature control so don't use this
with the coils provided but if you
happen to get some other coils you can
go ahead and select for example titanium
and then in here again hold down with
these buttons once it splashes you can
adjust the temperature to do this faster
hold down the button it caps out at 600
it stops if you keep going it goes down
to 300 so round robin
so don't hear you can see wattage
normally there is a way to change that I
haven't figured it out I've tried every
combination of buttons I can think of
and the manual doesn't mention it and
TCR is temperature coefficient of
resistance we can go ahead and tweak
some stuff even further I never mess
with this but if you want to I have to
do is click the mode button and then you
can change the number really the manual
should have a range for this but they
don't so if you don't know what to do
just leave it alone next one down cut
off this is a safety feature so if
you're holding down that fire button for
too long it'll cut off power to the
device so if you click the mode button
that blue light turns white and now you
can use the up and down buttons to
adjust this it goes between three
seconds and all the way to 18 but 18 is
not a good idea
you might fry your coils I usually keep
it around 8 after that as a puff counter
you can clear it if you want display you
can select different colors right now I
have it sent on rainbow there's a whole
bunch of different options after color
is a brightness so this is the screen
brightness it's currently at a hundred
percent but you can dim it the dimmest
it goes is this and timing this is how
many seconds before it goes into standby
mode so you can I shall start and this
is how many seconds before it times out
standby mode it'll show a clock and then
timeout which caps out at wrong
direction which caps out at 180 seconds
is how long before the screen goes dark
so the next one down sensors looks like
this almost green and just says move the
device so here's what the manual has to
say to calibrate compass hold device
with screen forward flip the MVP five
forward twice and backwards twice to
is it doing anything
I don't oh there we go I believe I have
a compass now that's actually kind of
cool I just don't know if I said it
right I like the flashlight
on the bottom is the button to turn it
on and off so while it's on you get this
screen when it's off you just get the
regular screen so you can have it at
different strengths max medium minimum
and you can even have it on SOS Morse
code signal that's kind of cool
there's this option along with the final
one which is a stroke effect our journey
through the menu is almost over the next
one the last one down this system in
here you can set the clock that's a
pretty self-explanatory I guess there's
also a passkey so this is a security
feature if you don't want anyone else
using your device like kids maybe you
can use the up and down buttons to
adjust this once I have this where I
want it click on mode oops
I'm doing this wrong click on mode go up
or down click on mode go to the next one
click on mode I always do really
creative complicated passwords and pass
keys there go
I haven't where I want it click mode and
on I'm gonna turn off the device one two
three and I'm gonna turn it back on one
two three oh there we go so now in order
to access the device I gotta put in some
numbers whoops I put it in wrong he's
not gonna let me oh no I don't know what
to do okay
it won't even let me turn it off
actually oh no I just locked myself out
of the mod for two hours so that's
excellent well luckily I have another
device since I'm locked out of mine for
two hours I have set up the same highly
secure code I'm gonna go ahead and type
that in
and now I'm in after passkey this is the
ID number there's also the version and
you can reset this to factory settings
and that's finally it well that was it
for the menu anyways if I push the mode
button and up button at the same time I
can lock the device so now I can't fire
it I can't change any of my settings
push it again to unlock it if I push the
mode button in the down button at the
same time I get all of this info and
last thing on here if you push the UP
button and the down button at the same
time you can go into stealth mode I
guess it's not super stealth and usually
it goes completely dark but I guess what
does it doesn't undo it just push those
two again Oh try not to get locked out
that's my best suggestion mmm car I'm
Carl I waited the two hours after I got
locked out of my device and I turned it
back on it let me in no problem
it basically asked me is it the same
coil is it a new coil do I want to
change my wattage temperature control
and all that no more coat the coat is
gone so I'm gonna go back into the menu
passkey yeah it's completely gone it has
like wiped it out of the can't even see
that it's like all zeroes let me turn up
the screen there we go now you can see
it it's gone
it has magically disappeared after two
hours ah yeah I'm gonna give the passkey
icon that's that shouldn't be like that
like what's the point of a security
password if it just resets after two
hours I mean I guess it's great if you
forgot your code and you're like oh I
don't know how to get back into this
wait two hours really the biggest con
when it comes to this cuz the only other
thing I found on here that I didn't like
flashlight I like the flashlight look
I've been reviewing so many pot kids
I'm sick of POD kids it's just they're
all the same almost huh so it's nice to
see it flashlights a whole bunch of
different functions even though I'm a
wattage the only kind of girl but other
people might enjoy the other things on
here and there's a lot of things except
um in temperature control I couldn't
figure out how to change the wattage it
was just stuck at 120 watts I don't know
how to change it the manual doesn't tell
me the manual is also card called card
it's called a QuickStart guide so what
the heck is a manual like I want the
full version and for TCR I would like to
see a range but if you're new to this
and you picked it up just stick with
wattage mode and look at the range of
the coils and just just put it between
that range somewhere so yeah mm-hmm see
I even though it might have some cons
here and there
overall I'm I'm really satisfied because
it's got a flashlight that's freakin
awesome ya know it doesn't take much
after seeing all these podcasts this is
like the most exciting thing that's also
a power bank it's got a 5200 milliamp
hour battery in there that can be used
as a power pink that makes me so happy I
can charge my phone or another babe oh
my god and it's not that bad of a vape
either I like it
it's a little loud no it needs a lot of
airflow because it's using these mesh
style coils which need airflow but that
is very pleasant taste nice vapor
production easy to fill yeah comes in a
bunch of pretty colors comes in more
colors and then they sent me yeah that's
it that's all I wanted to say about it
this is gonna be a really long video I
better get to editing this thing so I'm
gonna go on the next video I don't know
when that's gonna be because I got to
start remodeling the VAP room we'll
still recording slash vapor room so I
ordered a bunch of stuff I got a paint
it I'm doing some neat things in there
maybe I'll record the whole process and
then flap that up in this channel and
that'll be the next video or or not I'm
not really sure what the next video is
it I guess um I guess we'll see
so to to literally lose hopefully I'll
see you guys next time
oh yeah um please subscribe and ring
that bell as well thank you bye