Mechlyfe Ratel AIO 42W 18650 Review

what's up insiders juices Jack I'm at
vaping today we got
something a little different a little
weird right I'm talking about the MEK
life what tell it's a rebuildable a IO
there's no factory coils for it it only
comes with a rebuildable section to it
it's kind of like a single 18 650 mod
with its own tank built-in before we get
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honesty it's really more like more like
a billet box type in a different shape I
don't I consider it more of an AIO kit
than a rebuildable pod but you know
that's just all in the way they market
it those are the different colors that
you can get right there you can see it
this is your user manual you do get some
two rather nice coils and some cotton
all right so that's nice you get two
niaD coils 2.5 inner diameter 0.65 so
that's kind of neat we're gonna use one
of these coils and in this box right
here you get a black flat head
screwdriver a spare plug for your pod
part or tank part some spare o-rings and
some spare deck screws you also get a
micro USB cable here is the actual
device itself really beautiful beautiful
resin panels real nice clear window
there so you can see your juice level I
definitely like that subtle mech life
branding that's nice on the other side
another beautiful panel just drop-dead
gorgeous I mean nice job on that there
your buttons right there power button
screen up/down micro USB port okay they
the buttons have a little bit of a raise
to them they do protrude a little bit
out of the mod not so much the plus and
minus cuz there is a cut out there but
nice and clicky man no issues with that
on the bottom you're gonna see you got
these two little tabs right one and two
okay and that allows you to pop off your
panels now the panels are really really
clean man I believe they put the magnets
inside okay because they do go on
rather snugly and they don't move man I
mean great great job on the fitment of
the panel's so you take one off and you
can see it's kind of clean with that
nice clear window and then you can take
the other one off on the back and if you
want you could just push through to get
your battery out you don't need a
battery strap so that's why there is no
battery strap included indicator
markings right there done black on black
I think they could have done a better
job with that I don't like to see that I
would have rather seen you know some
mark of distinction some type of you
know gray silver white battery indicator
markings anything but black on black on
the bottom there you can see you got a
gold-plated spring loaded battery
contact and on the top there you have a
button style gold-plated battery contact
alright wanted to give you a quick size
comparison of course this is the rotelle
in the middle this is the dot mod dot
box kind of like a billet box type of
copy and this is the sigelei snow wolf
now the reason I pulled this one out is
because this was a reboot of I believe
my first mod that I ever got the sigelei
75 and when I saw the size of this the
overall size of this it really reminded
me of this mod so I wanted to show it to
you alright but here it is you can see
it's like you know it's much bigger than
a billet box or a billet box like device
much taller okay this this also takes a
single 18 650 and it's one of my
favorite a iOS of all time all right
it's much much taller okay but they put
the tank
on the top and it's also a little bit
slimmer it's not as wide alright now
when we bring it over to the sigelei
this of course takes a tank on top right
but you can see how the shape how the
feel you know the feel in the hand made
me think of this mod so I just wanted to
show it next to it you can see it's
basically this type of mod with a tank
slapped on top of it you know so that's
just for some size reference on the top
here you have a 510 driptip
it fits in there really snug make sure
you juice it up a little bit okay we're
gonna put that on the side now over here
see this narrowing right here okay
that's what holds the pod or your tank
whatever you want to call it in place
you unscrew that machining on and is
actually really good and you can pop the
pod out either way it really doesn't
matter you can take it out the front or
the back if you have the panels off and
this is your tank your pod whatever you
want to call it okay here right here I
don't like that man that just looks a
little sloppy and not well thought-out
to me I mean it's nice that you have an
easy pull tab I just wish they would
have used like a slider or something you
know something more akin to what the
billet box is alright and you just pop
that open and there's your fill port
right there to fill up okay now the
other thing that kind of bothered me is
I don't know if you can hear that see
that that cut side kind of doesn't look
like it's sealed right I don't know if
that's gonna be a problem I'll let you
know if it leaks or not but it may be an
issue over here is where you have your
airflow okay you can open it up a little
bit one hole like that that's four
mouths too long right and then if you
want to DL it you can open it up all the
way and of course you can cut down that
little hole to a little sliver if you
want to just do like a tight mouth to
lung but that's for your direct lung
right there so now what you want to do
is you want to unscrew this base right
here right and as you unscrew it you're
gonna see there cause your deck right
there okay
the cool thing you
is the barrel section actually stays in
there and it does have like a slightly
conical design to it so that's
definitely gonna be cool for flavor now
I know what you're thinking when you see
this deck you're saying to yourself but
how am I gonna dry fire it right well
let me show you the dis part comes apart
from the base right you just unscrew it
and now you have a 5-10 connection right
there so you can dry fire it so that's
kind of neat the way they did that I
kind of like that alright now the other
