Is Vaping Safe? How E-Cigarette Helps to Quit Smoking

Of course I did say the president
declared a war for the Planet of the
vapes I'm not referring to your shop
thank you for the clarification
five-eight how long have you been in the
Michel nine years nine years and you
started it because I started it because
I was a smoker since 13 years old and
you're 14 now I am 44 now I stopped
smoked I tried to stop smoking numerous
times different methods called Turkey
etc but I couldn't do it yeah until a
good friend of mine introduced it to me
in 2010 where'd he get it uh from his
friends also okay
yeah from abroad so I wasn't I was also
not sure that it would work for me but
he said it's only 2000 pesos and if you
can stop smoking that would be really
good so what was your consumption
cigarette consumption it I used to do a
pack a day yeah and then when I'd have
late nights it would be more yeah so how
fast was it after you adopted or tried
using an e-cigarette that you actually
cut back until you finally quit took me
about one month to completely get rid of
cigarettes and I've been smoke-free for
nine years now
i I I don't like the smell of it it
turns me off it smells like it smells
really bad okay so any of our smoker who
is now a nonsmoker you find that vaping
still gives you the you know the
satisfaction that you used to get from
smoking describe it I mean how much
different is it for you as a nonsmoker
the vaping would actually give it a kind
of satisfaction well it mimics the use
of smoking but again it's without the
harmful by program occult combustion and
the tar that is associated with smoking
so it makes you feel lighter you get the
nicotine rush which again you mentioned
a while ago that it was because of
that was the cause that's not true the
course is illegal marijuana cards cost
the e-value cases in America so there
were some kind of I guess an illegal
additive in this case marijuana yes
exacerbated the problem yes that that
illegal cards use vitamin E acetate as a
binder so that causes the lung illnesses
in the states so that's a vitamin E
acetate that was found in the lungs of
these people the victim yes not the
nicotine that we sell in the stores here
we all know Tony it's not allowed here
the Philippines in marijuana
so yeah definitely but so we've got a
couple of samples you know just you know
just so that we can actually show to the
public it comes in different flavors and
these flavors are all artificially of
course manufactured yeah are they all
certified by the Food and Drug
Administration well right now the the
the ingredients are purchased from
pharmaceutical labs abroad okay
they are suppliers of food grade
materials yeah active ingredients and
then we imported here and then it's a
locally mixed and packaged so in your
shop you actually mix the flavor no we
don't do it on my shop now we have
suppliers who do it okay so you actually
buy them they're already pre-mixed yes
and they also come with some graphic
warnings like this is a it contains
nicotine and it's addictive okay so
that's actually required that the label
specifies that it has the good team and
of course nicotine is addictive
everybody it's not the cause of
sicknesses related to smoking cigarettes
now what kind of ingredients actually go
into it there are five major ingredients
one is propylene glycol vegetable
glycerin flavorings nicotine and all of
these are actually approved by the FDA
example- individually they are approved
we are asking for fair regulations you
know we want to work with the government
to make our products safe yeah we don't
want to sell it to the youth below 18 so
you don't sell it to anybody do not ask
for government IDs oh yes all right
right now you know of course people have
been researching about the history of
vaping and by now most everybody
probably know that the first a cigarette
was commercially produced by a Chinese
pharmacist one lik I believe that was
the name who also wanted to quit smoking
but that was only about how many years
ago I mean the history of vaping yeah
it's a decade two decades yeah half past
he was the inventor of the first
electronic cigarette
his father died because of smoking and
he wanted to deliver nicotine without
the harmful effects of smoking the
Western power and carcinogen so this it
was a motivation for him yeah and he
created the first one and now it's
developed into better units like what we
see here but but stretching here is we
shall that perhaps we haven't seen some
studies or any studies coming out of
China where the first a cigarette was
developed that would show that vaping
actually is less harmful than smoking
and has not actually produced any
significant health risk to people who
use vapes but it's a study in the UK
that only recently found vaping actually
helps more smokers to quit but why do
you think that is I mean China where the
first eat cigarette came from has never
come out with a study that would support
the safety of vaping I'm not sure about
China but the UK the Royal College of
