Reviews On the Hippo Vape Pop|An Under The Radar Mod

Today we're gonna be
going over the hippo vape pop wah I
don't know where they coming up with
these names
I guess they named the mod after Papua
New Guinea this is a single
21700 potentiometer mod before we get
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different looking right look at this bad
boy huh kind of got that tribal theme
going on I'm diggin it it's a little
different starting off on top we have a
stainless steel plate two star screws
holding it in place we have a
gold-plated 510 here that I would say
has a medium throw with a soft spring to
stainless steel threading around there
you can see that 510 plate is flush nice
job on that I like that already pretty
slim mod let's take a quick look around
it I'm really liking that graphic man
the graphic has a silky smooth rubbery
type of feel the way it hasn't worn off
which I'm surprised I thought that
graphic would have worn off I've been
using this mod a lot I don't see
anywhere on the actual graphic itself
okay it's got some nice texture over
here same thing on the other side you
got some texture some Papa branding
right there there's your fire button
right there nice and clicky a little bit
of a raise on it alright you're gonna
see you got some lights right here that
we'll go over in a second there's the
potentiometer right there you got a
little slot for your fingernail you
stick your finger in Allen err this is
low medium and high
you basically just adjust it until you
find a vape that you like very simple
very easy to use micro USB port right
here for charging wanted to give you a
quick size comparison now if you guys
have been watching my channel for any
time you know that I absolutely
we love single 21700 mods I love them
right here is my OG I ye he SX mini SL
class this is my Vandy VAP jackaroo and
here is the Papua all right now granted
the pappu or doesn't have screens like
these to have but because these two mods
are so popular I just wanted to give you
an idea of how much smaller it actually
is how much slimmer it is then a regular
single 21700 mod that was the e SL class
all right here it is next to the
jackaroo I mean alright the jackaroo is
a different type of mod it's very
bulletproof it's wrapped up in that
rubber tire sorter thing and it has a
screen and all but man if you're into
21700 mods and you want something
slimmer that's an easier carry than
something like the jackaroo
this thing is a very very viable option
on the bottom we got a little bit of
venting here nothing crazy
two-star screws holding everything in
place now right here on each side right
you got these fingernail tabs right just
get your fingernail in there and that
door is solid man it clips in there
really nice it's a it's a plasticy sort
of door but it's a nice hard plastic it
does not feel cheap you do get an 18 650
battery adapter I never use them if a
mod can use 21700 I'm using 21 700 s
because the door is plastic that's kind
of like an added safety feature because
you know if your battery accidentally
has a tear in the wrap you don't got to
worry about it shorting out I like that
the magnets on this are nice and strong
and the battery door really clips in
there and it don't move man it's solid
doesn't move side to side doesn't move
up or down really nice job on the
battery door battery tray different
again there's your magnets right there
this will fit a 21700 there's your plus
sign there's your minus sign they should
be done
different color gonna have to give them
a con on that on the bottom we have a
spring-loaded gold-plated battery
contact on the top we have a gold-plated
button style contact now I do like this
clear material that they used so you can
actually see the back of the board you
can also actually see some of the wiring
I like the way they did that really nice
job it does look really clean and it's
definitely different now you want to put
your battery in put you battery in down
side first push down on the spring load
pop your battery right in there okay put
your door on just like so and now you're
ready to vape now you're gonna see this
thing kind of boot up you're seeing the
red lights flashing because it has no
atomizer let me put an atomizer on it
once I screw an atomizer on it you see
them go green okay now they're in red
and now the mod fires alright so these
three lights right here are your working
lights when you fire it you'll see they
go on okay they just let you know that
the atomizer is connected and working
properly right here is your the light on
the bottom is your power indicator light
that's letting you know how much battery
you have when it's blue you're between
26 and 70% that's what mine's at right
now when it's red you're between 0 and
25 percent when it's green you're
between 71 and 100% okay now while
you're charging if you charge through
the USB here the red light flashes when
it's under 25% the blue light flashes