thing to notice on this deck is you have
what looks like three post holes but
they're not three post holes what this
is is this is your secondary side air
flow you can take that screw and open it
up or leave it closed I'm gonna leave it
closed for now what we're gonna do is
we're gonna throw this thing on a 521
tab plus and we're gonna build it with
the provided Kyle's
so now those post holes are wide open
looks like you can get a pretty decent
coil in there let's use one of the
provided quails so there is the provided
coil we're gonna take this coil and
we're just gonna put it into both post
holes just like that alright now what
you want to do is you want to make sure
you insert your coiling rod in there so
you kind of hold it in place and you
know where you're at
alright you want to make sure you're
above that airflow right there see the
airflow they're peeking out you want to
make sure you're above the airflow just
like that then you take your flat-head
screwdriver and you just lock it down
man and now that we're somewhat in place
we can move that and now you take your
second lead and you lock that down as
well alright make it nice and tight now
you take your wire clipper get it as
close as you can to that deck so you
make sure you don't short out all right
right flush up against it boom and
that's it now that coils a little bit
out of whack it's a little bit out of
joint we're gonna fix it I'm gonna push
it down as far as we can to that airflow
and that's what you
bill should look like something like
that see how it's directly above that
airflow right there maybe we can even
pull it out just a little bit all right
let's see pull it out just a little bit
and there you go just like that
now you grabbing all that bottom airflow
let's give this thing a quick pulse make
sure we have no hot spots we are roaming
out at point six nine see that point six
now all right and we are glowing evenly
from the inside out we'll give it a
little scrape just to make sure and
there we go beautiful now we're gonna
take the provided cotton and we're just
gonna send that wick through here the
tension that's how you want it nice and
tight just like that now we're gonna
take our vape shears and we're gonna cut
them a little long cut them right about
there okay same thing on the other side
right about there okay you want to leave
them a little bit on the long side all
right and I'll show you why in a second
now we're gonna take our wicks and we're
just gonna tuck them in there nice and
gently see how nice and gentle they go
in and we're gonna do the same thing on
the other side get that back end in
first nice and gently see how loose that
is that's how you want it now you see
how that cotton isn't quite hitting the
bottom of that deck it's right above it
that's where you want your cotton cuz
that's how wicks best same thing on the
other side see how there's space there
right there that's how you want it just
like that
juice we're gonna be using today is
juice head this is their blueberries and
lemon let me tell you something guys if
you like fruity juices and you haven't
tried juice head yet you're missing out
they make some of the best fruity juices
on the market so now we're gonna just
take our blueberry lemon juice we're
gonna saturate that quite a little bit
get it started give it a little test
fire and we got beep and it smells
glorious this is just a fantastic juice
break that coil in a little bit right
now we take our properly built wick and
juiced quail section deck whatever you
want to call it and we thread it back in
to the base so we're gonna thread that
right on the base nice and tight so now
we take our base section we put it right
into that barrel section right there
give it a little reverse thread so it
catches and then we screw it right back
on just like so and now we're gonna do
is we're gonna pop this open see that
right there we're gonna pop that open
we're gonna put our juice bottle in
there and we're gonna give it a squeeze
now you might want to go a little slow
at first because you got to remember
your juice actually has to make it past
that barrel section alright so the
thicker juices might have a little bit
of a tough time getting past there so
just be aware of that okay go slow and
fill it up nice and easy
once you're all filled up you pop that
section back on and that's what your
tank should look like something like
that now what we're gonna do we're gonna
pop our tank inside just like so right
and now you want to take this knurled
piece remember and you want to make sure
you thread it in and you get it to hold
that tank in place okay so now that tank
ain't going nowhere now we pop our drip
tip back in okay and now we can put a
battery in it so in order to install the
battery since the spring-loaded contact
is on the bottom put the bottom in first
and just pop it in like that okay now
your panel can go back on and your panel
on the other side can go back on just
like so so now you can see your screen
on power mode fifty watts 0.64
there's my voltage there's my battery
meter okay now when you put in the pot
it acts as you if you have a new coil or
not if you want to go through the menu
system one two three I'm in voltage mode
one two three I'm in bypass mode
one two three I'm in stainless steel
mode okay you can adjust it in one
degree increments and Celsius all the
way up to 315 degrees Celsius and then
at round robins it does scroll rather
slow even though it's going in one
degree increments I wish it scrolled a
little faster all right but you can
bring it all the way up to 600 degrees
in Fahrenheit three clicks now I'm in
nickel three more clicks I'm in titanium
three more clicks I'm back to power mode
in power mode it will scroll all the way
up to 80 watts
it does not round-robin at point six
four I'm probably gonna run this at
around 25 watts that's probably what I'm
looking at on this
we'll see how it vapes and we'll adjust
it accordingly we'll start off at 24
watts but that's it man that's the whole
