👍 Review On Vladdin AIO Vape Pod Kit With Sliding Door 1000mAh

today for review or more like a little
show-and-tell with some opinions and the
slide kit by vladat hello I'm Sophie
vapes self now and yeah I've been vaping
for a while I'm about to show you
another vape I got and I'm gonna lies
okay yeah mysteriously I have not died
from vaping and I've been doing it many
many years they're really hard to go box
but luckily the Box doesn't sort of like
plastic do that in there a little ribbon
and you just pull on it and hope you
come on oh there we go
but first the other stuff inside of the
box a user manual you can carry it with
you anywhere maybe even use it as a
blanket everything's really hard to get
off this box it's a wee little thing
it's just your standard it's not c-type
just a standard USB cable there's an
extra coil so that's two in total one of
them is a mesh coil and the other one is
just a regular one so this one's for
less vapor this one's for a little bit
more and both those coils fit into this
one cartridge not at the same time like
you got a pink one the cartridge it
holds two milliliters of a liquid and
the coils they just pop out from the
bottom so you can grab it here and twist
it out but like these edges are kind of
sharp I don't like that but yeah it just
twists out like this so you're not
replacing the whole cartridge just the
coil on the bottom adjustable airflow
the coil you can twist it once you got
it in there twist a little bit to adjust
the air flow the fill hole is on the
side you don't want to you want to have
it laying flat when you open the hole so
you just rip Rift lift that out
and no matter what the warnings say on
my bottle this is zero nicotine I will
show you that in just a second right on
the front in red cero 0 milligrams with
a new coil I do give it like 5 minutes
so that cotton inside of there can
saturate hey bug no ok so this is an
additional seal for the cartridge the
battery is inside of here
it's 1,000 milliamp hours there's the
fire button here's some indicator lights
and that's the USB port for charging
obviously one two three four five clicks
turns it on five clicks also turns it
off there's three different voltage
boats so right now you can see red light
on the bottom and then some other light
the other lights are battery life
indicator lights and then the red light
that's the voltage red means 3.3 volts
one two three clicks that gets me green
green is three point five one two three
clicks what color was that blue blue is
three point seven I prefer screens cuz
the lights they confuse me I get
confused really easily this color is
called goblin green this resin portion
has just on this one side it's got this
nice soft texture to it and no two are
gonna be exactly alike
it is unique but the other side is just
plain you leave it like this and then
you just slide what everyone off of it
that's really lame it's called the slide
because this slides open and then you
put the cartridge in so the purple ones
called phantom purple I'm not that
that last one was called Styron blue
this next parts not for children so get
them out of here
if any of them are watching get them out
stuffs not good for kids
now there's candy or soda so you push
the button to vape
push and vape flavor is actually not
that bad over here it's pretty good so
cons I really don't have that many what
did I say the cartridge is kind of sharp
and I'd prefer to screen over lights and
then I would like the pretty resin to be
on both sides pros I like this this is
really awesome I like the slide because
then I'm not taking off the whole door
and losing it somewhere and I also like
that the cartridges are reusable I also
like the adjustable airflow on here just
make sure you have some open you don't
have to have all of it open but make
sure some is and then adjust it
accordingly and yeah you do have to take
out the cartridge to adjust it or do you
I might be able to adjust it like while
it's sitting in there but I don't think
so I haven't tried that no not really
so you it's just better how many can or
you kid but it's kind of hard it's
better just take it out and then
adjusted its not sure if you care but
this door can be slid open fifty
thousand times according to the
company's website anyways so that's it I
gotta go
oh yeah price point I think they're
under like 40 bucks I gotta go I gotta
so to dilute allele is please subscribe
ring the bell as well maybe just find
out what it does and I'll see you guys I
won't see you but maybe you'll see me I
hope you see me next time bye