when it's over 26% and the green light
will flash when it's over 71% if you're
gonna use a 21 700 the minimum build on
this that hippo vape is recommending is
a point one five on build that's what
they have as their parameters in the
instruction manual but basically really
not a lot to go over here five clicks
you can shut it off alright and now you
can safely put it in your pocket
five more clicks you turn it on and
that's it man I mean is not a lot to go
over here at all I've been enjoying it
I've been rocking my wasp Nano on it cuz
it's the only thing I really have with a
little bit of green in it that might
sort a kind of match it really doesn't
but this is the atomizer that I've been
rocking on it and I've been enjoying it
I've been enjoying the slim simple form
factor for a 21700 mod I think it's I
think this thing flew under the radar I
think it's a really nice mod that a lot
of people never heard about this may be
the best single 21700 mod on the market
that no one has ever heard of that's how
much I actually like it you also get
this micro USB cable for charging all
right inside is let's go after those
cons and pros first cons gonna be and
you know it's a subjective thing but
that that I don't know that indian-style
whatever the hell that is that graphic
that's not gonna appeal to everybody
it's just not it's a con for people who
aren't gonna like that type of graphic
and the last cons gonna be they got this
listed as a hundred watt device I gotta
be honest I tried it I tried testing it
to see if I think it's hitting a hundred
watts and I don't think it is to me it
feels like it's about 20 watts shy I
feel like I'm getting 80 watts out of
this thing max I just don't think it's
I think they should you know if it's not
gonna hit a hundred watts you should say
it's an 80 watt mod it wouldn't you know
20 watts isn't gonna stop somebody from
buying it or not so I just think it's a
little on the light side with the power
output it does fire fast but I don't
think it's reaching that full hundred
watts so that's a con but that's it man
not a lot to complain about on this one
let's move on to the pros first Pro like
I said it does fire fast it works great
with a single coil RTA or RDA like I
said got the wasp Nano on there with
Trinity glass cap check it out I got it
settled about between 3/4 and halfway on
the potentiometer check it out
just a very solid vape you know fires
fast does exactly what you expect it to
do there's no issues here except for the
fact that I don't think it's hitting 100
watts but it does vape nice great
form-factor man really not that much
bigger than a single 21700 it's
comfortable easy to hold I like it it's
a good form factor it's small its
compact it's easy to carry that's a pro
I do like the power to size ratio I mean
when you look at it like this right and
you're saying this little thing gets 80
watts not bad not bad at all especially
if you're a real single coil vapor if
you like single coil RDAs and RTA's this
will do really well in your arsenal and
the last pro's gonna be man this thing's
simple it's simple it's easy to operate
you know you stick your finger in the
potentiometer and you turn the dial keep
turning it until you find a vape that
you like how much more simple could it
be it's a pro so that's it insiders
those are my cons and pros let's chat
about this one a little bit look like I
said earlier if you're a single coil
vapor if you're like you know you like
to L the Dragons the wasp nanos of the
world right if you like those types of
RDAs or if you're a single coil arty a
vapor if you like something like the
gear right that ofr F gear if you're
that type of vapor and you want
something small and compact that you can
put a small and compact RTA or RDA on
this is a good choice as long as you're
not gonna go above 80 watts styling on
it is not gonna be for everyone I kind
of like it I think it's kind of
different you guys know I like that
different stuff you know it's it just
it's not a regular black or silver mod
it's got a little pizzazz to it I kind
of like that but again you know that's
gonna be a personal choice do I
recommend this mod sure for those types
of vapors
single-coil vapors the single-coil RTA
and RDA uses this is a nice compact
choice if that's the type of vape you
like let's get into some of the specs on
the hippo vape papua it measures in at
91 by 37 by 26 millimeters primarily
made out of zinc alloy it has a maximum
output of a hundred watts it will fire
down 2.1 ohms it takes a twenty-one
seven hundred eight twenty seven hundred
or an 18 650 with the included adapter
it does have a waterproof chipset it's
available in black or bronze protections
include low wattage reverse polarity
overheat short-circuit low or high ohms
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I got for you today
you yeah you keep living that vape life
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