Review On The Vaptio Sleek Pod System Kit 550mAh

what's up inside is deuces Jack I'm at
vaping I got another pod for
you today
are you potted out yet that's 2019 been
a year in a pods or you're sick of
seeing pods well too bad baby cuz I got
another one for you
we're talking about the VAT do sleek
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the giveaway is gonna be over there look
at that little gold piece there huh that
thing's gonna be a fingerprint magnet
that's a crime scene waiting to happen
I don't want to hear it about my
fingerprints all over it cuz it's gonna
get schmutzie and there's nothing I can
do about it included in the kit you will
get a sleek user manual a warranty card
only one pod in the kit horrible
horrible job that do you can't do that
it's a huge con and you also get this
micro USB cable for charging let's go
over this thing like I said before gold
and shiny all right so here's the gold
one sorry for the lighting man it's so
shiny I actually had to back my lights
off a bit because it just wasn't showing
up on camera you can see this thing is a
huge fingerprint magnet and again sorry
for going in and out of focus it's just
there's nothing I can do man to get it
to focus better it's just so shiny the
autofocus is just not working well on it
you have aptio branding over there okay
over here right there that's your micro
USB port for charging and on the other
side right there that's your draw hole
okay now you do have this little window
right here
alright that's supposedly you you're
supposed to be able to see your juice
level through it it really doesn't work
out that well sorry
that but it just doesn't see this little
tab right here right here you get your
fingernail in there and you pop that off
okay and now that is where your pod goes
you have a little bit of sleek branding
inside okay and you just slip your pod
in now this window I'm assuming is also
so you can push your pod out because the
pod does go in there pretty tight and
it's kind of a bitch to get out it
really is let me show you the one pod
you're getting the kit which map do I'm
gonna say it again that's a bunch of BS
man you can't put one pod in a kit that
is absolutely unacceptable all right
this is the one pod that you do get in
the kit right here alright you can see
it's kind of clear clear enough to see
your juice level you have two
gold-plated contacts right there they
are going to coincide with the two
gold-plated contacts right there alright
so that's how you're actually gonna fire
your coil up here right here you got to
grab ahold of that and then this whole
piece comes off and that's how you fill
it not crazy about that design at all I
mean yeah you're gonna displace air and
that's fine the problem is you know what
if you freaking lose this piece because
they didn't give you a spare so you
better make sure you don't lose this
little rubber piece because if you lose
this little rubber piece you're just
shit out of luck man you know so that's
another con you know if you're gonna do
a detachable rubber piece and you can
see it's a pain in the ass to kind of
get in there you kind of got to make
sure it's flipped up like that and then
you pop it in but man oh man I mean come
on man you got to put another rubber
piece in there you got to put another
pot in there now the pod when you
install it you see that rubber piece
right there the front part you kind of
want that to face the inside right
because if you don't the battery door or
the the door itself just isn't going to
go on right so what you do is you pop it
in there push it in make sure it's in
there nice and tight okay and then you
put your you
cover on all right and the cover is
pretty solid it don't move all right now
when you take it off if you want to take
your pod out you kind of get your
fingernail in there see that there's
like a little groove in there that you
can get your fingernail and pop it out
it's believe me if you put it in this
way this way first you're not gonna be
able to get it out you're gonna have to
shove something through that hole so
make sure the rubber piece is facing the
inside right there like that and that's
how you want to install it and then you
put your piece on and that is what it
looks like all put together and all
schmutz top now here's the blue one that
I've been using I didn't like the gold
one it was too
bling-bling for me but this is the blue
one that I've been using just wanted to
give you a really quick size comparison
okay this is the Trinity alpha its form
factor is the same as the orion the
orion plus probably the most copied form
factor in the pod industry everybody
owns one that's why i wanted to show it
to you next to the trinity you can see
it's slimmer it's not as wide and it's
just about as tall all right so just so
you have some reference all right inside
is let's get into those cons and pros
we're gonna start off with cons cuz i
like ending my stuff on a positive note
first kind is gonna be you guys knew
when you saw it down low i was gonna
kill it only one pod in the kit that do
you cannot do that that is unacceptable
in today's vaping market you have to put
two pods in a kit I was very calm about
this one let's move on to the next car
no adjustable airflow it's a fingerprint
magnet it's got a very cool vape and the
last cons gonna be distribution right
that do doesn't have the greatest
distribution out there I don't know if
three to six months from now if you're
gonna actually be able to get pods for
this particular kit so it's gonna it's
an issue I gotta bring it up it's one of
the reasons I tell most of my subs to me
sure you stick with some of the bigger
names when it comes to these pods and
AIO kits especially if it's a
proprietary coil or pod because you
don't know if three to six months down
the road from now you're actually gonna
be able to vape on this thing because of
the availability of the pods or coils so
it's a con that's it on the cons it's
got some got some pretty heavy-duty cons
to it though but let's move on to the
pros because there are a few pros first
pro is gonna be its small its thin its
discreet it's very pocketable that's all
a pro seems to have some solid build
quality to it I've been getting good
battery life on it the capacity is
pretty good and it does do well with
Nick's salts let me show you what I'm
working with here alright I got a 35
milligram mix salt in here right now
check it out it's not terrible flavors
okay I am getting a nice Nick hit from
it the problem with this pod is and
we're gonna talk about it right here for
a second because I'm done with the cons
and pros the the problem with this pod
is it's very it's very middle of the
road it's very average there's nothing
that gives this pod a mark of
distinction it just you know if anything
it's too simple for the stuff coming out
right now and that's that's my problem
with vApp do that P always seems to be
releasing stuff like six eight nine
months late I mean if they would have
released this in the beginning of the
year it probably would have been a
decent pod now you're competing with
things like da Vinci and the rpm 40 the
vapor s oh degree right who's gonna want
this thing when with all those other pod
/a IO kits I can adjust the wattage I
can adjust the air flow you know I'm
getting a bigger vape out of it I'm
getting more flavor out of it this thing
again it's it's a year it's a year too
late if you wanted to market something
like this you should have marketed it in
the beginning of the year you know this
market moves fast and this thing's just
been left in the dust and that's where
I'll leave it let's go over some of the
specs on the vApp teos leak pods
them it measures in it eighty six point
twenty two by thirty one point twenty
two by twelve point one millimeters it
will fire down the point eight ohms
it has a four hundred milliamp hour
battery it does charge internally at one
half of an amp 1.5 ml capacity 13 watt
maximum it's available in gold gunmetal
blue and rainbow protections include
over eight short circuit low voltage and
overcharge protection
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of here deuces