Oumier Bulk RTA Review And Spring-Loaded Coil Installation Tutorial

Oumier Bulk RTA review And Spring-Loaded Coil Installation Tutorial

things where the heck did I put it oh my
gosh they're live I swear sometimes
these things just like get up and move
on their own
not sure how I miss it look at this
thing this RTA is
28 inches it's called the bulk it's made
by a company called Oh Oh Mir I might
have gotten that wrong but it's a collab
between that company and Mark vaping
Fagan here on YouTube he's another
reviewer I really like RTA's I like
building on stuff it's a lot more
exciting than a pod kit let me just show
you guys this thing up the bulk RTA
comes packaged like this and here's a
look at the back here it is in all black
and the one I've been playing around
with is gold
it comes with an additional piece of
glass with this one it holds about 3.6
milliliters of a liquid and with the
bubble glass it holds six point five
milliliters and here is the deck it's
like a drop style design and if you look
down you can see that the insulation
goes around this post and this post so
these two are positive these two aren't
negative the airflow comes in through
the bottom 2/3 of these slits and this
is adjustable also on a stopper so air
gets pulled in through the bottom up
through this right here and this is
where the coils will set so this didn't
come up to drip tips I could have sworn
Marc said this is gonna come with three
maybe it will I'm not really sure but
these are the two that I got these black
ones a little more low-profile I do
prefer taller tips so I'm probably going
to end up using this one what I really
really love about this RTA you see that
knurling up on top so no matter how
tight you have this thing it's always
gonna be easy to unscrew it so you
unscrew this and then it stopped filling
into those two holes or slits on the
sides underneath here there's a user
with pictures remember this piece of
glass I said it was three point six
milliliters manual showing three point
five I really like this little manual
like the pictures showed you how to put
it build on there shows you how the
airflow works very kind of fun I've
never seen the hard tip on both ends
I've seen on one end so this makes a lot
easier to wick the quill there's an
allen key extra screws additional organs
and seals and two coils and this thing
is really really simple to build on
next I'm going to tighten us down but
the coil at this stage can get bent out
of shape so I'm gonna stick this little
screwdriver through here and then
tighten it
it's gonna go over like this so these
leaves have to be cut as short as
possible another way to do this which
mark shows in his video is to just keep
bending this until it breaks off I got
this on my morph mod resistance is
showing 0.138 that is pretty low next
I'm gonna pulse these to see how they're
heating up I want to make sure they're
heating up correctly and from the inside
since this one's not heating up at the
same time I'm gonna tighten it in a
little more
I noticed over here there's a hot spot
so what I do is I take some ceramic
tweezers and I just lightly strum the
coils so once they're firing correctly
from the inside out let it cool and then
you can wick it I'm gonna take this off
Cameron double-check trying to get the
cotton to about here see if I get this
one piece
I I personally like to send them out a
little bit at the bottom
oh my goodness teatime strikes once
again what else would I be using it's
pretty much like this stuff all the time
and to keep this video drug-free 0
milligrams getting these wet is gonna
help it wick get liquid into that coil
put some on there and make sure no that
Cotton's in the way bulk yeah so there
it is you may have noticed I have a
couple extra these two I'm gonna give
away a little later on my Instagram page
you can find me on Instagram and
Facebook as well and Twitter I forgot
about Twitter
did I mention this thing like chalks let
me show you it's a big boy it's like a
steam engine it's huge and it chucks and
flavor it's good it's really really good
but that also is going to depend on what
kind of cotton you stick in there what
kind of wire metal build so you can
change it off but as it is with the
stuff provided mmm and speaking of stuff
included it's great they pretty much
give you everything that you need to
build so you don't need to buy anything
extra some cheese maybe a couple tools
oh boy it's horrible for me it's a
stay-at-home kind of vape it just
produces so much vapor that I have a
feeling I'd annoy the public side you up
tip I prefer the taller white one that I
have on here instead of a black low
profile one I like my lips further away
from from those coils once in a while I
do get some spit back but that's pretty
standard that's just how most of these
things go okay that's morph mod it like
it barely fits there's like immediate
tiny little miniscule amount of overhang
but do keep that in mind keep in mind
that is a big boy and it's gonna need a
lot of space at least 28 millimeters so
it's not gonna fit on every mod I guess
now that I'm kind of complaining about
I'm gonna complain about the packaging I
mean I like it I like that you can see
through it so if I saw it within the
store I'd be like oh okay I'm getting
that but what I don't know is how wide
it is because I want to know if it's
gonna fit on my mod so I'd like to see
some specs on the box and last but not
least does it hold up to a chain babe
test let's find out it's the last thing
I'm doing cuz after this you're not
gonna be able I'm not gonna be able see
this room so let's do it
oh yeah it's doing just fine I'm not
getting any burnt taste no dry hits
flavor is not diminishing it seems to be
pulling up liquid just fine so two
thumbs up that's it I'm done if you guys
are interested in picking up one of you
they're like around 30 bucks or B tails
I'll have some links down below if I can
find some and to literally lose gotta go