👆New Rules About Where People Can Vape Go Into Effect Jan. 1 In Nevada

there are new rules in Nevada beginning
January 1st that will regulate where you
can vape or use e-cigarettes it's an
effort to keep kids away from vaping
products and those e-cigarettes and
inhaling those vapors which doctors say
are dangerous
just like secondhand smoke nobody wants
to be affected by secondhand smoke
whether you smoke vape or don't do
either everyone we spoke to agrees keep
it away from the kids starting January
1st in Nevada vaping is banned in most
public places just like smoking I don't
want a room full of smoke anyway so I'm
fine with that for it in the casinos but
anywhere else I don't think it's
appropriate so the intent of the law is
to protect those children from those
dangerous chemicals null kamalo
tobacco prevention and control
coordinator of the Southern Nevada
Health District
so Senate bill 263 modifies the 2006
Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act it prohibits
both tobacco use and now waiving in the
following places restaurants daycare
centers arcades malls theaters shopping
centers and more lawmakers passed the
bill in response to the alarming number
of teenagers who now vape one in four
according to the CDC federal officials
say more than 2500 people have been
hospitalized from lung injuries
associated with vaping six cases
confirmed in Southern Nevada all OSIS
and hailing vapors or aerosols
secondhand is dangerous too
research has not shown is that the
aerosol that comes off of a electronic
vaping products also have cancer-causing
chemicals I agree you should walk
outside to hit a vape or anything
vaping will still be allowed in casinos
and bars where the minors are banned if
a business is allowing vaping and it
shouldn't go to get healthy Clark County
org to file a complaint