⏫⏫ MOTI ONE Vape Pod Kit 350mAh 1.8ml Review

hashtag find your motivation another
podcast can you believe it I bet you can
it comes packaged like this did I
mention it's like really stressful to
live like in a construction zone and I
haven't been my usual chipper self but
I'm gonna try today moti mati Mota moat
i won and maybe you just want like the
chill relaxed kind of depressed looking
Sophie cuz her house is being remodeled
and it's so dusty and everything's still
in boxes and I can't find a place to
just relax and I assume that this is the
retail packaging but mine came like this
they sent me a hat you guys know I don't
really wear house and this is an apron
maybe it's favoring ah no it's a shirt
oh my god that's a shirt I'm not wearing
this much hey toss me a vape they sent
it to me in three colors I think it's
gonna come in more but there we go those
are all the colors and here are the ones
that they sent me this color here is
called aurora silver so this part holds
the battery
it's the 350 million amp hour
rechargeable battery and it recharges
through the bottom and this one they're
calling iron black it's kind of like a
gunmetal color there's this USB cable
for charging there's an itty-bitty
little manual there's an empty fill
bottle and one freaking pod just one
hopefully the full retail version will
have more than one it holds two
milliliters of a liquid and it fills
from the bottom through this part right
here sorry but if I'm a smoker I'm not
gonna be that motivated if I only get
one pod oh that's right happy that be
happy selfie happy selfie
so you're gonna need to fill this up I
mean you could do it directly with just
the gorilla bottle in here but I find
that way I have a little bit of spillage
and this way avoids a lot of spinach
spinach spillage because the tip is
smaller so I got it all filled up with
my own juices
yeah I'm just using my own natural
freakin juices and I'm gonna bait them
squeeze that in there like so we didn't
push and squeeze in it's actually pretty
mess free if you use this little bottle
if you try to do it directly from this
one it's a little Messier the one issue
I do see what this design is if you put
something in there that you don't like
you can't get it out with the regular
vapes even if it's a really small hole
you can stick something in there kind of
move it back and forth and get the
liquid out but with this nope
once it's in there it is in there with
the new pod give it like five minutes so
that cotton can saturate
there's also ceramic in there no clue
what metal they're using but yeah let it
soak up and after it's done just jam it
into the vape and turn the thing on and
that's it that's really all you got to
do alright so here's my fully charged
one when these things are fully charged
there's no light there's this little
tiny button and it's like in there it's
almost flush with the body of the device
you have to push it in further one two
three four five and no it's on five
clicks also turns it off and it's draw
activated and and off
I can't do spinny stuff the pull on here
it is more on the airy side it's not
that restrictive and you do get a decent
amount of vapor but you don't have to
like really shock it I mean you can if
you want but
yeah totally up to you it's up to you
whether you want this or not good luck
finding it it's coming to a search
engine here you like I don't even think
it wasn't on their website before I
started this video it was not on their
website I gotta go I'll talk to you