👆New Tobacco Law Now In Effect

the federal legal age to buy tobacco
products is changing from 18 to 21 it's
part of legislation President Donald
Trump signed recently in 2015 the
National Academy of Medicine said the
following about raising the age to 21
smoking related deaths would decrease by
10% the likelihood of teens picking up
smoking from 15 to 17 years old would go
down 25% it would be 15% lower for kids
18 to 20 years old news since Tilly
Marlatt brings us more about what people
in the Wabash Valley have to say about
this change you must now be 21 to
purchase tobacco products anywhere in
the country brandon Halleck with chances
and services for youth in Terre Haute
sees this as a step in the right
he helps lead a tobacco prevention and
cessation program if you if you look at
anybody who has been smoking they all
started either in their teenage years or
their college years and so but that's
the whole point this is just trying to
further prevent people from using and
abusing or using this substance I should
say this change applies to all tobacco
products including e-cigarettes and
vaping cartridges several states already
had this policy in place now it will
take effect across the nation and so if
we can prevent people from even starting
using that substance then we know that
they are there's a very unlikely chance
that they'll ever try they'll ever
become addicted to it preventing
addiction and improving health are the
main goals of this legislation Tom
Wagner says he agrees with the move I
think that it will positively impact our
health services and it'll make people
generally more healthy staff it discount
tobacco on Wabash Avenue tell News 10
it's too soon to know how this will
impact business means that bowl of
course back the law a hundred percent
carding everybody who comes to the
threshold to make sure that they are the
legal age and business-wise I do not for
sure exactly how it's going to attack
cells just overall Halleck says there's
still more to be done and this is a good
step in the right direction I think that
there are other measures that we can
take though that really should target
those that are targeting children
and using these products in Terre Haute
Tilly Marlatt news 10 the FDA says the
law takes effect immediately
it remains unclear how this will be