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Will Vaping Increase The Risk of Depression

Ontario Teen Got Popcorn Lung From Vaping?

A teen in Londo Ontario who allegedly contracted the so
called vaping illness back in September
I thought that case was over with but
today's some new claims have been made
about his condition before we start make
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official youtube channel so you don't
miss out on future videos now let's get
into it now researchers at the Canadian
Medical Association Journal are shedding
light on another possible risk their new
study just out this morning suggests
they think may cause a unique type of
lung damage their new alert is based on
the case of an Ontario teenager who had
to be put on life support after just
several months of heavy vaping more
specifically they're claiming he has pop
Kremmling a disease linked to the
inhalation of diacetyl diacetyl was
originally used in popcorn factories to
give popcorn its buttery flavour after
exposure to the chemical in powdered
form several factory workers began to
develop the disease if you're unaware in
the past diacetyl was also used as a
flavoring agent Andy liquids a few years
ago there was a big scare in the media
about popcorn lung saying that vaping
was able to cause it research has shown
that a liquids that contain diacetyl did
so in very small concentrations
especially when compared to cigarettes
in testing led by Michael Siegel a
public health researcher in tobacco
control expert he said the worst a
cigarette tested produces diacetyl
exposure that is 85 times lower than
that of the worst cigarette tested in
the results the e-liquid with the
highest amount of diacetyl they could
find had 239 micrograms compared to
twenty thousand three hundred and 40
micrograms found in cigarettes on top of
that in the medical journal critical
reviews in toxicology or report
assessing the effects of diacetyl on the
body said smoking has not been shown to
be a risk factor for popcorn lung
despite these claims showing there is
very little chance of harm to be had
with vaping products containing diacetyl
nearly all reputable eliquid
manufacturers including us here at meat
now only use ingredients that are
diacetyl free back in September Chris
Mackey CEO of the Middlesex London
Health Unit who was in charge of the
original investigation refused to
provide much information on the case
such as what type of product the team is
using or even the brand we now have more
information and apparently the team
reported using nicotine and THC vapes
and some reports state the team was
adding THC to his vapes himself using products he
purchased online not only is it likely
these purchases are from unrepeatable
sources they're also illegal because
they were sold to a minor pub Kremmling
has been debunked for years now and
especially with the market today it's
extremely difficult to find products
that even contain traces of diacetyl to
refresh myself before this video I did
some reading up on popcorn lung and what
really caught my eye were the symptoms
popcorn lung symptoms can include
coughing wheezing shortness of breath
chest pains fever and other symptoms
that often resemble pneumonia
now I'm no doctor but they sound very
similar to the symptoms of the illness
caused by counterfeit THC products
containing vitamin E acetate which has
finally been clearly stated by the CDC
this story has also conveniently
appeared at the same time as liberal MP
patty Hodge - being named the new
Federal Health Minister of Canada seems
like the perfect chance to make a good
first impression don't you think since
the beginning this case is had a lot in
common with others from the US and I
think the main difference here is their
refusal to believe that vaping is not
the cause of the health problems we've seen 


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