💗 Review On Ehpro Cold Steel Vape Kit 100Mod 120W

for show-and-tell today I got this mod
it's called the steel mod 100 although
it goes up to a hundred and twenty watts
I don't really know where they got the
name from but this is a collaboration
between ambitions of a per another
reviewer here on YouTube and eh Pro so
let's check out this thing up close
alright so here's how it comes packaged
and I've been staring at this box for a
while wondering like what the heck the
picture of the mod is supposed to mean
but it's called the Cold Steel 100 mod
so I'm guessing that's a 1 so inside of
the box there is the mod there's a
little case a charge cable this right
here is a quality control pass which I
think they just toss them in there I
doubt they look at anything really close
this is important battery care guide or
battery safety card make sure the wrap
on your battery is completely intact
when using any vape if it's not just
rewrap the battery this right here is a
90-day warranty card and over here is
the user manual definitely not my
favorite kind of manual I do prefer when
they're in booklet form because this is
not so handy-dandy it's not as big as it
looks it's just in a bunch of different
languages has some pictures and if you
want to pause the video here are the
specs this thing kind of looks like a
mech mod but it's a regulated device so
it's a tube mod with a chip on the side
from here to here it's 91.5 millimeters
in height and the diameter is 27 point a
5 you can stick about 25 maybe up to 26
millimeter tanks on here and here's a
look at the bottom so this thing holds
three different sizes of batteries this
little adapter is for 18 650s oh it
feels kind of feels like there's stuff
on it what is that
yeah it's machining dust or something
it's like glitter feels really
I'm guessing it's metal it's gotta be
because it's it's sparkly on my hand
stuck in there too now if you take a
peek inside you can see a battery
positioning indicators positive goes in
and then negative is on the bottom with
18 650s
use the adapter stick that in and
there's no rattle 2700 no rattle lastly
this big boy
21700 no rattle one two three four five
clicks of this button turns the device
on it goes as low as five watts and all
the way up to 120 you see that around
Robins like well I don't like is that
this button is the down button and then
the other side of this button is the up
or plus button
there's a simple fix to that if I hold
the fire button down and this one it'll
flip at the screen so now that it's
flipped this direction is up and this
direction is down I don't mind the teeny
tiny screen I actually really like it
it's kind of old-school I have the drop
see so the less screen the better and
it's pretty bright I mean considering I
have this outside I can still see it
very well so holding the side and the
fire button flips the screen well what
about the other side if I hold this one
and the fire button I can lock my
buttons so if I have this in a pocket I
don't have to worry about changing any
of my settings but wait there's more one
two three clicks of the fire button gets
me to this menu so there's different
options I can bake this in wattage mode
or power
there's also voltage and bypass bypass
basically turns this into an unregulated
device but it's still gonna have all the
safety features so in power you can
choose different vape strengths there's
normal soft and strong in temperature
control which we're trying to reuse
there's nickel stainless steel titanium
TCR settings and that's it so if for
example I go to stainless steel I click
on that I can change the wattage and
this goes all the way up to the full
hundred and twenty watts and that gives
me like a little preheat or boost so now
you can see it on the screen in
temperature control this goes all the
way to 600 it stops
and if you keep going and switches to
Celsius let's see what TCR looks like
temperature coefficient of resistance
you can set the TCR value and I'm
guessing the manual mentions nothing
about it but let me double check
oh no no they should give you a little
range for each type of metal but what
they don't curve this one you can set
custom power curves so as you can see
when I push down that goes down once I
have that bar where I want it push the
fire button and then I can adjust the
next one and you can do this for all of
them looks like there's quite a bit of
them which is nice so pretending I have
this where I wanna that is a pretty
crappy curve I'm just gonna hold down
the fire button and now it's set so it
looks like there's three different spots
to save a curve and there's already some
preset in here and bypass there's no
options to change anything and in
voltage this goes all the way from 0.5
