Macht die Polizei Stimmung gegen die E-Zigarette?

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 I am the simon, that's what that and 
 today the question is whether the 
 police vote against the e-cigarette 
 do what I am allowed to do in advance 
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 So take care what happened there 
 a letter to a school that has 
 someone posted on facebook there was 
 a little bit of excitement and that's it 
 from the police headquarters westhessen and im 
 names of two counties where the before 
 changed league true and 
 it has a bit of two sides to that 
 whole so there is also a note 
 from lka nrw I linked you too 
 unfortunately I can write this here 
 don't link directly that's just as 
 photo posted on facebook 
 but this thing from lka nrw is im 
 base the same content on one 
 website you can do that as a runner 
 to link 
 I'm going to get out of there now 
 quote because that's a little shorter 
 is illegal league is made of e cigarettes 
 are more common with synthetic 
 cannabinoids or co-drops added 
 this mixture can be used by consumers 
 trigger life-threatening conditions 
 the lka nrw warns in this context 
 before the consumption this is then 
 they say there were several cases 
 partially known gbl was also inside 
 that has too high intoxication and 
 also very dangerous and they refer 
 here on a corresponding info page 
 from bzg a with me for sure 
 again single topic will be because 
 what they write about e-cigarettes 
 that also a lot of nonsense 
 write what is now in this 
 school was in the country in the lahn dill district 
 and in the district of limburg weilburg or 
 Weilburg don't really see that 
 not so necessary a good photo 
 there they say also be careful 
 changed liquid and that's the one 
 that is, of course, completely correct 
 note yes of course you are not allowed 
 be totally over the top and say rode 
 as well as controlled there we have to 
 back on rain now it's totally 
 right just like the police are warning 
 in front of open drinks discos because 
 people drip there or otherwise 
 they were in for something 
 the case 
 be careful if anyone has strange things 
 make it on the left is complete 
 justified legitimate hint completely 
 correct the only thing a bit 
 it is stupid now 
 police is not so directly accused 
 that this whole situation with the usa 
 a bit there with vitamin e 
 so mess up here 
 this letter from the police headquarters 
 westhessen, for example, for liquid 
 usually lasts and nicotine 
 liquids to evaporate 
 e-cigarettes the impact on it 
 consumption on body and health days 
 one would have to estimate the note 
 the place can save because there is 
 one and rom 
 especially if harmless in itself 
 Vaporizing substances with e cigarettes 
 For example, vitamin c is lost 
 or vitamin e oils provide one 
 bit of general e-cigarette with 
 these specific cases so the usa 
 little bit of confusion 
 I will say this is of course a 
 leaning a little far out of the window 
 I don't think this 
 celebrated themselves together 
 but it will be more of a direction 
 federal health center 
 be enlightenment and yes it is 
 difficult we had in the 
 past in the past 
 cases that were really fields 
 teenagers upset because of that 
 about what made it as I said 
 are not the cases in the usa where that 
 vitamin e is life-threatening 
 just an overdose 
 they took drugs there 
 synthetic cannabinoids or just like 
 previously said gwl and then tipped 
 yes because just too much for them 
 intoxicant classic overdose 
 that is different, of course 
 you shouldn't be problematic 
 mess up because there too 
 actually none of the cases here 
 was somehow life-threatening 
 I say breakout of sweat and that 
 lose awareness of threats and 
 if that's just the story 
 in the usa we're talking about that 
 actually physical toxic 
 lung damage has occurred and that 
 was not the case with this one now 
 history but rather one starts from 
 the problem of addiction 
 view it will be added to the 1 
 yes the things yes I still find that 
 again very funny with them now 
 from the police in central Hesse and the police 
 We go to West Hesse reported cases 
 assume that the used elik will 
 it by adding psychoactive 
 Substances were changed on that 
 in any case correctly such changes 
 elik wirtz are among adolescents and 
 young adults among other things 
 the name ballack is traded and there 
 I wonder again where they are 
 have army that's even with that 
 back then schilling what was also young people 
 just didn't use it 
 some people said that 
 is so but of course I have that 
 so I checked how 
 does that look on twitter look for 
 ballack hits 0 
 then you search for ballack at reddit 
 if it hits 0 then you look at 
 Instagram after Ballack will be a hit 
 and i can't even say what this one 
 contribution is supposed to be a guy there 
 something with perfume no idea 
 really have no idea about every frank 
 impression reference 
 and then we have before at point 
 addictive drug addictive drug one 
 great side to drugs and there too 
 I'm looking for ballack and 
 also because 0-hit shame police 
 someone has you around the food 
 shit tells the term there 
 not so otherwise you would 
 at least and so at least 
 find instagram or reddot where it is 
 really like many such things 
 So sometimes the one is addressed 
 side is of course now 
 factual and reasonable on this 
 relevant police departments to go 
 and say pass on you bring two 
 things mess because I think they 
 want to do it right 
 if there is a bit of a preload 
 we just want to warn about it 
 no strange drug-related offenses to you 
 that's completely correct the hint that 
 absolutely okay 
 yes you really can't 
 object to what you have to say the stop 
 is they mess things up 
 the story with the vitamin e that is 
 stop in the usa completely different problem 
 than here gbl or thc so additionally 
 is going to dribble in because that was in 
 the usa is not the problem 
 there are prefabricated prefabricated ones 
 thc card with the diluent 
 problematic was done right away 
 it was not about that 
 that somebody afterwards three top 4 1 
 did but that was a 
 a business that was organized 
 crime and they have a stop 
 sell bad product there are 
 many people died 
 this phenomenon with i am now making myself 
 here somehow for intoxicants 
 additionally pure 
 that comes in addition but is a 
 another phenomenon as I said 
 don't mess up because then 
 we have the problem again and that 
 I already have it elsewhere 
 you have to report something precise 
 be so that you have the right people 
 facing the right problem during 
 otherwise the problem perception goes 
 just past the actual problem 
 I said pretty much on problems 
 So you know you have to do it correctly 
 so that people really understand 
 what is the problem in large and 
 all from my perspective 
 little bit less excitement 
 things like that 
 I would recommend it now 
 there they have a lot 
 produces how can that be and that 
 does that go to the police and so on 
 of course that concerns something 
 yes if any children and 
 juvenile accidents because of someone 
 says come i like a few here 
 drop gwl pure tilt diallo 
 fly there not cool not cool 
 and of course the police have to do that 
 were just like in other problems 
 the area too and I think we do 
 can also do it here if factually 
 if maybe the associations 
 objectively to this police 
 go and say take care you have there 
 just confused two things that is 
 not in order because you create there 
 a wrong perception you want there 
 we see that as it is 
 correct but please don't bring that with you 
 others get confused 
 we definitely go there because as I said 
 we've had cases like this and there is 
 partially addressed factually 
 been and I think so 
 they also have it very constructively 
 recorded yes that's there now 
 last video before 
 christmas holidays i will now 
 publish a day before the 24th 
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