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Review On Innokin Kroma-R Zlide And Mod Kit Function Tutorials

there's the thumbnail I have a lot of
important things that I am doing today
so a little it's a little messy back
just been doing a lot of really
important things lately and I haven't
really gotten around to cleaning up just
a lot of the stuff over here I just kind
of keep finding one thing after another
to do at the house everything has just
been really time consuming so many
things stuff to collect so for review
today I really should get to a babe
review - which is just basically my
opinions it's not a very good review
it's just me using this I'm also gonna
go over all the lists of the functions
and stuff and that's it then I'll tell
you if I like it or not I might not tell
you the chroma are with this light tank
and all of their packaging has this kind
of setup there's accessories on this
side and in all the goodies on the other
side I already took out so there it is
the chroma are take the tip out you push
that over and then you fill into the
hole for those of you with less of a
sense of humor you lift up the tip the
drip tip which is a standard size and
then at the very top you'll notice some
symbols over here you push it this way
and then you fill through the fill hole
I got it set on 14 watts and I have a
point 8 ohm coil in there I'm just going
there flow oven
airflow control is right here silver on
the accessory side accessories the
manual the warning and safety booklet
extra parts for the tank and a pretty
substantial looking USB cable cables a
decent length which absolutely matters
in the charge cable world I'm so upset
with myself so yeah these air purifiers
oh my god guys like it's great the air
is wonderful absolutely love how fresh
it is but remember how I said there's an
option to turn off the LED light it's
temporary so when you're trying to go to
sleep like I'm one of those people like
I don't want any light in the room and
this thing even if you turn off the
light or if you set it on a certain
setting like you don't even have it on
auto you just put it on a setting and
you turn off the light
at some point during the night it turns
back on I haven't figured out how to
besides just turning the whole thing off
I can't turn off the light in habits day
off there it is oh and there's my
I don't know videos off to a great start
so here is the chroma R by Innokin
that's the name of the mod the tank is
the slide it can be annoying cuz you
have to take off the drip tip which is
the standard size 510 so it's you can
put other tips on here and then you
slide it open but the good news is the
tip is in there it won't open in your
pocket if if you happen to carry things
in your pocket I do have a little
boo-boo they're not gonna talk about
kind of clumsy just one two three turns
it on one two three turns it off if I
click both buttons at the same time it
brings me into the menu there's wattage
I can't see wot mode so if I click on
the fire button it brings me to wot mode
so here I can pick different vape
strings so basically like bumps it up or
lowers your vape strength by like a
percentage it's not telling me what that
percentage is usually just stick with
normal after wot mode there's a voltage
that I change the voltage I gotta hold
down like these two buttons either one
until that number blinks once it's
blinking I can go ahead and adjust it to
do this quicker just hold down the
button and it'll go much faster
and this caps out at seven and a half
volts and if you keep going it stops
automatically but if you keep going
around Robbins after voltage there's
voltage mode it works the same way that
wattage mode does you can change the
vape strength oh this next one arm if
you can be a little see cuz it's that's
a custom power curve there's already
basically two curves that are already
preset but I can make my own I can
change any any one of them I was gonna
go with the blink so I clicked the fire
button now something's blinking down
here while it's blinking I can move it
around as it's moving it goes all the
way number six and it does it in half
second little notches so you can adjust
each and every single one of these by
clicking the fire button it makes it
stop it's no longer blinking and now I
can use these up and down buttons to
create a curve once I have that where I
want it I'm gonna click it it seen out
two blinking again so I'm gonna move it
oops we go in the wrong direction I
think I did so now I'm gonna click the
fire button
I'm just the next one click the fire
button go to the next one click the fire
button and adjust oh I'm just gonna
pretend that's where I want it you know
that's a pretty crappy power curve it's
not very well thought out I'm gonna keep
going until I get to save and then I'm
gonna click the fire button I just
realized that I clicked back
instead of save but in order to save the
curve click on save
after the power cursors bypass mode so
basically this will just hit at max
voltage or wattage and then drain the
battery until it cuts it off after
bypass this is the cutoff time it caps
out at 18 seconds so this is how many
seconds you can hold down the fire
button for before the device cuts off
power that goes between 3 and 18 seconds
I usually have it set on like 10 18
seemed to scatter hi it's kind of a
bummer as me stick a coil in there you
don't remember what water drained you're
supposed to have it on just kind of
start at low and slowly increase it
you'll know sometimes you can see the
water drain John the coil through the
tank but with this snow so finally the
last thing in here is the screen so this
is how many seconds before the screen
goes dark that's that's all that is so
what do I think about it I feels nice it
feels really good it doesn't feel like a
cheap device and I really like this
color the tank I already gone through
the tank it's got this like Poland plug
kind of system you just yank out the
coil plug it back in make sure you get
it all the way in there and then seal it
back up and then you just slide it open
and fill so so yeah that's the tank so
if you're a smoker this this might be
something for you it's up to you I'm not
trying to shove this down your throat I
just got paid money to show it to you
guys please subscribe after after that
and ring the bell as well and maybe
it'll notify you next time a video pops
up but don't count on it cuz it might
not you tried
that's it die terrible oh one really bad
howl was a really bad review I did not
like that that is not a review that does
not how you do that so once it's on on
the screen you can see whole bunch of
different stuff right now the mod is
unlocked to lock it so you don't mess up
your settings you push the fire button
and it's bottom button at the same time
see it turns red it's no it's locked
I can't change my settings but I can
still fire the device to unlock it push
those same buttons turn screen and now
it's unlocked this is the battery life
indicator wattage this is a puff timer
and down below that is the puff counter
so if I click the second button from the
bottom and then the fire button at the
same time I get all of this information
and on here I can also clear the puff
counter on the bottom there's the
battery door push it lift it up and then
use one 18 650 battery the battery is
not included you can charge it through
the mod however you can but it's not the
best thing for the battery you might
want to consider getting yourself an
external oh wow dusty battery charger
plugging it into the wall and then
charging your batteries this way so
luckily the batteries are rechargeable
but you do got to get a battery and as
soon as you stick a battery in there in
dare soon as you get it in there it does
light up but it doesn't actually turn on
the mod one two three clicks
chance it on whatever it's a sexy
background sexy oh yeah sexy and
sponsored content yeah you know you get
to a point where you're just like I
don't want to do anything it's just too
hard it's just easier to sit here and do
nothing but I don't I don't just sit
there and do nothing there's just so
many other things that I have to worry
about so many other things that are on
my mind and I really gotta get going
so I can go ahead and keep doing those
things that are really important to me I
blew it


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