Review on Kindbright Hammer of God v2

This channel does not condone the use or
possession by a minor of any vaping
hardware or a liquids I would also like
to give the word of warning that as of
this point in time
please be leery of any modified product
or any illicit THC cartridges that could
be floating about the market I don't
want you to become a statistic now off
to the video
look up in the look up in the sky it's a
bird it's a plane no this is not
actually a vapors cloud device even
though it says it on the fucking package
this is the sxk hammer of God v2 had to
do some research and I will show you how
I know that this is a clone aside from
the packaging
okay the packaging kind of looks like
poop kind of is what it is there's
really like they even give you the
little vapors cloud card which is not
that unheard of okay it's truthfully not
says that this is an authentic but I'm
telling you right now I have verified
that it is not now like I said in the
video on Monday or late Sunday night
depending on your perspective this thing
is it's a power series mech box fire
button here voltmeter here voltmeter on
this is in OP it also has missing
seracote on the top because I've been
running some big a DS on it and the
seracote just came clean the fuck off so
has adjustable battery yeah
battery contacts and of course it has
this now this was for my own reference I
actually put negative on one side
positive on the other side because I
have memory lapses that I'm an idiot so
I like to make sure that I don't do
anything dumb right right
so yeah it's basically both positive one
side both negative the other side now
what tells me 100% this is not a vapors
cloud in particular is the plate on the
inside the plate on the inside is
actually not the one that vapors cloud
put in for - there's no adhesive no
nothing showing that there's any kind of
sticker and vapors cloud is very very
particular about putting in stickers
inside of their mods showing proper
battery placement like just for example
I forgot this one doesn't have a divider
door I was gonna show you the hog before
which I can still do that I just you
know will show you that one in a minute
but yeah so this one is most certainly
the knockoff clone now on this note yeah
this looks like shit this is actually
kind of a common problem even for this
for the vapors cloud hog v2 s atomizer
is dragging across paint and seracote
just tend to rip the shit off and this
is really due to the heat of the device
which tells me that this actually is not
seracote but it's actually paint okay
what you do have here is a Delvin ring
that is actually recessed which also
allows the atomizer to ride on top of
the damn thing the end the problem the
biggest problem of all is that because
the atomizer heats up and cools down and
heats up it cools down and the paint
banks on your atomizer the other problem
that you get is that it tears up the
bottom of your Adi bad like my volt Rove
v2 le the 42 41 millimeter
oh yeah the bottom of it's all fucked up
you can barely see the serial number
because of this particular problem
now the adjustable feet you got to be a
little careful with these two because if
you look and see that there's one that's
kind of smashed in and it does not come
to fuck out for shit okay it just
doesn't I have tried everything I can
fucking think of and that is a negative
Nancy on that one it does not come out
now people are going to tell you yay on
this particular device we're going to
talk about that when we go up top so
what we're gonna do is we're gonna stick
a set of my rewrap I'm truth be told I'm
only gonna use 25 hours the reason being
is because of the build that I'm using
is more than safe for a 25 amp battery
that is just the damn truth of it so all
right so let's go negative and negative
and then we just give her a little
contact touch only you don't want to sit
there and smash these because then
you're just gonna fuck your batteries up
there's one downside to manual adjusting
battery contacts like this is that you
got to be very very careful because if
you are not careful with these
motherfuckers you will fuck your
batteries up big-time
big big old dimples and your batteries
and just make them give yourself a bad
day now again this is an adjustable 510
just like pretty much every other vapors
cloud they they kept to a lot of the
true things again you can hit the button
there's no voltmeter initially it came
disconnected but I even removed it out
of the device and it said no no not
today so yeah the voltmeter crapped out
on it and see this is the vapors cloud
hog before you can see that the paint
just kind of it gets a little bubbly and
it you know tends to kind of eat away at
things now the way you do adjustable
510s is fairly damn simple you run it
down till it touches but not touches the
mod see you get it towards just touching
the 510 and then give it just a slight
twist we have contact baby we have fire
and yes that is the Titan on top of this
thing overhang on the bevel no overhang
on the side so this thing can handle
over a 41 millimeter at the sides at the
battery door sides but it's front and
back it does have a slight bit of
overhang the only other feature that
this device does have is it does have a
twisting lock mechanism for the fire
button so it doesn't do jack diddly shit
let me see the little key right there so
I've turned this way turn it clockwise
it locks mod won't do damn thing turns
the other way we get fire get a little
baby ring in there so what we're gonna
do is we're gonna go up top and I'll
give you cons pros PSA on this thing and
my final thoughts on the sx k hammer of
God v2 all right guys
alrighty guys here we are up top with
the you're going to hear this
kind bright hog v2 yeah sorry about
saying as XK repeatedly I don't know
what the hell brain fart was going over
my damn head no this is a kind bright
100% kind bright now what does that mean
