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Will Vaping Increase The Risk of Depression

Nova Scotia Becomes First Province To Adopt Ban On Flavoured Vaping Products

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that connect us Randy will touch hard
engage in on the obligee he easier
available nihongi regulations for
banning flavored a cigarette vaping
juices will go into effect in Nova
Scotia on April 1st 2020
this decision is in response to our
concerns about the growth in particular
of youth vaping in Nova Scotia in
addition to that we see research that
shows that as people start with e
cigarettes or vaping they actually have
a higher propensity or higher
probability of transitioning to
traditional tobacco products as well so
this is not just about reducing vaping
access and and use but also as a means
to stem potential transfers into
traditional tobacco usage as well so
that's why we've taken the step and
believe we're the first jurisdiction in
Canada to announce and implement a full
flavor ban on e cigarette juices this is
a really really excellent first step
where we're really really excited about
this decision it represents an
opportunity to really curb one of the
major drivers in terms of how and why
youth are using these products and high
numbers and and the key driver in terms
of what's getting youth addicted so
we're looking forward to working with
the minister in the Department on
legislative changes hopefully coming in
the spring we have a number of
recommendations but the core ones would
involve of course raising the minimum
age to 21 as we've recently seen done in
Prince Edward Island we'd like to see
the number of retail locations for
e-cigarettes being reduced to adult only
venues there are a number of other online sales and capping
nicotine levels or other are things that
we've seen in other jurisdictions well I
think there's there's other things that
we need to look at taxation is obviously
another deterrent we've seen that in
tobacco it's reduced rates and I think
that will continue to do so I know
there's a perspective from adults that
are using these products again the jury
is out and whether or not these could be
a cessation aid but I think they need to
go through that process as well to prove
that it is a cessation aid to help that
25 year smoker that is trying to quit
any way shape or form so


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