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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Is Juuling Safe? The Dangers of E Cigs

welcome back keeping tobacco products
out of the hands of minors it continues
to be a hot topic as the popularity of
e-cigarettes and vaping continues to
rise just last week in fact we told you
about tobacco 21 an ordinance the city
of Youngstown is considering which would
raise the minimum age to buy tobacco in
the city to 21 years old and if you
remember our own Caroline Collins told
us recently about a hot trend called
Julie it's a discreet electronic device
that can be charged up in a laptop some
students even smoking this nicotine pack
to ejuice in school just because of how
discreet that it is very timely subject
matter as we welcome in dr. Jonathan win
a cough this morning good morning thanks
for having me thank you so much for
joining us this morning now you're a
pediatrician with massachusetts general
general Children's Hospital you're here
in town speaking with clinical staff
from what we've learned at Akron
Children's Hospital right tell me a
little bit about your visit so we're
gonna be covering a third hand smoke and
electronic cigarette use and as a
general pediatrician what we've been
seeing is a lot of kids who are addicted
to these new products and we want to
make sure that everyone understands what
they are and how we can prevent kids who
would never be smokers otherwise
entering into nicotine addiction because
of these products very hot topic for
sure could you first start off by giving
us what is the definition of third-hand
smoke we've all heard of secondhand
smoke but what is this third answer so
third hand smoke is once the cigarette
is put out turns out that there's toxins
in the air
that's stick and linger on fabrics on
clothing really anywhere that a
cigarette or a vape product is used gets
coated in nicotine and toxins and these
include class one carcinogens the most
carcinogenic substance is known so
there's really no place where you can
smoke that won't contaminate the
environment and that's true for vaping
so anywhere that smoke-free has to also
be vape free what trends are we seeing
out there right now with children and
these east cigarettes and vaping and
even a new trend Julie not a day goes by
in my clinical practice where I don't
see a teen who's come in and can't stop
Julie well I had one kid yesterday
yesterday morning before I flew in
told me that they had to keep it under
their pillow so that they could get
their fix at night this substance is
extremely addictive it's not just that
they've taken some nicotine from tobacco
and put it in and then you and then you
vape it no they've actually chemically
engineered the nicotine to make it more
addictive they've made it smoother these
ultrafine aerosols go deep into the lung
bringing with it the carcinogens and
heavy metals right into your body and
there's really no safe way to do this
especially for the developing brain you
brought a joule pin in with you can we
see that I did and talked about you
showed me the cartridge and you said
that it has like even more nicotine than
a pack of cigarettes yeah so if you take
a look at how I just concealed this in
my pocket I brought it right into your
studio so you take a look at that what
does that look like it looks like a USB
absolutely and let's just say this
couldn't you hide that in your sleeve oh
kids are using this in the classroom
kids who never would have smoked they
get addicted to nicotine and that can
last for their entire life now let me
show you the actual jewel pod okay let
me pull it out you think oh maybe it's a
big thing all right that's it so that
little thing has more that small thing
than a pack of cigarettes an entire pack
of cigarettes a few little drops of this
liquid gets into your brain and you get
addicted for life Wow this is extremely
interesting and it's it's really good
for us to see what advice do you have
for all the parents out there and for
those you know with small children who
this probably seems cool for children to
do absolutely kids 69% of kids don't
even know that every jewel contains
nicotine they think it's harmless water
vapor with a little bit of flavoring but
in these flavors contains the nicotine
and there's this image of on the website
like Oh healthy mango cool cucumber
fruit medley they even have creme brulee
these things are marketed to kids let's
make no mistake they you're not trying
to get smokers to switch this they're
trying to addictive x-gen eration to
tobacco products so for parents out
there it's obviously just really good
for them to see this and to hear about
this and and just
quick parting advice that you can give
to the parents well I think that talk to
your pediatrician talk to your family
doctor make sure that we get kids off of
these products if you've not started
using them then never start because you
are probably gonna be looking at a
lifetime of tobacco addiction right dr.
Winnik off we really appreciate your
time this morning and I know you're you
know flying in and doing really good
work with the Akron Children's Hospital
out there as well so we really
appreciate you coming in this morning
and I really appreciate the opportunity


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