menu system there are no shortcuts no
way to lock it if you want to put it in
your pocket
five clicks shut it off and put it in
your pocket let me give you one last
look at the rattle by mek life all built
and put together pretty nice panels
pretty good looking pod a ìokay billet
box type kit whatever you want to call
it all right let's get into the cons and
pros we've really got a lot to go over
so I don't want to waste any time
first cons gonna be this thing just
doesn't do mouth alone well your mouth
the lung vapor units have to stay away
from this one this is basically a DL a
i/o kit the internal charge on this
thing is extremely slow now we always
recommend that you recharge your
batteries externally however it's
definitely a little safer if you have a
single battery mod it's more acceptable
to charge internally you know through
the mod and this one just has real slow
ass charging it's a con
TC on this its attrocious it's horrible
it basically doesn't work it's a con
tank is plastic some of you people that
vape those citric
and cinnamon types of apes I don't know
if it's gonna crack the tank or not it's
something that you got to keep in mind
sometimes this thing especially if it's
coming out of sleep mode
it almost misfires it takes like a half
a second to hit it's happened more than
once you know it's happened quite a few
times enough for me to notice it it's a
con the style on this one
the tallness of it you know it's
probably gonna turn off a few people
it's not that thing it's a subjective
con on the tank I didn't like that
flappy rubber gasket for the fill port
it just looks unfinished it doesn't look
clean I wish they would have done a
better job with it it looks like it's
just live flapping in the breeze hello
you know come on man
that thing shouldn't be hanging off
there like that it's just ridiculous
it's a con it's got no locking feature
you either turn it on or off there's no
way to lock it and put it in your pocket
con the edges on this right when I put
this in my hand it almost gives me that
remember the feel of the original whoop
who dragged where it had those sharp
edges that's what this feels like when I
put it in my hand I feel those sharp
edges I don't like it I think they
should have rounded it off a little bit
should have felt smoother in the hand
it's a con so that's it on the cons
let's move on to the pros it does have
some pros to it first pros gonna be love
the deck on this thing it's easy to
build and wick it's a problem I like the
deck because this thing does well would
have Clapton or an alien' you can
actually put it in here and vape on it I
like it it's a pro it's got adjustable
airflow got really nice flavor let me
show you what I'm talking about right
now I got a point six for building there
at 35 watts the cloud production isn't
bad for what it is either let me show
you not bad man getting full saturated
flavor I like it you know for 35 watts
that's not a bad vibe at all and the
nice thing is you can play around with
builds and you can put some smaller
builds in there and crank the wattage up
if you want to but I like the way this
thing vapes you know when there's no
it actually puts out some decent flavor
nothing wrong with that at 35 watts
nothing wrong with that at all
I like that clear juice window where you
can see your juice level that's a pro
the panels on this one man those resin
panels they're beautiful they're
gorgeous neck life did a great job on
them I love the fact that it takes a
single 18 650 it's got a nice build
quality no rattles no nothing like that
listen can hear it man nothing rattles
nothing shakes around and they're real
real solid build quality got a nice
bright screen and I like the power to
size ratio I do I like the fact that
this thing takes a single 18 650 and I
can crank out some wattage to it if I
want to so that's it inside is those are
my cons and pros let's talk about this
one a little bit basically I said it
before the TC on this mod actually sucks
it's worthless don't even don't even use
it that's how bad it is so what that
does is that renders this a power mode
only mod now in power mode it actually
vapes pretty decent I like to vape that
I get off of it I like the flavor I like
the clouds you know if you're gonna
compare this to something you're gonna
compare it to a billet box type of mod I
personally don't have a billet box my
favorite mod in this category is
probably the dot mod that dot AIO kit
it's a little bit expensive so a lot of
people shy away from it but I think
that's a fantastic little mod in this
category is this better than the dot mod
dot IO no not by a long shot
I like to dot my dot IO much better but
this is a it's it's a viable competitor
it's just not as good as far as I'm
concerned and I wish I could compare it
to the billet box but I can't because I
don't have one but you know if you're
looking for that billet box type of
setup this is definitely something you
may want to take a look at want to give
a big shout-out to element 8
this one to me for review make sure you
go check them out or some company to
deal with great pricing fantastic
customer service let's get into some of
the specs on the MEC life rat l
rebuildable a i/o kit it measures in at
104 by 42 by 26 millimeters it is a
single 18 650 mod with an 80 watt
maximum it will fire down to 0.05 ohms
it has different working modes that
include variable wattage TC variable
voltage and bypass mode there is
adjustable airflow onboard it has an RBA
dec only option there are no factory
coils it has a 4 ml capacity and it is
available in carbon green white blue and
remember inside us this fight ain't over
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neighborhood getting their grill let
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also head on over to our Facebook group
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and that's it insiders that's all I got
for you guys today you keep living that
vape life we're out of here