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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Review On SMOK Mag P3 Vape Kit 230W With TFV16 Tank

I prefer the old-style mag with the club
mm-hmm I just like being able to just
push a button and it released this
battery holder it was great
instead of the batteries like it is now
which the batteries just fall out boy it
is heavy this thing weighs I took a
break but it's heavy it feels like the
batteries are already in there
and then you discover that that they're
not because it doesn't come with any you
have to get your own size 18 650 two of
oh did I mention its shockproof
dustproof and sort of waterproof between
15 centimeters to 1 meter it's not that
much but like that's just the MOT if you
get the tank wet it ruins the coil the
tank will be fine you just got to
replace the coil yeah that top part is
basically just like a cap it's not a
standard drip tip size it's just a cap
over this fixed part which is actually
an improvement over their previous
designs because before I felt like the
drip tips were a bit too loose so yeah
even though it's not a standard size
it's it's still an improvement in my
are enormous they're really big they're
gonna use a lot of liquids get ready for
it's still hanging out all right so
because this is YouTube I just want to
try something really dumb don't try this
at home you'll just look really silly
let me do that for you
so it's five klicks to turn it on of the
fire button you're gonna wait forever
I'd eventually get the screen see this
little arrow and these other arrows
slide that over kind of hold it and then
you can change the wattage and this mod
does go all the way to 230 watts but it
doesn't sound Robin yeah it is touch
screen the touch screen is actually
pretty responsive it's not bad at all
and like for instance if I want to
change my settings so here I'm changing
them to oh let's put it down to 75 watts
I don't want to lock it in place
I just fire there we go it's locked so
no I can't mess up anything on the
screen unless I slide this over and hold
it in place for a little bit so here is
the menu there's a couple of different
mode options wattage there's also
temperature control you can change the
tcri temperature coefficient of
resistance but the manual doesn't really
have a range for that if you don't know
it just skip it
these are memory settings so you can set
it up however you want it you can even
put whatever our NICs drink you're
vaping for me that's zero I don't use
nicotine anymore and you can even write
down the flavor there's a full keyboard
I really did enjoy poop
it was very delightful so now that's
this is the PUF counter 0 is infinite
but you can set a max amount of puffs
and you can clear the puff counter as
well back in the menu settings click on
that and here you can reset it
accessibility that has to do with the
auto lock so you can turn that on or off
and over here you can change the color
some of the colors on the screen so
there's these six to pick from and
there's a screen timeout to time you can
adjust so this is how many seconds or
minutes before the screen goes dark
last thing on here is passcode you can
set up a password or passcode to block
unwanted users like kids so every time
you turn off the device or take out the
batteries and then try to turn it back
on its gonna ask for a passcode and that
screen looks something like this after
we go through all this this takes way
too long to turn on I don't like that
lemon flavor it's pretty good actually
I like the coils and the price point on
this thing
I think they retail for like 90 bucks
but I'm sure you can find them cheaper
eventually I heard that some of you
missed my total doodle you lose I'm
sorry if you don't but here it comes I'm
gonna to to literally lose myself out of
here don't forget to subscribe subscribe
ring the bell as well and I'll see you
next time


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