Physicians public health England Cancer
Research UK these are the guys who also
said that smoking was bad even before
the US FDA said it was so so these guys
are really you know they study the the
problem they see and they do their own
research without influences from big
tobacco companies or other
fundings that can lead the the research
and the results to another way yeah and
it says there that vaping is 95 percent
safer than smoking tobacco
yes cigarettes and has in your in your
own industry I mean would you have
people who would just also maybe tend to
examine the results of that study
cautiously and not accept it
wholeheartedly you know maybe there's
still room for doubt in that study well
let's be prudent definitely we should
study it you know we should have our own
studies we should do our own surveys we
do we won't just take any study blindly
but these guys are reputable scientists
researchers who have a long list of you
know doctor and etc etc and we don't
have the technology here unfortunately
to study these things the machines the
funding for it also is not they're not
FDA you know no capability i wouldn't i
haven't yet and yes there there is no
funding yet but you know in the sense
that there was already an administrative
order from the Department of Health that
actually started the process of getting
the FDA to you know start a licensing
process for vapes vaping businesses I
mean all of a sudden that's God that
would have actually opened the way for
businesses like yours to have licenses
by December right actually not really
Tony the the administrative order was
very very stringent the effect of that
would also be the closure of stores we
would not be able to produce any flavors
of liquids they didn't want any flavors
that were attractive yeah yeah it I
don't get me wrong when you know the the
industry is clear we Perseus was we
started it in 2013 for the basic result
of getting regulation very regulation
you know we want our
exactly and we don't want to sell
products that are dangerous you know we
don't want to have it in the black
market all right we don't want to sell
it to the youth so you know these things
are we are Pro regulation you know fair
reasonable regulation you think that AO
would have been detrimental to your
industry yes only because of the
provisions that would have actually you
know make it impossible for your
industry also to attract customers yes
again we're trying to look for an
alternative for the 17 million Filipinos
smokers and making a less harmful
product more restrictive yeah
doesn't make proper sense you know we
should actually the government should
also be helping us the Filipinos you
know to stop smoking and it shouldn't be
the other way around for example you can
buy a stick of cigarette in any street
corner even a long answer but if this
product imagine you're gonna make it
harder for the for the smokers to to get
this product didn't jamplay know of
course you know um we won't be able to
help anybody and like people like me
would go back to smoking
are there any Filipino doctors or even
scientific experts who are on the side
of the vaping industry in the
Philippines yes there are one is dr.
Matta mm-hmm he was also interviewed a
couple of times there are a few but
again there are restrictions also and
what they can say because of the
directives of the government some so
they're actually I guess prevented from
expressing yes but there are a lot of
expert opinion yes there are a lot Tony
of former smoker the doctors who have
stopped smoking and now they are vapors
we have people even in the in politics
who who've a but you know there's about
500,000 to 1 million vapors already in
the Philippines and this 90% of them
were all buying cigarettes before so a
person like me was doing a pack a day
for you you know the 10 years that I
didn't smoke
that was lost revenue for cigarettes and
I feel much better now and just to close
Michelle because you know we have to
move on after this interview how much
has this band cost you as a businessman
let's be clear again Tony the ban is for
use in public places which actually we
are okay with you know importation
importation yes that we would like
clarification also on that we seek the
wisdom and guidance of our president you
know we don't want to sell it to the
youth we want to help the economy also
it will it definitely has a big effect
there are 10,000 people their livelihood
will be affected by this importation ban
so again we pay taxes we pay employees
we pay rentals we we help the economy
and this will all be affected if if this
continues to be not allowed alright well
we shall my hope there it'll be some
clarity brought to this issue because
you know a lot of people of course as
you said rely on this industry error
also I guess hundreds of thousands of
Filipinos who also see vaping as a way
for them to actually quit the habit if
they've already become actually habitual
smoker Stroup thank you very much thank
you Tony over the future perfect cane
and giving your side on this thank you