volts to 8 volts this little screen
still bothers you you can put the mod
into stealth mode push down all the
buttons at the same time they're stealth
mode so the mod is still on there you
can see it what the screen is off nice
thing about a regulator tube mod is I
can use sub-ohm tanks on it
I would not use a sub ohm tank on a mech
mod this is what I just reviewed
it's the raptor also from eh prowl so
once I have a tank on here it's gonna
ask me if it the new coil or an old one
it is new in stealth mode once you fire
the mod you not evil see the screen you
saw the screen before because I didn't
have an Adi on here but now it's
completely dark and you'll notice that
the mod will try to adjust the wattage
based on the resistance of the coil 50
watts I hope you can see it but it's
ready to go between 60 and 80 watts so
50 is not quite enough for this one and
sometimes when I'm trying to get into
the menu I noticed the mod fires
there we go I don't know if you heard or
not but the mod does fire so I'm not the
biggest fan of the fire button doing
everything so here I have another one of
these just opened up the box they do
come in a couple different colors here
it is in the stainless steel or as
they're calling it gray champagne that
makes no sense
maybe because originally the color of
this was two-tone it was a gold here
silver here so I'm really glad that
Derrick from ambitions vapor changed the
colors on these things cuz yeah I'm
really diggin the all black and this
brushed steel look it's really nice yeah
you get this little pouch you can put it
on your belt cuz it's got a little
dealio over here which is fantastic
great idea thanks for including it
however once there is an a/d on it
fires quick I like that I actually
really like the mod the one thing that
bothers me the most is when it tries to
set my wattage for me every time I take
off the tank put it back on it thinks it
knows where it should be but it doesn't
so please each Pro put an update on
these things I don't have to be annoyed
with that it's almost that time of the
month so I'm pretty easy to annoy right
now I'm also annoying by the way any
attorneys out there I have a
month-to-month lease and it's got a 90
90 day notice to move out the state
requires Saturday some wondering can I
change the terms of my lease with the
next rent payment and make it 30 that's
not your problem
you're here because you want to know
about this that's too bad I like that it
holds three different sides of the
batteries that's nice
one thing I really really don't like
about it and I kind of fought this one
out with vapor Esso and they came out
well not really my mod I just kind of
picked the colors and told him about
some updates I wanted to the tank but
that was about it wasn't really like a
full collaboration just like this wasn't
ambitions a vapor he was able to decide
what colors this was gonna be because
original ones they really weren't that
great he also wanted them to add the
battery positioning indicators on both
sides I'm really happy about that
and I'm guessing there was a little bit
of a rattle before because he got rid of
the rattle he told him to get rid of it
they got rid of it so now all three
batteries do not rattle the buttons
don't rattle overall it is a really
great device but why why would you make
it look tacky by putting your name right
there at least request them to put it on
the bottom somewhere on the inside maybe
on the bottom battery door cover dealio
but don't put it right there I don't
like that and I'm sure a lot of people
are also not gonna like that either
especially like white letters on a black
mod like Hello we're trying to go for
kind of stealth you look here and I was
like boom I guess you got Sharpie away
or maybe scratch it off I don't know
oh yeah vapor s we'll try doing this to
me I was like oh like yeah sure if you
want to lose out on sales go ahead and
put my logo just like right all over the
mod oh yeah one more con most a DS do
fit flush with the device but some of
them with a longer pin do not there will
be like a little bit of a gap as Raptor
tank is pretty nice they actually go
together some of you might think that my
butt is around but it is in fact flat
you may have seen some pictures of it
out there where it was round those are
fake my butt is flat price point these
are gonna be around like 60 bucks which
is it bad because something similar to
this and you may be saying oh it's a
copy of something else well look at box
mods box mods are kind of a copy of
whoever who didn't invent the very first
box mod who invented the first RDA
they're all copies so I guess that's it
that's that's all I wanted to say about
it don't forget to subscribe hit that
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