it's a style that has device that's the
truth of it
that is the absolute goddamn truth of it
this is not a authentic it's not now
when I go to the pricing segment I will
show you exactly what the hell I'm
talking about
because you'll see exactly what I showed
you on the table down below what I you
know on there you know what I mean so
yeah so what do we know about the kind
bright hog v2 well fraught with problems
first and foremost okay absolutely
fraught with problems it's just plagued
with issues voltmeters failing button is
failing adjustable 510 stripping out
paint peeling the fuck off of them
magnets falling out of them
510 shorting and blowing out batteries
so all sorts of things that it actually
did go wrong with these devices so first
and foremost I have to put the
disclaimer to this that I would not just
from the get-go I would not recommend
buying this thing I know that there are
plenty of folks that own that haven't
had a prom in the world but there are
also plenty of folks who have bought
them who've had nothing but problems and
some being very dangerous issues yeah if
you don't believe me just look up forms
for cloned hammer of God v2 hammer of
God v3 hammer of God v1 now let's go
over this first and foremost because
from the outward appearance this thing
looks authentic as hell okay I mean it
truthfully does the only killer on it is
that there's no serial number like
anywhere there's no serial number now it
comes with a card that shows a serial
number there's no serial number anywhere
on this thing inside or out uh-huh
indicator number one indicator number
two vapors cloud with their with their
Paris hog v1 v2 and v3 all had a very
very specific sticker that went inside
of them and I've seen guys that have
Authentics that that sticker is
eventually worn out or fell out or
anything like that but there's always
this nasty-ass
funky layer of adhesive that you just
almost cannot get the fuck off of that
inner plate the inner plate is also a
piece of zinc alloy to wear this is
aluminum so there's subtle telltale
signs that will tell you if you're
getting a clone or an authentic but let
me just be the first again to put it out
there biggest con of all the the the the
v1 is the end of v2 clothes most
especially and even some of the VIII's
had some serious problems okay so please
go into it knowing this okay this is a
pair of series mech device so you're
talking about stacking amperage and
stacking voltage that in itself is a lot
of fucking power you know depending on
your batteries like I'm running
basically 50 amps at 8.4 volts that's a
disturbing precedent if something goes
wrong now I have gone over this thing
with a fine-tooth comb and aside from
the voltmeter failing on it the button
is in very good working order all of the
battery contacts are as they should be
the 510 pin assembly is exactly how it
should be no funky threading or anything
like that so I'm not worried about this
particular one failing really not I mean
although the paint heated up and peeled
the hell off of it which again I mean
you saw you know the the v4 it's got
some markings like that's like sucralose
you know the sucrose that comes in juice
you know it'll seep out and it'll get on
top but it also scrapes off to wear on
this one the fucking paint just peels
the fuck off so another good indicator
that yeah not so much on the authentic
now because of the problems again I
couldn't possibly recommend this thing
just I would highly recommend that if
you find a v2 you know or a V 1 or V 3
or even a V 4 because there's clones of
all of these damn things floating about
and you're concerned about the
authenticity don't go by packaging alone
okay don't verify the serial number and
if you're gonna try to buy one that's
supposedly inauthentic because these
things pass off as Authentics very very
easily okay they come with their own
authenticity card you need to verify
when it was sold who has sold to so on
you can do that through vapors cloud or
through a couple of other webpages
apparently I forgot to mute my damn
phone um you know so let's say you have
an email over there my code but yeah so
the authenticity card is is there's
things that you can look at on the
device that will scream it's not an
authentic okay no battery orientation
sticker on the inside the authenticity
no authenticity serial number on the
device itself you know questionable
packaging in itself somebody trying to
throw the whole oh I don't know the
packaging anymore kind of thing I'm
sorry when you're dropping when these
things came out $400 $300 on a fucking
mod that's not a package that you just
put in the trash okay sorry
you don't and the package that comes for
these kind brides yeah that's one that
could go in the trash because you saw
the condition of the box that paper
glued onto it was bubbling and peeling
and stuff like that now again I don't
knock this in any way shape or form a
subscriber sent this to me and I
appreciate the shit out of it because I
have used the fuck out of this mod and
yeah it sucks that the voltmeter died on
it and this sucks at the pain field on
it but honestly I like the thing I know
I just said I don't recommend it but I
do like the thing from the performance
standpoint going through and completely
disassembling this mod I mean down to
its bones and verifying that everything
on it wasn't
point of failure yeah I like this
particular one but not a lot of people
are gonna be in that position of wanting
to sit there and completely take
everything down to its bare bones and
verify that every single component
inside of the fucking device is not a
potential failure okay that's something
you have to do with a Mac okay
especially in the realm of something
that's a style that as Mac I highly
implore you that if you're gonna go that
route please rip the fucking thing down
to its bare bones and make sure
everything is up to snuff because if
it's not it's your health and safety
