☺ Newest Snowwolf EXILIS Rebuildable Pod System Review

we're in the back of a cop car and
here's the Vapor gonna use and some
booze big juicy big juicy burgers at
full excellence excellence Valley
pronounces oh it's got a nine hundred
and eighty milliamp hour battery Kimmy's
not helping my hands are cuffed you
can't see it my hands are in cups yeah I
like fancy charge cables how about you I
like the braided ones and the upgrade
ones where they found the USB type-c cuz
it doesn't matter which way you put them
in those are really nice yeah there's a
quality control card so someone just
toss that in there there's also just
this card where it tells you about the
warranty centers and that they exist
hopefully there is a user manual
of course
there it is the Excellus here's what it
looks like
it looks a little blurry please focus
you have to open our doors it was an old
car eight feet there's no AC okay way we
couldn't get out we couldn't roll our
windows down this is about it's like
it's a hot day in Hotlanta
yeah bleh literally hot lead
there's also a snow wolf lanyard so that
goes isn't it amazing
you mean it's showing the pot but there
is no pot inside of here and the manual
says pods system kind of misleading oh
it says right here boiler resistance 1.8
pod capacity 2.5 milliliters this makes
me think the pods already in there
one pod two coils it says mmm so it's a
pod but with replaceable coils II fill
it a little silicone stopper
and there's the juice feel whole open
the door
yeah yeah are you going in there I have
no no I'm serious it's like a speakeasy
area like this and then it goes over
here to the bar
Wow that is entirely different oh good
our rivers here oh it's already on so
there's no pod it just kind of flashes
light five clicks turns it off and that
clicks turns it on and then you push the
button to vapor like I'm actually upset
about this cuz here it is on vapor DNA
it's just showing the device but yet
down below in the description in the
specifications it mentions a pod and
mint is a capacity but nowhere on the
front page you kind of have to scroll
down a little kind of a lot here in red
letters letters here in red letters it
says device only and does not come with
pods so that's like super confusing
should we be vaping at the same time no
I don't know what's the right answer one
of us should vape and the other one can
entertain keep going even though I was
surprised that it is is open and airy as
it is the flavor on it is really good so
I do like the flavor that it produces
it's above average for a pod kit and I
like how the coils are replaceable on
this thing because it's like a pod but
the coils come out so we will look at
that you can take out the coil and it
doesn't get all over your pants and that
is how nice because like me pads that
don't do that when you were put the
replace the clothes on the e-liquid old
it's like run right out feel like I
always need to be like right you
hey guys today it's Sophie vase it's
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OFI babes a Kimmy babes video hit the
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button and also the bell to get
notification oh yeah right the bell that
never works you do that so gracefully I
just realized that like for three times
now I've tried to vape on it without
pushing the button
I think the button is like really small
for how wide this device is is it just
me or is the button just feel kind of
inferior to the recipe yeah this is like
heavy metal this is what feels really
good like I would like but I really
would have liked it the black hole on
here just had a little more substance to
it so here's the front of the wolf and
here's the butthole
so yeah I'll have some links down below
and a link to Kimmy's channel as well
I got a empty so I gotta go oh and to
the one person that's really annoyed
with my totally loose to dilute allele
ooh I never drink and she got me drunk
if I close my eyes right now I'll
probably throw up oh don't do that the
time has come and I'm ready
hello today on regrets some freaking
regret that's what that's not gonna be a
good day mm-hmm