Michigan Requiring Vape Store Owners to Test For Vitamin E Acetate

Meanwhile Michigan is requiring
dispensaries to pull their vape
cartridges off the shelves to test for
vitamin E acetate that is the compound
the CDC believes could be to blame for
the hundreds of vaping related illnesses
across the country at one Muskegon
medical marijuana shop vapes make up at
least 50% of the sales our vendors are
now in the process of testing them and
none of them have came back with the
vitamin E acetate in them they believe
that's all coming from the black market
it's a little bump in the road but for
everybody to know that this is safe
tested and it doesn't have the vitamin E
and it is very very important to us so
along with customers asking about
recreational marijuana Park Place
provisionary is also getting calls about
when vapes will be back they expect to
have the products back on the shelves in
a couple of weeks