okay if that's just the truth of it you
run the risk of injuring yourself if you
don't follow that particular simple
guideline personally I especially with
I mean you know I know there's a great
mini styled as max out there that are
not bad okay they're not but this is
just one of them that just has a lot of
potential problems now pros to it if you
get a good one fucking hits hits like a
fucking truck this is a fucking point
three six build so it's pulling like I
was like 41 amps I think I know 30 30 of
shit phones over there
it's like 38 or 40 amps somewhere in
that range yeah it's hitting like around
225 not bad at all you know I like the
fact that the hog v4 in general had a
locking mechanism which was great this
the fact that this one actually does
work is that much better
you know the magnets aren't falling the
fuck out of this thing it I do and I
don't like the mechanical you know the
screw style battery adjusters you know
it does give you the leeway of you know
that slight variance of change of
battery but personally yeah you get a
little bit more voltage drop with you
know spring-loaded contacts but at the
same time you you don't run near as much
risk as damaging your batteries so which
is part of why I like the v4 over the v2
just simply because it's got
and it's much easier to fuck around with
that and it's got bigger batteries so
it's got longer life and it hits a
little harder I don't know I'll show
your price on this thing the only place
that I can find that even still sells
this thing is in Italy that's a thing in
itself okay that is an absolute thing in
itself but I'll show it to you it's 25
euros so you're talking in u.s. you're
talking 27 and change plus shipping and
shipping is gonna be basically about the
same damn cost as the mod so you're
gonna be spending basically right around
$60 to get the damn thing but as you see
in the picture you see the package you
see sorry you see the package that looks
just like the one that I've got you've
got an authenticity card you can see
this is style okay kind bright style
it's it's not an authentic guys it's not
even though there's an authenticity card
that says vampers cloud on it this is
most certainly not papers cloud this is
a styled ass okay that's what you got to
look for okay don't get yourself ripped
off thinking that you're buying an
authentic just because it has an
authenticity card and it has a box okay
go watch reviews on the original hog v2
mm-hmm yeah so at the end of the day I
mean you know I appreciate the living
shit out of the sub who sent this to me
I've actually normally have been running
the Colorado on top of this thing
I really have but it's just kind of one
of those you know I got the v4 and this
one gets its use from time to time when
I'm playing around with different builds
in the Colorado but for the most part
this one is more of a play and not for
normal used to where I actually normally
use that v4 a lot more so I got a play
mod pair series hard hidden make sure
you know made sure that everything is
good to go - that faulty voltmeter
and then I got the big boy right there
so it is what it is I mean at the end of
the day you guys make your choices as
always you know I am NOT critical of
anybody who buys styled as devices I
just want you to be safe that is the
whole point of this it's not to knock
anybody who uses who uses styled as
devices it's really truthfully not
because you're gonna do what you're
gonna do spend your money is in whatever
way you see is to be wise but at the end
of the day just please for the love of
God if you're gonna buy a device like
this please be safe okay preferably I
would say try to find an authentic I
really would guess for one if it's
faulty vapors cloud is actually very
good about warranty and shit even
something as old as a v2 because a v2
was in the range of 2016 I want to say
let me back this ass up real quick
videos let's just go to back it up yep
there we go
2015 2015 so we're talking four years
almost to the month October of excuse me
October of 2015 and you got to think
though to October you know the 2015
realm is definitely a realm where you
know I mean you're talking these things
were you know the the actual authentic
vapors clouds were ranging somewhere
between three and six hundred bucks you
know they just they were cheap we're
cheap at all so you know the style des
devices were popping for a hundred bucks
you know hundred you know eighty to a
hundred dollars even upwards of a
hundred and fifty you know the the the
clone market was much bigger back then
so and it was because the cost it was
that's really what it was but in today's
market you can get hard-hit and fuckin
regulated devices you know that'll pump
out the kind of waters that this thing
will put out okay now amperage wise yeah
you know
is what it is but you can get other
devices that are gonna do the job okay
you really can't I just I don't want
again guys you know my stance I don't
like the thought of people being
statistics and with the the pro/con
failure rate of this particular one I
would just recommend that if you're
gonna get one be goddamn safe with it
man take it apart make sure everything
is right and if it's not put it to the
side don't chance it okay I'll go
blowing your damn fingers off and doing
some crazy shit just because you want to
tape off a pair of series mod you know I
know the hog mods are not cheap you know
any authentic but sometimes it's worth
the money just so you keep your digits
all right so at the end of the day I
want to thank the subscribers sent this
device to me for the purpose of this
review and my collection I greatly
greatly appreciate it I really do I'm
the kind of guy that uses mods like this
because it'll hold you know a Titan
it'll hold my Colorado it'll hold my
full trove you know so it's the kind of
device that I really really dig using I
truthfully do so after it's all said
done guys I want to thank you so much