❤Review On Aspire Cleito Shot Disposable Sub-Ohm Tank

okay yeah let's just start the video off
with me vaping in the distance in my
basement I'm moving soon and I will not
have a basement that's just kind of how
Florida goes there's not a lot of homes
with basements that's okay that's okay
as long as I have these long lasting
images of me vaping in these wonderful
pants pants that will make you feel hot
and cold at the same time hello there
how do you feel about blurry images yes
this is aspires cleat Oh shot it is a
disposable tank why not disposable tanks
I guess cuz the extra waste but they
could be convenient for travel like
maybe you don't want to bring your nice
fancy pantsy tank or extra coils or all
other stuff this is just more convenient
maybe you work outside you don't want to
trash your nice stuff there we go maybe
you're just a lazy pile of poopoo caca
this is just more convenient these tanks
come like this and they're in packages
of three
this is basically just like user guide
and on the back it tells me what wattage
to vape this quill at the drip tip it's
fixed you can't take it off you can't
use any other tips with it
it's basically used well as a drip tip
it's not bad as a drip tip it's just
used to take off the top cap so that you
can fill the tank and this tank holds
4.3 milliliters of a liquid
it's 27 millimeters at the base which
makes it kind of bigger than most of the
tanks out there which is fine if you
have a big mod a lot of mods out there
aren't made for 27 millimeter tanks so
check out these three that I have that
each and every one of these there's a
little bit of an overhang including one
of us buyers own mods so maybe they went
a little too big with the tank the
airflow on this it's not adjustable and
you sure can dry you can try but it's
not gonna do anything kind of a bummer
would have been nice if it had
adjustable airflow the way it is right
now I feel like it's a little bit too
Airy flavor is really good
it is good it's not gonna be like some
of the other really flavorful Pink's out
there but it's good I would put it
slightly above average I feel like if I
tighten down the airflow a little more
and get more flavor out of it but I
can't I can't tighten the airflow so
yeah it's gonna last you through a few
tanks several tanks in fact so you can
keep using it until that flavor
diminishes unless you fry the coil if it
tastes burnt you don't want to replace
it with another tank and yeah it's the
whole freakin tank
most of it is made out of plastic with a
little bit of stainless steel
obviously the coil into the base of it
part of the base and keep in mind if you
use liquids with a lot of sweetener I
almost drop this didn't shouldn't on
this floor it is plastic though I might
have made it you know what
Oh kill the spider doing that oh well
now that it is coated in spider web you
can see that well you can't really see I
guess because it kind of looks cracked
because it's a spider web let me just
wipe that off somewhere oh yeah since it
is plastic it did pretty well on my
concrete floor ooh I'm getting kind of
low with mesh coils you do want to keep
that coil saturated it'll make the tank
last longer if you keep some liquid in
there probably a little higher than this
price-wise I've seen them as high as
twenty bucks as low as like 13 something
for three of them so I guess they're
kind of around the same price as coils I
mean not in the twenty dollar range
unless they're like really expensive
coils so is it cost-effective I guess it
depends where you bite
I think I covered everything I wanted to
say so to literally lose I'll talk to
you guys next time don't forget to
ring a bell as well so I could annoy the
absolute shit out of you and I gotta go
I still can't turn off this camera
that's not the button maybe two on this
side I've only had this thing like three